Safe From Swelling At 33 Weeks

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Ashley N - January 3

I'm curious, I've been scared to death of edema, I've been waiting for my fingers to swell and not be able to get my rings off, or my feet/ankles to turn to blobs. I'm 33 weeks now and my rings fit a little tighter, but not so that I can't get them off. I moved up a size to more comfy shoes but nothing terrible. Has anyone had edema hit after 33 weeks? I was told first time moms usually retain alot of water, thus weighing more. I'm a first time mom! I kinda keep waiting for my body to attack me!


Rachael mommy2lucas - January 3

I never swelled at all the whole pregnancy. Not even in my face or fingers, where I see it in moms a lot. My doc was amazed. I think you are pretty safe, unless it happens at the end. If you do get it, it will goaway after delivery : )


StephanieT - January 3

I'm 32 weeks and other than my rings getting tight, I've been fine. But, like you, I keep waiting for it to change. But I figure I've been fortunate to not this far, I guess if it's just the last few weeks I'll count my blessings.


BB - January 3

Well I don't want to scare ya but my edema started right around 33 weeks. I am now almost 36 weeks and have had it the whole time. It really stinks! BUT not everyone gets it. Actually of all my friends and family I am the only one who had it. Don't know if its common or not. Its not fun so I hope you don't get it!


ALG - January 3

Well with my first pregnancy I had swelling from 5 months on and this pregnancy it started quite bad about 2 weeks ago. I am 37 weeks now and my legs and feet are pretty swollen-and my hands have gotten a little worse to the point of not wearing my rings.


Ashley N - January 3

Hmmmmm, so everybody's different? Haha, I know that shouldn't suprise me! Thanks for the feedback, everybody!!! I guess all I can do is wait and see. I've told my husband if my face gets poofy I will want to go into hibernation, but I doubt he'll let me! ;) I guess I should be thankful I'm in the homestretch! Yippee!


Sarah - January 3

37 weeks and the only swelling has been my hands which comes and goes. (We call them them "the rock crushers" haha) My feet and ankles a bit if I am on them for a long time, but nothing serious. I would continue to watch your salt intake but I think you will be fine. I notice my face is a bit bigger but I think that is more just weight gain than swelling. Just repeat after me...."only a few more weeks". :) Good Luck.



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