Rune Elijah Born Aug 7th

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ironmama - August 9

Hey Mamas! Okay my turn, birth story!!! I went into labor at 7 pm on the 6th with contractions 5 min apart but not too bad, and managed to breathe well, watch tv, eat, and relax nicely through each one. But they stopped at 1am so i went to bed, and was re-awoken at dawn with really really strong contractions, as well as bloody show. Those weren't consistent though, and by mid morning they'd kindof tapered off. So i took a tsp of castor oil because i'd heard that helps labor. TO ALL YOU MAMAS CONSIDERING DOING CASTOR OIL: unless you are a glutton for punishment i say OMG don't do it!!!!!! IT was truly awful, tasted like lipstick and made it so that when the contractions started up again i puked with almost every one. It made my guts feel sooooo rotten i would strongly recommend mamas dont go through what i went throuh. Labor is bad enough! LOL. So the contractions did get stronger and constistent after that, but who knows if it was a direct result or if it woulda happened that way anyways... either way.... ended up sending my son to the babysitter around 4, and went to the hospital at 6 with my contractions back to back and so strong i could barely stand it. I am really good at breathing through pain but this definately challenges even the most relaxed person. I was soooooo glad to have my hubby there, to squeeze his hand, and hold on to as i labored. When i got to the hospital they hooked me up to a monitor to check on the baby, and it looked ok but i was in so much pain they offered me a mini spinal. I hadnt been offered one of those with my son and didnt know what it was-- i LOVED IT!! Its a shot into the spine with freezing, scary to get a shot there, and a bit painful too, but SO worth it OMG. Made me feel warm and fuzzy from the belly down to my toes, but unlike with an epidural that puts you totally paralyzed, i could still walk, i went pee, etc. That helped me breeze thru from 5 cm when i arrived to 10 cm in a matter of 3 hours, maybe less. But the baby's heartbeat kept dipping and worrying my doc, and she thought it might need to come out via C section, so she called the guy who does surgery in our small town. He came in and they decided to put the scalp clip on the baby to get a more accurate reading of the heartbeat. Turns out baby was doing ok, so i got to start pushing. The mini spinal had worn off though, and i was back to major pain land... which sucked big time but whatcha gonna do, it was the moment i'd been waiting for. Baby was HUGE and so i started to lose it, even wailed " i cant do this anymore" but i kept growling and howling and pushing..... But then baby's heartbeat really took a dive, to just 60 bpm and they told me the baby had to come out NOW. so i had to push like never before, So i growled and raged and they used the vacc_m and in a few min the baby was born, with the cord around his neck! Just in time, i was so grateful to have the team i had working on me, baby came out nice and loud and healthy thank god!!! 9lbs 8oz, i got 2 small st_tches but i am ok and so is baby!!! He started nursing right away and even though i havent had more than 3 hours of sleep in a row in the past 2 days i am super stoked :) :) :)


smmom2 - August 9

IRON...... CONGRATS..>I am so happy everything went ok for you and baby !!! That is a big little boy you have there. I had a friend that drank the castor oil also...she sadi the same made her very very sick and if I remember correctly gave her problems with the birth. ANyways...CONGRATS !!


softbreeze200 - August 9

IRON - CONGRATULATIONS Honey!! I am so gladt to hear that allin all everything went well and that he is safe in your arms now! It has been a long haul and soo worth it now!! Can't wait to see pics of him. I hope you can get some much needed rest soon and make sure to enjoy every minute with him!! HUGS!!



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