Scared About Giving Birth

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Jenny - June 3

Hi all, I'm 34 weeks and it's recently dawned on me that I'm not far off from having my baby! This is my first and I really don't know what to expect. I am prone to anxiety and have constantly suffered with panic attacks throughout my pregnancy, despite trying my hardest to control them. My midwife recently told me that too much adrenaline can inhibit labour and if you get too anxious and stressed it can cause all sorts of complications. Problem is, I don't like to feel out of control and I guess I'm scared of the unknown. I will try and do relaxation techniques before and during labour but I'm really worry that my anxiety will cause complications for me and the baby and keep thinking my blood pressure will go up because of it and will end up putting me in danger. Can anyone offer any advice/suggestions?


anne - June 3

i have panic disorder too and im almost 32 weeks pregnant with our first. it's hard to relax, i know. i worry about the same issues- bp going up, heartrate going up during labour. it's sad to say i'm glad i found someone else that feels as i do, because i wouldn't wish this anxiety on anyone. let's stick together and work through this. we may just surprise ourselves how well the birth goes. Anne


sarah - June 7

i too am 28wks and suffer with exactly the same as you both,we worry too bloody much!im now going to relaxation cla__ses which are helping a lot,also,when you are in labour remember that your in the best place and if your blood pressure goes up then the midwifes will be there to calm you down.good luck.


nelly - June 7

i was induced with my first baby so i knew when i was going to have her and that i would be right there in the hospital when everything happened. i am scared to go into labour at home or at work and im terrified that my water will break when i am alone. i am not completely terrified about labor and delivery because i know what to expect, im terrified that i will go into labor and not be able to have an epidural or that i will be alone when it happens. i am due in 7 weeks july 25.


anne - June 8

nelly when you were induced did you go natural after that or were you given meds?


rachel - June 8

I just hate when people ask me if I am ready--how can I be ready for this ?! This is my first and I have no idea how bad the pain is going to be. I'm at 31 weeks.


nm - June 8

This is my first and I am scared too!


nelly - June 9

TO ANNE~ i had meds they gave me an epidural so i never felt any labour pains other than the back labour. i was in labour for about 19 hours and when i finally dilated to 5 i went from 5 to 10 in 15 minutes!! I went to the doctor yesterday and they are going to induce me again because there is a risk if i go over my due date agian that i will get postpartum preeclamsia again im having signs of it. they are going to induce me on Julyy 25. i am so glad i dont have to worry about going over again!! good luck, are you being induced?


Jenn - June 10

I wanted to respond because anxiety runs in my family and I often worryto much and I feel out out of control with my feelings. However i am now prego with my 3rd child. I have an 11 yr. and an 8 yr. The labor part for me was scary but I always tell people that when labor started for me it was a gradual process. Its not like all of the sudden you ar ein full force pushing labor. It starts out slow and gradually the contractions are stronger. For example on a scale from 1 to 100 the first contraction may be a 5 and they may go on like that for lets say an hour then they are at a 8 and your have already dealt with the 5 so an 8 is not a bad step up then they are a 10 and so on. Before you know it you will be at a 25 and you are getting medication and then ( my situation) I sat inmy hospital bed and chatted with family and friends. They would leave the room and I would be checked for dialation and they would come back in. This is how I was until I Pushed/delivered, Meds are great and as for the anxiety just be honest with your nurse /doctor and they will keep you calm even with meds if they have to. They are doing this stuff everyday while we play on the computer. the end result is so beautiful just keep that as your focus point (like they teach you in lamaz - find something to focus on). Good luck and God bless. By the way the less you know about other peoples stories the better - less to worry about



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