Rhrowing Up From Heartburn Hot All Over

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fallen_angel4155 - March 1

I have been woken up every night now for a week having to run to the bathroom to get sick cause my heart burn is so bad. doesn't mater if I eat in the evening or not. heartburn stuff like tums and gaviscon isn't working just makes things worse at times. if I am awake and sitting up i get better but the minute i lay back down and go to sleep i wake up choking and getting sick. Is there anything that could help with that? Plus I feel like i am hot all over all the time to the point where i am opening up the windows here in the winter time just to cool down. asked my dh if I had a fever and he said i didn't feel hot, but to me i feel like i am on fire down to the core. any suggestions on why or what could help


amyjo - March 1

My dr told me to take over -the- counter Zantac and it has helped me trememdously! I get the Zantac 150 and take every 12 hours and haven't had a problem since. They can be quite pricey since it is something you want to take regularly........Wal Mart has an off brand of it (Equate brand) and it works just as well but only comes in 75 mg, I just take two of those to equal the 150 mg. As for the hot flashes, I have those too, I work up a sweat just eating..lol. I run around the house in a tank top and underwear..with a cool cloth...lol. I'm sure it's a sight to see.....But with 6 days left to go it's all about the comfort! Good luck!


ValChil - March 1

I'm going through the exact same thing! I get heartburn even from drinking water...yogurt seems to help me....that and complaining to the hubby about it makes me feel better just so he can share in every miserable moment with me :) As for the hot flash issue...it's so terrible, I get so hot and out of breath just walking up the stairs. I'm sorry but those women who love being pregnant are crazy! I have a new ailment each week.


Tammy276 - March 1

if you are getting bad heartburn when you are lying down, your best bet is probably going to be to try and sleep proped up a bit. I know its not the most comfortable, but it will help with your heartburn. As for being hot, that is normal especially late in pregnancy. My husband is walking around in flannel shirts and I have tank tops and shorts on and sometimes sleep with a damp rag on my head to cool me off. He sleeps w/ all the covers - sheet, blanket, comforter....shorts and t-shirt - I am in my underwear and sleep w/ just the sheet and we have our ceiling fan turned on. It drives me crazy because I hate being so warm all the time!! Oh, I open the windows too...it drives him nutz but I can't help it!


Cevvin - March 2

zantac saves my life everyday. I was chewing the new tums smoothies (which i have to say are alot better than the old chalky ones) but after i got used to eating them i realized i went thru a jumbo bottle in 4 days. I started taking zantac with a tums chaser if needed. My doc also suggest mylanta (but i cant stand that stuff)


jennsfirst - March 2

I had the same problem, I tried tums, rolaids, gas-x, malox, zantac and nothing seemed to work so my dr put me on prevacid that works but only if I am able to take it when I feel the heartburn coming on or before I go to sleep just in case. If I wake up with really bad heartburn well then nothing works and I just have to deal with it until I throw up which is the only thing that makes it better at that point.


cubbie - March 3

Hi, I wrote about this about a week ago, my heartburn had got so bad that not only was I vomiting everything I ate, but I started to throw up blood, none of the anti-acids worked, and I started losing weight (I'm now 39 weeks). Then I discovered bicarbonate of soda, put half a teaspoon in a gla__s of water and drink it - for me it was a miracle cure and I haven't thrown up since - In fact I've hardly had any heartburn! I drink it before I go to bed and occa__sionally during the day if I feel the beginnings of heartburn! Good luck and feel better!


Logansmom - March 4

I am 34wks today and have been on Prevacid for quite some time. I have to take it first thing in the morning or I will have heartburn even before breakfast. In just the past 2wks I have started waking up 30min to an hour and a half after I go to sleep throwing up. Its not heartburn it is acid coming up in my throat. I could be propped up on 5 pillows, but it still happens. I will throw up, drink some Mylanta and go back to sleep and I will be fine. Its just a rude awakening. I can't wait till he is here so I don't do that anymore.


fallen_angel4155 - March 4

My docter ended up prescribing me prilosec otc. i take it once a day in the morning and it has worked so far



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