Scared To Give Birth

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jenn82 - June 13

This is my first pregnancy and im really scared about giving birth, is it really as bad as everyone makes it out to be?? Do epidurals hurt, please help, i wish i could stay pregnant forever so i dont have to go through the labour!!


Emily - June 13

oh my, I felt like you too, and now I am pregnant with my 2nd and I can't wait. Not that I enjoy the pain, (I have no tolorance for it at all, it is all the worst I have ever felt kind of thing) but it is worth it in the end. I thought labor would be horible and was freaked about hte epi even though I knew I would need one. It is a wonder drug. It isn't as bad as everyone makes it out to be. I was nervous about the needle in the back, but once you are in pain, all you think about is getting out of it. Once I had teh epidural it was nice. They even had to tell me when I was having a contraction so I could push. My labor was long and they had to speeed it up with pitoson. that made my contractions even more painful, which is when I got eh epi and then they were good. It was instant releif. Even with my long labor it was not as bad as I thought it would be. I say expect the worst and you may be pleasently suprised!


jenn82 - June 13

thanks emily youve made me feel alot better. i hope your 2nd pregnany goes well!!!


Mommy_Erin23 - June 13

I loved my labor, as wierd as that sounds. It was long and it hurt (went natural) but it was so rewarding when my little girl was finally here. The whole expirence blew my mind. Im almost 42wks with my second and Im running up the walls in anticipation. Even though I didn't have an epi I hear that they are nothing short of amazing. My mother swears by it and she said the needle was more of a mind job then anything. Good Luck and don't worry, you'll be just fine :)


livdea - June 13

I was freaking out too...still am, don't think it's really anything you can prepare for completely...but, I've been doing a lot of reading on labor and all the stages and whats going on with my body and the baby through out the entire's opened up my eyes a lot and made me realize a bunch. So hopefully I'll be a bit more at ease when everything starts. and I plan to go without any drugs! We'll see ;) Good luck and I suggest reading as much as you can on labor and birth and the whole thing!


^lucy^ - June 13

hi all,, im 22 yrs old and i gave birth to my 1st baby girl on 16th May 2006.. all i can tell u is that i am a scary cat and a chicken when its about pain and blood.. but i went in so excited with a positive thinking.. i was looking forward for this experience cz i wanted to hold my baby in my arms and look at her tiny face and body.. i did it all natural no meds and no epidural.. i had an episotomy which hurts (i wont tell u it doesnt) but for a week or 10 days u'll be better and could walk like a normal human again hehe.. dont worry.. dont stress urself about it and think positive cz it really helps in the whole process.. good luck ladies and dont worry, u can do it and please enjoy the experience cz its the best you can ever do :)


ARD - June 15

Hi ladies....Jenn82, I'm scared to death to give birth too!!!!!!!!!! I'm 35 weeks. I am a school teacher, so I just finished up with school for the summer - actually till the end of Oct. when my maternity leave will be up. So, now that I'm at home especially, I am getting so anxious, nervous and thinking WAY too much!! I fear the pain!!!!!!!!! I have very mild asthma too that really is only agitated when I'm in pain or nervous, so that is stressing me out!! I'm also worried about throwing up, going to the bathroom on the delivery table, and just freaking out in general. I am SOOO excited about my baby girl and my dh and I want her here sooooo bad, but then again, I'm a nervous wreck. I've had my childbirth cla__s with my dh and he's just so cool, calm and collective about the whole situation. We have discussions almost every evening about how scared I am. He's very comforting, but then again, nothing much comforts me. I'm just so scared.


Traci76 - June 15

One thing that helped me before I had my first, is to read lots of birth stories. I really liked the site - I was addicted to it!! I've been there some recently too, even though this is my 2nd. Or, you can just do a search for birth stories, and see what you come up with. I only have happy memories of my daughter's birth, the whole day was wonderful!!! Not saying there wasn't pain, but there's just no way to describe the joy!! It's a very special experience that only us women can enjoy, and sadly - not all women.



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