Rib Pain Holy Crap

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ataylor724 - May 26

I'm 29 weeks and have been having rib pain for about 3 weeks now. It just gets worse and worse every day... and then there's the kicks to add on top of it ouch! Does anyone have any advice on how to deal with this or anyone further along that can give me a light at the end of this tunnel? I know it's not my gall bladder or anything because I actually feel and can see the ribs sticking out of my back, there's two on one side in front and three on the other side in back. All I've been able to find is sitting up straight... wow, big help lol. Anyone let me know if you can help, thanks so much!


rachel_renee_20 - May 26

Wow, I'm 37 weeks and I've had the same problem for about a month the doc told me that once I dropped it would most likely alieviate some if not all of the discomfort, but I dropped about a week ago and her little foot found its way right back under my ribs again! In fact the most comfortable thing i've found to do is lay on my side because my back aches worse when I sit up really straight, so I too would love any other advise from anyone else!!


lindsay - May 26

ataylor724---i highly recommend seeing a chiropractor, namely one who uses a tool called an "activator." this tool looks like a giant syringe, and the dr. uses it to manipulate you in the same way as manual, except the beauty of the tool is it moves so quickly, it adjusts the "out of place" things before your muscles have a chance top get bruised!!! and the actual manipulation doesn't hurt at all... you just get liittle "punches" of the appropriate amount of tension in the activator! i was having severe back and neck problems, and after 7 visits to my chiro, all is well...(well, not quite, because until i deliver, my hips and lower back are just going to remain OUT!) i virtually had no range of motion in my neck and a lot of pain , and i am completely pain free. he also does do manual manipulation on me, but of course, it is modified... if you find a good dr. s/he will know what to do to help you even in your preganant state, lol. just let them know you are pregnant so they can be ready for you w/ pillows ( if you put pillows under your chest and pelvis, you should be able to lay on your stomach somewhat comfortably) and i even lay on my back for short periods of time (although this is a lot more uncomfortable) do yourself a favor and don't suffer needlessly for the rest of your preganancy! you would be suprised just how much getting yourself adjusted really does help your all around physical well-being! if you want , i can probably get you a website or other resource of a list of providers who use the activator (my cousin is a chiro in another state and solely uses the tool.) by the way , i am 38w3d... GOOD LUCK and i hope you feel better!!!


Shannah - May 27

I have had that pain since about 20 weeks and I am 29 weeks not much you can do, I tried a hot water bottle on the ribs didn't really much. I try to sit straight and stretching seems to help. I am constantly stretching. I am kind of used to it now because it has never gone away for me. Hope your gets better!



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