Safe To Swim After Membrane Sweep

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WP - October 3

I just got my membranes swept/stripped this morning, so do you think it's safe for me to go swimming this afternoon? I'm wondering about possible infection.


DeeD - October 3

I wouldn't chance it. The last thing you want is an infection at delivery.


WP - October 3

I should also add that I'm not doing lengths or anything, but bobbing around a kiddy pool with my 2-year-old. So, I'll be in one of those heated, overly chlorinated pools that feel like (and are probably mostly) urine.


docbytch - October 3

Hey is my moronic question of the day: Err...what do they do during a membrane sweep? I hear a zillion people on here talk about it and I haven't a clue in hell what the procedure is. Duh. Feel like I should know this c___p by now.


chickiepoo9 - October 3

i would think that it would be find she just swept your membrane it is not ruptured if was ruptured then i wouldnt but if was just a sweep i would say all is good, this is just my opinion i am not 100%


January - October 3

My hospital won't sweep membranes at all due to infection. I asked because I was kind of looking forward to it lol. So, with them telling me that, I wouldn't really chance going into a pool.. plus, if your water were to break while you were in there, you wouldn't know it. Granted the sweep may not work anyway.. but there is a chance it will.


kim00 - October 3

Docbytch, It is when they separate the bag of waters from the cervix, using a gloved finger.


WP - October 3

Not a moronic question at all, docbytch! I had to look it up too. So, the doc sweeps a finger (or two) into the opening of the cervix (providing there is an opening) and detaches the membranes that are around your baby and attached to the cervix. Pretty uncomfortable, and, as I found with my first, sometimes completely useless. Just like everything else with pregnancy/labour it only works if you're ready. Thanks for the advice everyone. I think I'll skip swimming tonight. I just wanted to do something fun with my 2-year-old that doesn't require me running around a park for an hour :)



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