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treshala - November 13

i had an argument with 2 of my aunts today and i got really REALLY REALLY upset. i was crying and upset to the point of vomitting. i was this angry for about 1 hour. I started to go to the hospital just to make sure my baby is ok. im really scared that i may have done some damage. I hadnt felt the baby move all day BUT since the argument i felt the baby move and i had some lower ab pains? am i worrying for nothing? should i go to ER? please give me thoughts...i prayed about it but i am so nervous and scared....


treshala - November 13

bump~ please someone i know it may seem minor but i am really worried...


hopeful24 - November 13

Shala, I am sure everything is fine. If it will make you feel better then go to the hospital, but maybe you could call you doctor in the morning and go in and listen to the heartbeat. Last Sat. night I pinched my husband sort of hard on the inner thigh and he natural reflex was to kick, well in the way was my stomach and he kicked me rather hard. It was my fault, but the next day the baby did not move and it freaked me out, but then he started moving again like crazy. I am sure everything is fine. Keep us posted


Krissy25 - November 13

You may have just gotten yourself really worked up. Sometimes after i have been crying hard my stomach hurts too b/c of the muscles you are using. You say the baby is kicking and moving now? That is a good sign. How long has it been since the argument? Maybe get a big gla__s of water and drink it and relax on the couch for a bit and see if you feel better if not you can go to Labor and delivery and have them monotor you.


jennifer_33106 - November 13

Awe shala! I am sorry love! I would call the L&D and ask them what they suggest. I know that when i get overly upset that Brianna reacts to my emotions. I wouldnt worry! I am sure you are fine. But to ease your mind call the L&D.


treshala - November 13

i had the argument about 4:30 or 5 oclock. im calm now and yes the baby is moving. I am so worried. when i start having the pains i just start praying really really hard. Im going to call L&D now. i wasnt aware i could do that. thank you ladies so much. im trying to stop THINKING about the incident but im in the house with the thinking about going to a friends house to spend the night.


Krissy25 - November 13

Theshala i hope everything is going ok for you. I think that is a good idea to get away for the night, of course you may be spending it at the hospital tonight, hopefully not. Get some rest you need it.


treshala - November 14

im going to wait until in the morning and call the doctor's office and see will they let me come in. my baby has been moving alot every since though...i think i may be paranoid so every little movement or anything is bothering me. i hope that my doctor's office let me come in to hear the heartbeat.......thank yall


BeccaBaby1 - November 14

Hey, Shala. Doing better today? How's that little one?


margie - November 14

aw, i know just how you me i have had some terrible emotional moments this pregnancy, crying sooo hard that i had back pain that didnt stop for the whole night, i was scared...i have even had times in the second trimester where she didn't move for a day or so after. everything is ok though now. i think that our babies can handle a lot of emotional stress from us when theyre this far along. What always has helped me is pulling out my fetal doppler and listen to her heartbeat, if you go to your doctor or to L&D they would be more than happy im sure to let you hear her heart beating in there. just know that if you are feeling her moving then im sure that she is fine. the pains are truly from the stress you are under and once you relax they will subside. please let us know how you are feeling. -prayers and hugs!



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