Rocking Chair Did You Use One

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Hannah - February 21

I am wondering whether a rocking chair/glider should be purchased... I don't have much space so was hoping to live w/o one. Any ideas on how important it is, did having one make your life easier? Thanks.


bean - February 21

We purchased a glider because we wanted a comfortable place to sit with the baby - whether its for bf, reading, or just spending time together. We didn't have a chair in the nursery or our bedroom, so the only available option would have been our big living room, which tends to be cold winters. Plus, I didn't want to have to walk all the way down to the living room just to be able to sit in a chair with the baby. So for that reason we squished a glider into the nursery. Our rooms are really small as well - but I figured until the baby was walking, she wouldn't care how much floor space she had.


Kel - February 21

We also purchased a glider as well for our little one. It is a little snug in her room, but I figure it will transfer to her brother / sister's room when we have number 2. After that, I play to put it in our bas____nt which is fixed up and has a play room.


Hannah - February 21

thanks, ladies well, do you think it was worth the money? is it useful?


Anna - February 21

I could not live without my rocker! I nursed my baby in it, and now that he is about 2 I read him books in it and rock him before bedtime. He also likes to sit in it by himself to look at books. I am expecting baby #2 in about 2 weeks, so our rocker will get even more use. So, for me, it is definitely worth the money.


JennyC - February 21

I'm on my first, so I don't have any experience to talk from, but I will say those gliders make me so nervous about fingers getting caught in them. Especially since they're so fun to play with for toddlers. Heck, I even worry about my fingers getting caught! Geez, I'm turning into my mother


mama3 - February 21

I didnt have one with my first and was bound and tetermined to get one with my 2nd. Then I gave it to a friend. Never used it. I felt more comfy on my couch than anywhere with my baby. With my 3rd I'm just using a pumpkin seat and my couch. I guess it all depends on the person, but I found them to be a waist..


Hannah - February 21

Jenny, lol. Thanks, ladies for the input. I was going to wait and possibly purchase one when the baby is here already but maybe should do that in advance. thanks


JH - February 21

I've gotten one, but didn't want to spend a lot of money on it. Wal-mart had a cheap one. I figure if it doesn't get alot of use or gets worn out, I'm not out much.


bean - February 21

Hannah - we splurged and purchased the top of the line - Dutailier. My dh is rather tall, and the main difference we noticed between less expensive models was that they were too small for him to lean back comfortably. But, we did get a great deal at Babies R Us - we had to buy a specific model in a specific color that they had on sale, and it was hundreds off the original price. You can spend a fortune on these (I think we ended up paying $300-ish for both the chair and ottoman), but I figure it's my first baby, so it will get further use in years to come, and if you were to buy a regular arm chair for your living room you couldn't find one for cheaper... that's just what furniture costs. As for fingers getting stuck - it's a major fear for me too! Our chair has locks on it that can lock it into place and not allow it to rock (glide) so fingers won't get caught. Good luck!



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