Sacroiliac Butt Cheek Pain Anyone Ouch

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Buffi R. - November 14

Just when I though my upper back pain was bad, I now have a whole new appreciation for how painful a late pregnancy can be. In the last two weeks, I've developed a new pain in my upper right butt cheek, not in the fatty "saddle bag" area, but up higher close to my lower back. It's not too bad when I'm up and about during the day, or when I sit in a chair, but when I lie down at night to sleep it's like knives when I try to change positions or get out of bed. And you know how often we all have to get out of bed to pee..... My doctor said it's called Sacroiliac pain caused by relaxin hormone loosening the tendon between the sacrum (tail bone) and iliac (hip bone). The space between those two bones isn't normally supposed to open and there's very little cartilage there, so when it opens late in pregnancy and the bones rub together it's really painful. It's gotten worse every day (or night I should say). My doctor suggested lots of Tylenol, heating pads and Ben Gay cream. Does anyone else have this and have any other suggestions? I'm up for anything, even voodoo at this point. :-)


Buffi R. - November 14

I forgot to mention, I'm 34 weeks along, so I still have some time left. I'm really worried about how bad this will eventually get.


sunflowergoddess - November 14

Yes yes yes! I'm 32.5 weeks and have had this the last 2 weeks on and off. Nighttime is when it hurts, and i have to keep rolling over to the other side about every hour or so... Doc said Tylenol for me as well. I've also noticed some days when i walk a lot that it feels like the same pain (like somethings separating)... :) At least there is an end in sight for us :)


tish212 - November 14

yes my dr suggested this too a little earlier in pregnancy....but I broke my pelvis a few years back so they aren't sure if its that or pain from something else. the only thing that helps me is a hot bath...and my pain medicine...but its a prescription med....(dr says its safe in moderation) it helps somedays others...not so much. the worst part is I have to take like 3 or 4 baths a day...(electric bill going sky high!) but it does relax the pain. sleeping ha! now that just doesn't work so well anymore...pillow between the legs... adjusting my beds firmness nothing is working...I lay down and have to toss and turn then get out of bed and walk for a while to try to ease it up....isn't it funny no one tells u all the "perks" of pregnancy? ahhh well....only 6 more weeks for me.... hope u feel better buffi :)


babylove4 - November 14

I'm almost 30 weeks & started to feel that about a week ago, I just thought it was maybe a pinched nerve...MIne hurts all the time esp..when I walk..I have a md appt. tomm. so I'll be asking him about it....I still have 10 weeks to go :(


DaBonkElsMe - November 14

I had this last week really, REALLY badly!! It hurt so bad all the time with an occasional shooting pain just for kicks! I thought I would not make it through the pregnancy, but then I woke up last weekend - PAIN FREE!!! YAY! Doctor said as the baby moves, things like that can come and go. He had me do the "angry cat" pose from yoga and rock back and forth to encourage baby to move. It helped. Get on all fours and hunch up your back like an angry cat. then rock back and forth and relax. Do it about 3 or 4 times. The baby is likely to move after that. The other things that helped me, hot compresses, pressure on my b___t - I had DH press on my b___t while I was on all fours - it helps! and warm baths! Tylenol did not really help me. Good luck, I hope it stops for you as suddenly as it did for me.


Buffi R. - November 15

DaBonk, me too! Having it go away suddenly sounds like a wonderful solution! :-) Thanks for all your suggestions ladies. I've been taking 3 extra strength Tylenols before bed. My doctor said that dose is OK since I don't usually take it throughout the day. That helps some nights, but not all. It's also the most painful in the first few hours of the night, like it takes awhile for my back to get used to laying down. By the time the morning hours roll around, I'm finally feeling OK, and that makes me want to sleep in, but I have to get up and get ready for work. Arrggghhh :-)


DaBonkElsMe - November 15

PS - Ask your doctor if you can take tylenol PM, or Unisolm. My Doc said either is safe, and the unisolm actually really helped me sleep through the night. I only took it twice, when the pain was really hurting, but both nights I slept through. Might be an option for you.


tish212 - November 15

mine is the worst when I wake up.... I get out of bed and can barely move.... so it takes me like 45 minutes of stretching and moving to get used to it. and I had my dh do the push on b___t thing and ill tell ya it felt good...(not like that good) it helped ease my pain....the angry cat pose works too.... but its soon over and then we will have other pains to complain I know carrying a infant carrier is hard work lol.... good luck ladies hope u find relief



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