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Charity - October 25

I'm now 27weeks and I think it's the baby moving but from what I'm told it's actually contractions. It's getting close to having her and I hate pain and have a VERRRRYYYY weak stomache for blood and that stuff. Just need some reassuring it's not as bad as some people say.


jenna - October 25

i am on my second child, everyone is totally different. you might have a great labor and birth. but i can tell you one thing...if it is bad ( and i mean, really bad ) which with my first was pretty bad, when the end comes and the baby is finally out and laying next to you, it all becomes a blur. well sort of. labor and the pain that comes with it lasts only a day, but some people, pregnant or not, have to deal with serious pain for months or even their whole lives. my point...if it was that bad, women wouldnt have more than one or any at all ! so good luck to you, you will be ok !


Jodie - October 25

Its completely normal to be scared, im pregnant with my third and scared about giving birth again, even though the first 2 were quite easy, my last labour only lasting 3.5 hours, but as soon as you have your baby in your arms you forget all about the pain. And just remember, drugs are there for a reason. Good luck :)


Sophia - October 25

As for how much blood you'll be seeing, you won't have to see any if you ask for a screen to be put on your stomach


teigan - October 26

it honestly is a pain you will get over very quickly, some people work with the pain, others hate it so much and make it worse. i had no drugs and was in labour for 5 hours with my first, legs up in the air, cord round his neck, midwife useless, 7 students in with me and i peed all over the floor, believe me loosing your dignity is worse than the pain lol xxxx good luck, you will be fine, just remember to breathe !!!!!


Charity - October 26

Well I've been told by a cousin "it like taking my truck driving it in and turning it around. And when they were sowing me up I could feel the string going in and out" Then a lady I work with said it just feels like really bad cramps. And I know I want drugs.


marie - October 26

im 32 weeks and i have the same thing there just contractions getting you ready for the real ones, there called something but i forget the name and your right there not bad it just fills like the baby lays in a ball in one spot. well hang in there...



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