Saving Babies Cord Blood

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Barb - October 4

anyone saving their babies cord blood?? It sounds like a good idea, but it's SO expensive...if you are, which company are you using and why?? thanks :)


Lee - October 5

I have been going back and forth with this for some time. I think Viacord is a wonderful company, and if I do decide to do it, that is the compnay I will be using.


Carol - October 5

My husband and I debated over whether or not to do this. It seemed like a pretty good idea until a lady from a cord blood donation center at the hospital spoke at our birth cla__s. We asked her about it and she seemed to be evasive telling us to just make sure that we ask LOTS of questions and told us that generally the stem cells aren't viab;e after 10 years. We did notice that on a lot of the information from the banks it always referred to the POTENTIAL of the stem cells soooo we have decided against it. Seems like there needs to bemore research done and that there isn't really a whole lot that they can use it for right now.


JL - October 5

I talked to my doc, my daughter's pediatrician, and my father hemotologist. All three of them said that if everyone would donate their baby's cord blood to the blood bank, there would be no need for expensive private banking because there would be a match for everyone. Call your local blood bank for more info. I called Life Source a few months ago, and they actually have an option in their automated system to request a cord blood donation kit. They tell you that you will receive something 6 weeks from your due date. I still have 8 weeks left, so I don't have any more info than this right now. I personally cannot afford the private banking, but I am glad to know that I can still donate the cord blood, and I would encourage others to do the same.


Barb - October 5

well...we don't know what to do. CAROL...I didn't know about the 10yr. thing, that's interesting....we really can NOT afford it...thanks for your input ladies :)


Cara - October 5

I just signed up with Viacord



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