Right After Birth Making The Uterus Contract

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Lorikap - June 21

I have heard from a couple ladies that it really hurts when the doctor pushs around on your abdomen after you've given birth to help the uterus start contracting back to it's original size. Is this true? What actually happens in the delivery room at this point?


ashley - June 21

Lorikap-in order for your uterus to clamp down and stop bleeding (not hemorrhage) they need to make sure your uterus is contracted or clamped down. They will feel the position of your uterus and see if it is hard or not. If its not then you have a chance of bleeding to much so they will message the uterus to encourage it to tighten. It can hurt if they need to be aggressive, but I dont recall it hurting at all or they even having to do it. After birth your uterus will be around your navel and it goes down a little more each day I think about a finger width. I'd have to look it up again in my ob nursing book. Don't sweat it.


angelbebe - June 21

I've never even heard of that. Hmm. I just know that b___stfeeding right afterwards and drinking rasberry leaf tea both naturally help your uterus contract back on its own.


Tillie - June 21

I don't remember being physically pushed on, but my uterus hurt for days after having my daughter, especially when I was b___stfeeding, as this stimulates your uterus and helps it contract. It felt like lighter labor pains. Amazing how it all works, but I personally found it rather painful!


Tanna - June 21

I do not remember being pushed on right after delivery, but I do know the nurses do alot of pushing through your recovery period when they come in to check on you. Atleast mine did.


AlissaF - June 21

I just had my baby, so this is nice and fresh right now... after i delivered, they pushed to empty the rest of the blood out (or in my case, stop the hemmoraging). It was uncomfortable, but not too painful. After giving birth, the pain of them pressing is nothing.


Steph - June 21

I remember that if your placenta isn't coming out on it's own, the nurses ma__sage your abdomen to help move it out, but it certainly didn't hurt. Your uterus starts going back to it's original size on it's own and that kinda hurts, but there's nothing you can do about that. Breastfeeding for the first few days causes your uterus to contract as well.


Lorikap - June 21

thanks for all the input! I think the two women I talked to were being a little dramatic about their whole labor saga. It sounds like something not worth worrying about.


Aimes - June 22

IF you don't b___stfeed, will the uterus still get as small? I know it will eventuall shrink, but I wonder if it shrinks as much if you don't bf and only bottle feed? I am afraid of carrying around the "mom" pooch!


binkys mom - June 22

Bf helps to contract the uterus so it returns to its preprgancy size. I think it takes longer if you don't bf. I Bf and I still have a mom pooch....unfortanelty, most women have the pooch, comes with being a mom. Most superstars have nannies and personal trainers to help out and help work out...use normal women....I am luky to get a shower most days!!


starr - June 23

With my first two babies, they did the ma__sage on my uterus, and honestly it did hurt b/c they had to actually push down on it.It was pretty painful.Now with this baby,she's 7 days old, the nurses didn't do that at all.They would just feel my stomach to make sure my uterus was going down as it should and that was it.It was not painful at all.I'm kind of surprised that the bleeding has almost stopped so soon maybe the b___stfeeding has something to do with that.Good Luck.


AmandaManns - June 23

OMG when they pushed on my stomach after I gave birth I swear it was more painful than actually pushing out my son. I actually grabbed my nurses arm and told her to stop it hurt that bad. I handled labor well considering how long it was but that hurt sooooooooo bad. She just kept pushing and pushing and I just wanted to punch her, although I knew she had to do it. Maybe it does not hurt for everyone but it hurt really really bad for me, then afterwards the nurses check your stomach a lot and that doesn't hurt nowhere near as bad.


Trinity102203 - June 25

The doctor usually isn't the one to check your uterus, it is the nurses after you are getting all cleaned up getting ready to head to your room, they push gently and ma__sage to see if it is contracting. If it isn't, you will bleed a lot more and they will put a bag of pitocin on you to make it contract a little more overnight. If not, they will just let it do it on its own, which is what happend with my first. The second time i had to have the pit, they say it takes a little longer afer each birth to contract. Anyway, the nurses push on your stomach every once in a while the whole stay there to check on it. It's annoying but they just have to check.


Laurabb4 - June 25

Hello, From my experiences after each child it hurts worse! The muscles are all stretched out. The uterus is contracting back small. The pain was worse than contractions in my opinion. It lasted the first week after delivery.



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