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CHRISTINE - November 4



Brandi - November 4

There are always things to be afraid of but why? What can you do? Chances are you are going to be fine and so am I. Believe me Im freaking out but, we have to believe we will be fine. People go into labor every few seconds and there fine and I bet they thought the same thing. -smile-


Lesley - November 4

Labour is a natural thing, but so is being scared. You are doing something huge and life changing for the very first time it's only natural you are going to be scared. What you have to remember is women have been doing it for hundreds of years. There is a lot more that midwives can do to help, and there is a lot of pain relieve available if you want any. Labour could last hours, or it could be over pretty quick, but as soon as you have your baby in your arms everything is forgotten. This will be my 3rd baby and I admit I am getting scared.


mom of 4 - November 4

well, yes, i is like driving to the store in a COULD get hit by a truck and die...but we take all of the precautions necessary in order to lower our chances of that happening, right? labor is the same way..yes...100 or 200 yrs ago (and today in third world countries) labor is pretty in the USA in the yr 2005 things are pretty hurts..but that is what drugs are for :)


lisa - November 5

i just gave birth 3 days ago to my first, and i would say dont be affraid, its natural you will have people to help you, yes it hurts but you just become automatic like an animal, you dont really think, you just do, i was on gas and air the whole time and that helped me stay spaced out, its going to happen and the more relaxed you can be the easier time youll have, just let your midwife know your concerns.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 5

Being afraid will make it worse. The baby has to come out! Anticipation is worse than it actually happening. Yes, it hurts like nothing else, but your body takes over. You forget about anything else while it goes on and the pain is over as soon as the baby is born. It is manageable if you focus on breathing and not letting the pain control you. I gave birth 12 weeks ago with no drugs, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Well, maybe in a year or twoLOL


Jodie - November 6

I was terrified before i had my first 2 kids but as soon as the pain started i just concentrated on the fact that the more pain i had the sooner i would have my baby. I had an active labour with both and plan on doing the same with this one, i find it makes for less pain. Last week i found out that this one had settled into a posterior position and cried for 2 days over it but after doing a lot of research i found ways to actively manage the pain and hopefully turn him right way round, i feel good about the birth now


B - November 8

Hi christine. I am scared too. Its natural to be afraid of the unknown. But you have to remember that your body knows what to do. Our bodies are amazing. Also you know its gonna hurt. But its PAIN WITH A PURPOSE. There is a beginning and an end. It may help you to take a childbirth prep cla__s to familiarize yourself with all the steps of labor. That way its not so much unknown! Good luck!


Lesley - November 8

If you concantrate on each contraction as and when it comes then it makes things so much easier.



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