Scared About Induction After Reading Posts

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Kel - September 16

I have read previous posts regarding induction and now I'm scared. I am due Monday the 19th and yesterday at my Dr. appt. my doctor said I am not making any progress. He wants me to go back to see him Monday and if still nothing, he is scheduling an induction for Wednesday the 21. I was fine with it but many women have posted their bad experiences with induction. Any feedback or words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated.


michelle - September 16

i was induced with my first child and i wouldn't haven't any other way. i had a set date went into the hospital and had a baby about 10hrs later. it went very smoothly. i am going to be induced with my second one due oct 20. good luck kel. any questions just ask


Lesley Ann - September 16

I know tons of people who were induced and they all had very good deliveries. Of course there may be a bit more discomfort at first because inducing brings on the contractions faster but hey, that's what epidurals are for.... Don't worry. You will be just fine. Good luck!! :)


Kel - September 16

Michelle and Lesley, thank you for the post_tive stories. I will post back when I deliver. Hopefully I too will have a positive experience as well. Thanks again girls!


mom2Faith - September 17

I was induced and had a fine delivery I went for at 6:00 a.m. and was induced at 7:00 and had my beautifu baby girl at 3:17 p.m. it was my first delivery and it went really smooth Hopefully yours will to. just think soon you will have a beautiful baby and you wont think anything about being induced. Take care


pbj - September 17

My SIL was induced with her 2nd child, within 4 hours her daughter was here. Yes the contractions came on fast, but it was over quickly. She never had any problems. There are going to be opinions on both sides for everything...don't worry you'll be fine. Good Luck!


Kel - September 17

Thanks for the positive stories, Mom2faitht and pbj


Christy - September 17

I don't know many people who weren't induced, believe it or not. Most of them had pretty positive experiences. I hope my little guy comes on his own, but you never know what may happen. Interestingly, I had a friend who was past her due date and the doctor would not induce her until she was a week or so past her due date. She was rather unhappy about that, but was eventually induced and I think it went fine.


JB - September 18

I was induced with both of my children and am hoping to be induced with my 3rd. It was a great experience and regardless of other people's opinions, I wouldn't have had it any other way. Good luck to you!!



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