Saggy Tummy

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Pregnant - March 12

Im just wondering if my tummy is going to be saggy and is there going to be a lot of loose skin that wont go away after i have the baby? This is my SECOND baby! Will i ever be able to have a falt tight tummy again? I just seems because my tummy streches so much ..the loose skin will alway be there!!


DAYTONA - March 12

Hi..i think alot of people get a bit of a saggy tummy after they have a baby. My tummy looks saggy already because of the operation i had when i was 27 i think once i have my girl my tummy will be all gross and stuff..which is really dissapointing.


to pregnant - March 13

It depends on your body type. Let it be what it is; don't drive yourself nuts over nature or being a woman. Other cultures don't go nuts over masculine "flat" abdomens on women. It's a strange obsession in the western world (especially the US) though.


h - March 13

i am wondering the same thing-is there anything u can do to prevent it or fix it (other than plastic surgery) i want my tight tummy back after!!! and i am only 27 sorry i am not ready to let it be what it is, i want my body to look great after having this baby, there is no reason no to!!!


Diane - March 13

Hi, I think there is alot of hope for a flat tummy after pregnancy....c'sections make it harder for some b/c the stomach muscles are actually cut. I am pregnant with my third baby. I'm 34 weeks and 31 years old. Before this pregnancy my tummy was very flat and toned. As women we tend to carry a little bit of fat around our tummys and hips, and thats ok. If you eat right and excercise you should see results...just don't start before your doctor says its ok....especially for ab work. Good luck! We'll all get there!


h - March 13

thanks Diane, I am happy there is hope!


Alycia - March 13

I can't speak for myself yet (first baby), but my mom is very tiny - 5'4" and 107 pounds. My brother and I were both large babies (he was 10 pounds), and she broke hospital records with her large placentas. She gained 60 pounds each pregnancy, and her stomach was GIGANTIC. Now, even at 50, she has a nice, tight little tummy and she's never been a hard-core exerciser. She doesn't even have stretch marks! So I would definitely say there's hope!


kelly - March 13

if you have a c-section, say goodbye to that beautiful tummy!! I had my first when I was 20 and a c-section was I'm 35 weeks and I still see the skin sagging even though my Belly is huge and round and no more room to's weird, like an extra flap of's always been embarrasing for me...I'm very pet_te 5'1 and normally weigh about 125-135 and always had a 200lb woman flap becasue of the scar....GOOD NEWS, my sister was a larger kid and before she had her son she was a size 3 very small waisted!! She got not ONE stretch mark (proabbly because she was already stretched as a kid???) and still has her flat belly!!


kelly - March 13

Oh yes, I am now 29....As I've "aged" the flap doesn' bother me much anymore....just hoping it doesn't get worse with this 2nd c-section!!



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