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synesthesia1821 - September 29

Anyone else have constant sadness?I wake up and it's just like on certain days I CAN'T be matter how much I try. Today was one of those days, I woke up and was just irritable and sad and cried for NO REASON. Everything was just...wrong somehow.


musicbaby - September 29

:-) yup I do the same thing. Its all hormones. I feel sorry for my DH because I am normally a very upbeat and happy person and he just doesnt know what to do when I am like that. It will all get back to normal soon.


HeavenisMine - September 29

Goodness yes, I like to stay positive, but some mornings I just wake up and wish I hadn't. I do agree, it must be all of these hormones. :)


josie4 - September 29

Sometimes I have this overwhelming feeling of sadness. I hate when I feel like that! I feel sorry for my husband too. I try so hard to be kind and loving, but I end up getting irritated at him for the dumbest reasons. Plus, I am so absent-minded. I think it drives him nuts.


waitngformyangel - September 29

hmm seems like everyones saying its hormones. :/ i feel like that alot.i cry about everything, the other day i cried watching the little mermaid!!! sometimes i feel so sad and miserable i just dont want to get out of bed. and i just feel out of it... and lazy i dont even care to put make up on. :/ well i guess we all just have to be stron and hang in there. c: take care and god bless.


name - September 29

Yes. Today was horrible. The terrible thing is mine isn't hormones and will last even after I give birth. My depression has lasted 20 years and is part of a larger condition that is not curable...


missy046 - September 30

I am sorry to hear that people are sad but I am glad to know that I am not alone. One night I go to bed depressed and crying and the next morning I wake up happy and wondering why I was so sad. I hope thatc changes!! God Bless.


sahm2alaj - October 1

I have those days too. On Friday I didn't even want to look at anyone! Couldn't smile and I didn't feel like speaking to anyone either. It was very unlike me, but I honestly could not help it. I got home from work, completely bipa__sed my husband and walked straight up stairs with ipod in hand and took a long bubble bath. It helped.


AntsWife - October 1

I've had the same probelm. I've been an emotional wreck since November- that's whe I started taking clomid to fall pregnant. Then since I actaully became pregnant, I have been worse! I called poor DH on Friday specifically to argue because I was having one of my emotional days, and he knew it and so did I so it was no big deal. Some days I actually feel like myself for short spurts and I can't believe how crazy I've been. Other days I'm so depressed I just cry over everything. Oh well, it's the hormones and all worth it from my point of view! Good luck ladies!!!


alirenee86 - October 1

I too lately, here and there, pretty few and far between, have been feeling really down and sad and CANNOT figure out why. I'm the happiest person right now, so thankful for everything in my life and have the saddest days some days and it just doesn't feel right...the next day I too am wondering what the heck I was so sad about! I'm sure it's perfectly normal but just doesn't feel good to have those days :(


jenna32 - October 4

glad i'm not the only one. i have been looking up if depression is common during pregnancy, but i've only found information that says the opposite!



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