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leeza - December 9

okay, I am sure there have been threads on this before, but what is up with rude people? I am 32 weeks pregnant and have not gained that much weight (was 120 and now 140)--I have a co-worker who tells me everyday how FAT I am getting, she even suggested my lunches might be too big. And her stomach is not much smaller than mine, and she is NOT even pregnant! Venting, I know, any good comebacks??


becky - December 9

what a twat ask her how far along she is


jb - December 9

Just smile and say at least I have an excuse. Thats the one thing I hate about being pregnant. Everyone thinks they have the right to comment on how big you look or how much weight you have gained. You could always politely say-"my doctors says my weight is perfect, i have not gained too much at all". OR just ignore her-some people just dont think before the talk.


Heather - December 9

I think we have all had the same problem. There is a lady in my office who everyday tells me how HUGE I am. She asks me how I will ever make it to my due date! You know, even though we are pregnant, we are still women and hate hearing comments like that. I think my problem is that I am just under 5 feet so I started showing very early as there is no where for this baby to go except out. I get very mad at all the comments. I have had, however, a few good comments which I love hearing! I usually just smile and and walk away when I hear the bad ones - as hard as that is!


GE - December 9

I have had the same thing! I am 27 weeks and I am huge!! When people ask when I am due, I tell them, and some raise their eyebrows look at my stomach and say, "hmmm....still have a ways to go" As if I don't know I am practically growing by the hour..haha:) If it is any comfort to you, I gained a lot with my first--35 lbs. However, I nursed for a year and by the time I quit nursing I weighed a slim 10 lbs less than my pre-preg weight!


leeza - December 9

thanks all for your responses--I had a feeling I was not alone, got another one when I met a friend for lunch just now, she said, "are you sure you are not having twins, you are huge!" Whatever. It does sting no matter what though.


Ashley - December 9

You are not alone!!! I have been trying so hard this whole pregnancy and about a month ago I mentioned I had only gained 15 lbs. My SIL overheard, and was like, "That doesn't mean anything, some people start off with more and never gain that much." I wanted to cry because that's basically saying I was fat before I got pregnant, and I WASN'T!!!!!!! My other SIL said something to me just the other day, she said I was all belly and it didn't look as though I had put on any fat with the pregnancy and that is the first nice thing anybody has said (except dh) and I'm clinging to it!!!!! :) Some people are just MEAN!!!!


Angela - December 9

Sound like a person who feels bad about themselves already so they want to make everyone else feel bad too. Or they want to find a way to feel good about themselves and they think attacking other people will do that. And I like Becky suggestion about asking her how far along she is. That would probably shut her up quick! I mean come on - at least you have a baby in you! What's her excuse!? People are rude.


kaitlin - December 9

People are RUDE, it is true. After a week of rude comments, my dh took me out for dinner to get my mind off of it. The minute we walked in, the host asked "when are your twins due" - and laughed. Yeah, really funny buddy.


Ginny - December 9

People love to think that they are clever, when they are really just being thoughtless and obnoxious. I am the only woman on my job, and every single employee thought it was hillarious to come by my desk to make jokes at my expense when I started showing. I was a good sport about it at first, because I can give as good as I get. But it got old REALLY quick and I put an end to it - I stopped giving them their paychecks :) Hey Leeza, next time your co-worker comments on your tummy say something like, "You're right. Maybe you can give me some tips - whenever you decide to lose your weight."


to ginny - December 9

LOL! Great comeback!


Kate N Baby - December 9

Hi ladies. I work with all men so its a little different for me. They are always making comments but I know that b4 I was pregnant that those comments weren't coming out of there mouths. Some people just like to pick. I wore a sweater the other day that was all pink and someone said "Wow that's a whole lot of pink..." Things like that is what I deal with on a daily basis. I can't wait to get my weight back to normal and go back after maternity leave and show them!!! LOL. Another thing is is that a lot of women can't have children so they have to make comments for there insecurities. Good luck ladies.


Jennifer - December 9

Just say to your co-worker. At least mine is going to go away after I have the baby and what about yours! My dad always teases me about how big I have gotten. I have always been very thin and now I am thicker! I tell him that mine will go away once I have her but your won't! Good luck!


to all ladies - December 10

One thing to think about--the fact is that we are pregnant and DO have a reason to be gaining weight. While I think that people are rude when they make comments about how much weight we have gained-please do not say things like, "Well, at least I have a reason"-therefore telling them they are fat. It will really hurt their feelings and they can't console themselves by knowing that they have a little bundle of joy coming!


xXx-Lesley-xXx - December 10

Yeah!!!! Of course you gonna look "fatter"! In the last stage of pregnancy the baby grows the most. Tell them women "I'm pregnant, whts your excuse"!!! Hahah! I loved being ma__sive.



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