Rude Questions What Should My Comeback Be

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TJLebrija - July 17

Hi ladies. Hope all of you are well :) I am currently 31w1d and according to many rude people, i look HUGE. I really don't think I look that big but people keep insisting that I MUST be having twins (you know how one "hides" behind the other). I don't really know what to say to them without getting upset. I was wondering if any of you had that problem and if so, how did you deal?


beka81 - July 17

UGHH! It really boggles my mind when I hear how rude people can be. Did their parents never teach them manners! TJ I would simply state that "i think modern technology would have seen if I had twins by now. At least I know my baby is having a good time in there and will come out nice and strong". Ughh, depeding upon who it was i would really make them feel like sh*t. Don't let them get to you....because it is true. At least you know you are providing a comfy environment for your baby!! Good luck! and enjoy your pregnancy! 31 weeks- WOW- so far along!


TJLebrija - July 17

Thank you so much for your input :) It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to hear it at least ONCE a day. I am definately enjoying my pregnancy and trust me, from now on I am going to have a swift comeback. How far along are you?


beka81 - July 17

Tomorrow I will be 25 weeks! Which is still exciting. The beginning was so tough for me with morning sickness but now i am learning to enjoy it although i know soon enough i will be dragging everywhere. I am having a little girl and this is my first! So much to do such little time! What about you? Do you know what you are having? Is this your first? Second? Etc?


cnasmom - July 17

thats awful, people tell me all the time that i am HUGE, but i have really long legs and no upper body so my baby only has one way to go and thats out! lol, but i get told the same thing all the time that it looks like im having twins, i am 38 wks tomorrow. i just tell them NO, its just one, and i have big babies anyway. it usually makes them feel bad just to hear its not twins!


ejmeskan - July 17

Wouldn't it be sweet if you could say "Gosh I was just thinking the same about you!! When are you due?" haha! People are lame. I may just say "You know, that is NOT what a PG woman wants to hear"


TJLebrija - July 17

I'm emotional enough as it is (as I'm sure we all are) and the comments are really starting to take a toll on me. There are days when I can be up and chipper and then some "evil" person can make one of those comments and it ruins my whole day......this is my first baby (a boy....a BIG boy as I hear it so often.....)


ejmeskan - July 17

Gosh I just don't understand why people think it is ok to say stuff like that. I had posted a while back about a woman in my office that comments on everything I eat- it drives me nuts!!! I get upset when people say my son is big "Oh my gosh how old is he? He is HUGE" which he is tall (off charts) and big (85% for weight) but it bugs me still. The worst was when he had his baby fat still (He is 14mo and losing it fast) and people would say "WHAT ARE YOU FEEDING THIS KID?" "Um b___stmilk thank you very much" So I can't imagine if someone were saying it me- I get defensive enough for my son!


softbreeze200 - July 17

Lol emja - I DID say that to someone! I turned to her and said " geeze looks like you are too, maybe our kids will be in the same cla__s" Funny, now she is very complimentary to m whenever I see her! Take that rude b___h. Don't let people get to you. I know that most are just facinated with pregnant women, but there is a touch of cla__s and finese any normal person should have and it shouldn't disaapear when it comes to dealing with a pregnant person. Dont feel bad if a comeback shoots out!! Best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy!! You are almost there!! :)


CatsMommy - July 17

TJ - I get it all the time too! I'm already up 25lbs in 28 weeks. When folks look at me and say, 'OMG, you're so big, when are you due'.. I just tell them, well what do you mean? I'm not pregnant! They get this terrified look on their face and shut up immediately! I know it's mean, but it makes me feel so much better : ) Or... I'll even say - Thanks! I'm glad my belly is big, it just means he's growing like he should and he's healthy as can be!


ejmeskan - July 17

Hahaha- That's funny softbreeze! I would love to have seen it!! :) Cats- I love that story that's another one I would love to see!!!! :)


fefer1 - July 17

You could just tell them you're due in March - of 09 - haha...I wanted to do that a few times because I was so big and past my due date and people kept saying " when are you due, you're huge!". I was due June 2 and wanted to tell them September to be a smart a__s. :)


beka81 - July 17

HAHAHHAHHA! OMG you gals are so funny! People really are just evil and want to make you upset so just brush it off. You're making the baby- what have they done? Miserable...whatever! Pregnancy is SUCH a blessing, i know nobody can ruin my happiness. I once had my sister-in-law say something rude to me in the beginning of my pregnancy and she learned her lesson after i lashed out on her and made her see how miserable SHE was! ughh....TJ God bless your little boy! He is just as big as God decided he should be! Enjoy!


Charlibabe - July 17

i got the same exact thing it sucks people can be really mean....sayin twins or your guna have a really big baby i ended up only havin 7lb 8 oz baby girl....just try to ignore them i know its veryhard and upsettin....Good Luck!!


E586467 - July 17

This happened to my cousin, poor thing gained ALOT of weight & ended up having a 6lb dd, but people would always comment on how HUGE she was & how big her baby was going to be. She just said' Well I'm not that big considering I'm having triplets'. That usually shut them up which made her feel a little better. I think it's really rude to comment on how big or little a pregnant woman gets, as everybody carries differently & pregnancy is definitely NOT the time to make a woman feel like she's getting fat or that she's somehow under nourishing her baby.


alirenee86 - July 18

I haven't had the problem personally, but comments of any sort like that are rude. I would just tell them you're at the tail end of your pregnancy and to f*ck off.


TJLebrija - July 21

haha thanks ladies :) you made me feel so much bettter. I'm going to use the triplet comment or better yet, tell them I'm due sometime early next year.....thanks again



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