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mary -- 68 days left - August 22

Hi, Mary here. I am no longer posting a weekly thread as not many things are happening to us nowadays (I hope). Please use this thread to stay in touch. Some of us have officially started countdown to delivery day, yay! Little Jaime moves and distorts my belly like an alien now. i can feel and at times see the shape of his head (or bum?) against my belly. I loooooove him so!


Julie - August 22

Hi Mary, yeah the alien thing is cool. Freaked my husband out when he saw the baby stretch against my belly and move from one side to the other. Is anyone else tired of working, or just plain tired :)? It is all I can do drag myself in everyday. I think I am going to leave sooner than I had originally planned. I just feel like I can be more productive at home right now too.


Tamarra - August 22

Hello Mary, I have 77 more days to go. I wanted to know how can you tell when your baby has moved in postion or engaged. Are there any signs to look for?


Kelly K - August 22

I'm with you Julie.. I'm tired of working and just plain tired. I wish I could leave earlier than planned, but my boss would kill me. I'll probably go into labor sitting right here. Everything here is going as planned. Just recently had my 4D ultrasound and got to watch my little girl hiding behind the placenta for $200. We managed to get a few good shots though so I guess it was worth it. Tamarra - from what I've been told.. you can feel when the baby drops. My sis-in-law said it felt like my niece was going to fall out when she dropped.


michelle - August 22

i am 30 weeks and i am only working for 5 more weeks and i am on part time now. it is great i get to go home and take a nap:):):). kelly did you like your 4d ultrasound did you think it was worth the money?? my husband says no but i want one bad. ours is only 100 though. well good luck to everyone. 58 days and counting


Mary - August 22

I am home already, thank God! However, it seems to me that I will never be able to have the house ready in time, I cannot imagine how you ladies do it having to work full-time. Amazing!


Justine - August 23

Hi everyone. I'm 29 weeks today and stopping work next Friday - can't wait. I'm tired too esp . as we're organising moving house as well now. Moving house next Saturday out of London to by Cambridge. So there'll be lots of changes at once! Had my midwife's appointment yesterday and everything was fine. Thought my baby was breech but it turns out it is head down - must be headb___ting me! Mary - is it your first child? It's my first (and an IVF-ICSI baby) - it took 3 years to get pregnant though thankfully only one IVF-ICSI. We were told we never have kids without IVF-ICSI as my husband's results were bad so we're so happy to finally be having a baby. I'm taking a year off with the baby which will be lovely. Have to start all the baby shopping once we move.


Ranya - August 23

Kelly what did you think of the 4D shots? We got a sneak preview about 10 days ago but I'm really wondering if it was worth the $$ and I'm not sure I liked the pictures...I hate to say this but my poor baby girl looks like she has a HUGE nose lol!! When I watched the video back at home I couldn't remember the doc's explanation of things and it wasn't as clear as at the clinic...Overall it was a good experience especially that they take tons of measurements and give you a detailed report on how your baby measures in comparison to statistics etc...but it was a bit disappointing for us.


Mary to Justine - August 23

Yes, this is our first at the age of 36. We have been ttc for a year + and had a miscarriage last year. I cannot imagine how hard it must have been to wait and try for 3 yrs without loosing hope. However, look at you now! You must be the happiest mom to be. Do you have names picked yet?


Kelly K - August 23

To Ranya - I think it was worth it, but if I were to do it again I'd wait until I was further along. I was 28 weeks on the nose when we had it done and she wasn't as active as she is now. The babies all look like they have a huge nose in the 4D pictures. Some shots she looked like she did too, but it others she didn't.


Justine - August 23

Hi Mary - We've chosen Sophie for a girl and Julian for a boy, though the boy's name may change. The baby was hiding at the scan. My husband is French so it took a while to find names which we both like and sound right in two languages. I didn't find trying for 3 years too bad - my husband was a lot more desperate for a baby than me and fortunately my career was going well so it took my mind off things. I also got a kitten a year ago who I absolutely adore to deal with my mothering urges! It was the IVF that was horrible - having to inject needles into yourself twice a day for weeks then doing an operation. But it worked first-time so it was worth it! Not sure I'd ever do it again though. I'm sorry to hear about your miscarriage. You must be very happy too.


Mary to Justine - August 23

I am so happy. I have wanted a baby since I was 27. Of course back then I was involved with a bad man and things never developed into marriage, Thank Goodness! It took me over 5 years to find my amazing hubby and I am so happy i waited instead of having a baby on my own. :) Julian is a beautiful name, btw, very romantic.


Kim - August 23

Hi Everyone! I am hanging in there, too! I have off today because some family came to visit over the weekend and so I took Monday and Tuesday off. I am trying to ease up with work but I plan to work until my due date so that I can have my full 12 weeks after. I will be leaving my job in March to be a stay at home mom and so the later I go back, the less time I will have to work in 2006. It is tough, though, since I drive about 200 miles a day for my job and I am constantly on the go and always on my feet, unless I am in the car. I will slow down but not until October. We painted the babies room this weekend. It is sage green and our pattern is mostly sailboats and lighthouses. It's neutral since we don't know what we are having. Our furniture will be arriving in early September - I can't wait! Our cla__ses our mostly done except for our infant cpr and first aid cla__s in September. We have most of our big items now and are slowly beginning to a__semble them. One more shower to go in early October - talk about cutting it close!


Justine - August 25

Mary - That's so nice you've found a great husband. I'm got a lovely husband too - we got married at 27 after only being together a year. We started trying at 29 and I'm 32 now. He buys flowers and is romantic and since I've been pregnant he's done all the cooking, washing up and most of the cleaning - bless him.


Tracey - September 6

Hello-I miss seeing this thread-Mary how are you feeling? How much longer-I have 7 more weeks! I am so excited-How is everyone else doing? Would love to hear some updates!


michelle - September 6

i am now 32 weeks and getting more miserable by the hour.. my b.h. are killing me. i am sooo ready to go ahead and have this wonderful child b/c it is taking atole on my body. my first one was never this bad. thank goodness i am only working a couple more weeks then i can rest and sleep ALLDAY!! good luck everyone


Mary - September 6

Hi Tracey! I am doing great I also have about 7 weeks to go - actually 53 days to due date! I have been gaining weight these weeks and my back is starting to really hurt. I also got a temp job! The want me to start on the 12th and work for about 5 weeks - which means I will be working until D day ... can it be done? :) We have to somehow stay in touch to talk about our deliveries and speciallu about our little ones. You can find news about me at, you can write a comment on any blog and we can then exchange info if you or any of you who have been following this thread wants to. There were so many other similar threads like this on the 3rd trimester that I thought this one got lost in the bunch! :) Thanks for writing.



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