Rude People

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Billie - April 11

IF one more person asks me if I'm having twins, I am going to scream!!!!!!! My belly is measuring 32 cm and I am 32 weeks. That's the way it's supposed to be but everyone asks me if I'm carrying twins. WTF? Has anyone else had this kind of abuse during there pregnancies or is it just me? How did you deal?


Fabienne - April 11

hi Billie - yep, a lot of people around me keep telling how big I am - how much weight I put on etc...It hurts - I think it is very insensivite.I'm 31 weeks - I haven't measured my belly yet - but even though...people should hold their tongue!


Karen - April 11

I am 31 weeks and I guess it is the clothes that I wear because someone today asked me if I was having twins and i said no why, he said boy are you big?? I don't think I am all that big at all.


Jenny - April 11

I feel like a fat tub of sh** all the time and it doesn't help when people say "you look so big!," or "don't worry, you'll lose all the weight after you have the baby" when I haven't even asked for their opinion. As for you having "twins", people can be generally insensitive even when they think they are being cute and charming. Just ignore them or ask them back "and when are you due?" Make them feel like sh** too!


Billie - April 11

Thanks you guys. I know that there are always going to be people out there that don't think before they speak but it finally got to me today. I think what made it worse was because one of my co-workers is 31 weeks and looks smaller than me. The only thing that keeps me sane about the whole thing is that I am carrying in front only (like a basketball) and she is carrying all around.


Jenn... - April 11

I hear it all the time too, I am 33 weeks. "You are so big" "You must be due anyday" "You look like your going to b__w" and yes I've been asked if I am having twins. It hurts to be asked these questions. It does seem very inconsiderate of people, but in a way I understand. I can remember when my sis-in-law was about 8 months preggo... I didn't think she could get any bigger, but she did. I think most people just don't see pregnanct women that are this far along very often.


Heidi - April 11

Don't let people bother you!!!! I am bigger with this one than my first. I have heard over the last few weeks on how I popped!!!! Believe me I don't like to hear that. Just ignore what people have to say or even better you should just tell them that you are having triplets and see what they have to say then. Just try to enjoy your last weeks and forget all the negative comments made to you!!! Good luck to ya.


Cindy - April 11

In one ear and out the other!!! If it's a friend or coworker you can say, I can't wait till you have an imperfection so I can make you feel good about yourself too. They probably don't even realize they are being rude. You'll be surprised what people will say to you. My one friend had the nerve to say to me that I should bounce back. I didn't even think I had gained too much personally. The newest thing is when I tell people I'm having a boy they always say, you look like you are carrying a girl. Are you sure it's a boy? I was so stressed about this because the room is ready for a boy. I was so happy I had another ultra sound and it was quite obvious he is a boy. Now I just smile and say, I'm positive he's a boy.


Toya - April 11

lol. Most people tell me that I'm measuring small, but this fat cashier at wal-mart told me that I was big for 36 weeks...I had to hold my tongue. She is twice as big as me and I'm carrying a baby...


Jenn... - April 12

What is it with cashiers at Wal-Mart? I had the same exact thing happen to me. I was standing in line and she says "wow, you are huge." I felt like saying, "at least I have an excuse." I just couldn't do it though, sometimes I wish I wasn't so nice!


EM - April 12

It is something about Wal-Mart cashiers. At 31 weeks one said to me "You must be due any day now!" and when I told her I had 9 weeks to go she practically went into convulsions! I'm carrying all out in front like a giant beach ball...with 6 weeks left!


Lisa A - April 12

I wish the comments that I get were from strangers . My father and my mother in law seem to get pleasure from telling me how big I am, and it drives me nuts.


Kymmi - April 12

Yes, people can be insensitive and just down right rude!!! But, you have to remember that some people (especially those who have never carried before) have NO idea what it is like to be pregnant and does not have any understanding on how the body works!! I also think that some people are just genuinely surprised or amazed by how big the belly can get and how much it actually stretches during these times. I wouldn't allow others to upset you though. Afterall, this is one time in your life that you are a__sisting God in creating a miracle.


Fabienne - April 12

LOL - this is so funny to read all these comments about the Wal-Mart cashiers etc lol It's good to laugh. Most of the insensitive comments I get are from the in-laws too ! Grrrr lol


PP - April 12

Ok I am kinda jealous. I was going to set up a registry at a babies r us and the woman did not think that I was far enough along to know what I wanted. She barely believed that I was pregnant and then she refused to believe that I was 26 weeks. I started my child birth cla__s there too people thought I had no business there because I wasn't pregnant enough. I am sick of not looking the part. I am sick of people not noticing. Hell I bought a new kitchen set yesterday and the guy in the warehouse made me help carry stuff. Then when I said oh yeah let me help I am only 6 months pregnant he argued with me saying I wasn't. No baby treats me any different including my husband who just thinks that I am a little moody and eating more.


Candy - April 12

I did my registry at Babies R Us when I was only about 23 weeks because I was on vacation and knew it was the best time. I don't believe I was showing that much either but they didn't give me a problem. Why wouldn't you know what you want at 26 weeks? I would complain to the manager that their empolyees need to have a little more cla__s. For one thing you will be bringing a lot of $ their way in a few months! Don't worry, you still have PLEANTY of time to start showing and you'll get special treatment too. I swear my coworkers will not let me lift anything heavier than 2 pounds. By the end you'll be sick of strangers asking you "whens your baby due". Then before you know it your beautiful baby will be waking you up every 2 hours and you'll forget about everything else but him/her. Good luck!


Toya - April 12

People are crazy...this lady at the hospital today told me "You're due any day now"...and I'm thinking to myself, "Tell me something I don't know....". I mean, DUH. I'm not that ignorant...I know the condition of my body! Sometimes people just don't know what to say..and in those cases you'd think that they just wouldn't say anything at all...This same person told my husband that he needed to stay in the military for 25 years to support the baby...people...



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