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tasha - February 6

Hi I am 32 weeks along and scared of giving birth. Where I am from they dont offer epidurals and just wondering if I am going to be able to do it because I have a very low tolerance for pain?


tasha - February 6

why do they not offer epidurals?


becca - February 6

hey im 36 weeks an im also scared about giving birth but u will be able to do it of corse it will be painful but its worth it just think after it all ur have a beautiful baby boy or girl


tasha - February 6

Well they feel that it is unsafe, I think that it is bcuz they dont have the money to pay an extra doc.


Melissa - February 6

You can totally give birth without drugs! Women have been doing it since the beginning of time. It is important to prepare yourself by reading up on natural childbirth techniques. The most important thing to do is RELAX while you are in labor. I know this sounds crazy, but if you focus on relaxing as much as possible and breathing deep breaths through each contraction, the pain will be much less. This takes a lot of concentration, but it is possible and it does work. Water is also a great tool to help get through the contractions. If you can labor in the bathtub or even sit on a birthing ball in the shower. It will help greatly. Try not to be scared. Remember, your body know what it is doing and the pain is temperary. Do some research on the internet on natural childbirth. You will be fine and will feel more empowered than you ever thought possible. Don't be tense, let your go with it. Good luck! By the way, my due date is March 28th, with my 3rd!


aaron - February 7

37 wks & 5 days soooo very terified and my husband isent helping by telling me i ll be fine,im not fine im scared and by the way not all hospital offer epidurals but wont hurt to ask about magnesium,its adifferent kind of pain killer and the one im getting because my doc dosent offer epidurals either.


Naomi - February 9

I too am a baby when it comes to pain but i delivered my 2 boys (now 6 and 8) with no drugs and plan to do this one the same i am 30 weeks now and believe me I am horrified i know it is like falling off a log but it has been 6 years since i have done the baby thing and you tend to forget the pain so fast anyway. believe me from what i can remember i forgot the pain right after they handed me the baby! Good luck! and you will be fine!


tasha - February 24

i am scared in case iget pregnant


Amanda - February 28

I am 29 weeks and where I live they do not offer epidurals. They do how ever offer laughing gas. My sister in-law used it and said that it was the best thing she ever did. And it has NO effect of the baby. Good luck!



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