Rough Routine Exam

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alverran - June 16

Hello Ladies I am sure this is normal... Who knows, but I had my 32 week visit and the midwife felt around to find out the position of the baby. He was so rough, I am still hurting 5 hours later, is this normal? The pains seem to be at the lower part of my abdomen. It's a "crampy" feeling. Quite frustrating


miraclebaby - June 16

I am not sure, was it just feeling on the outside you mean, or an internal. I had an internal and it hurt, outside never hurt me, but maybe she was pushing too hard.I am sure the baby is fine though, its probably just the muscles. Good luck


alverran - June 16

Thank you miracle baby, but it was external... I don't get why he was so rough, I'm still sore.


BaByCrAzY - June 16

I had an external yesterday. It actually tickled, but that was it. Not a bit of pain during or afterwards and he was able to determine position of my baby. I would definately tell the midwife to ease up and that it hurt you and call your doc just to be on the safe side. Hope you feel better.


miraclebaby - June 16

yes babycrazy I agree tell them to lighten up. Yesterday I had a sonogram and the lady was pushing reall hard on my stomach with the wand and I was thinking , gosh your pushing awful hard , but I was a afraid and did not say a word. take care


alverran - June 16

It does stink, I don't know why I get so intimidated by the doctors/midwives. I didn't understand why he was pushing so hard, I just tired to call and no answer. Anyhow, there is one more question, if the baby is in the head down position, with he/she turn again? Is it possible? Just wondering. Thank you!


Atarahsmommy - June 16

Yes it is possible for the baby to turn and at 32 s/he might still turn around I think it is about 34-36 weeks that the baby gets in position, though it is still possible for the baby to turn after that, just harder and less likely, especially if s/he's already in the heads down position. Though my little girl has been heads down since about 28 weeks I think, and now at 35 weeks she still is, don't think she'll be turning


alverran - June 17

Thank you Atarahsmommy and everyone else for your input. I'm feel I am so clueless at times, I appreciate the forum so much!


everthiki - June 17

Hi ladies, i am 31 weeks and at 29 weeks I had my first internal in a while. Boy did it hurt!! Lots of pain and cramping even the following day. Anyone else felt this? If so, do you think it is just all of the pressure in the uterus? I don't think I have ever been in so much pain from an exam like this!


miraclebaby - June 18

everthinki, yes my internals hurt me too, I think I felt like they shoved his whole arm in there. He said it was normal to hurt. It hurts everytime I get one and I did not remember with my first it hurting, so I dont know maybe I forgot.


everthiki - June 18

Yes, just like you described miraclebaby. I don't feel abnormal after midwife just kept telling me to stay still cuz I was moving back from all the pressure. Uggh! The things we women have to go through!!!


alverran - June 19

Hello everthiki and miraclebaby mine still hurt days after, I am not sure if the midwife stretched some muscles or what, but I am still sore from Friday's appt. I guess it will go away until the next appt.


everthiki - June 19

Hi alverran..are you comfortable with your midwife? I also see one, but thinking about changing to a doc. Most women seem to have docs...No matter who you see, I think these internals and externals also are just uncomfortable and painful. Goodluck to all of you with your exams. I am going to try lamaze breathing at my next if the pain gets too unbearable during....The cramping is no fun either afterwards...I have been taking warm baths which have helped.


BaByCrAzY - June 21

I could be totally wrong, but it seems like some of you guys are suffering for nothing. I have a doc and am 36 weeks. I have had no internal exams yet as I understand this is not necessary unless there are complications or imminent signs of labor. I may have one at week 38 as per my doctor. don't take my word for it, I'm no doctor.



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