Scary Dr Visit

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Samantha - March 1

I went in for an ultrasound on Monday, I was 34 weeks. The ultrasound tech was acting really funny like something was wrong. Of course your doctor has to be the one to tell you everything so I went over to my Dr. after the ultrasound. My baby weighs only 4 lbs 4 oz right now, is that really that bad though?? They said she was in the 29th percentile. The main problem was that the baby is in position to deliver and my cervix is half of what it should be, I guess that means 50% effaced?? So she is ready to come into this world. I was put on a monitor to check for contractions but only had a few small ones so I got to home. Also, another question for you girls, the doctor said her stomach is slightly smaller than everything else. Is that something I shoud be worried about? Hope ya'll can help! Thanks! :)


Heather L - March 1

Don't be too worried about it. *hugs* I've seen so many cases of drs being wrong about the size of baby. Google it. THey have no 100% sure way of knowing the babys size. People have been induced cause of LARGE babies (over 10lbs) only to have them born and only be 6 or 7lbs. You will be just fine. If they are concerned, its good to know they are going to look after you very well, and they are paying close attention to your little one!


Samantha - March 1

Heather- Thanks so much! That made me feel a lot better. I've been having trouble sleeping because all I can think about is the baby.


maya - March 1

I dont have too much help to give. Only thing is that my doctor always meausures the stomach (abdomen) of the baby when I go for my visit. That is how he estimates the weight of the baby.. My baby's stomach is much larger than what it should be. so i'll be having a big baby. does that help at all?


Samantha - March 1

Yes, that does help. But do you think my baby will have problems if her stomach is slightly smaller or will it eventually grow and be the same as the rest?


JennyC - March 1

4 lbs 4 oz sounds about right for 34 weeks, because if she gained 1/2 lb per week, she'd be 7 lbs 4 oz at 40 weeks, which is right on! Mine was in the 36 percentile at 35 weeks and the doctor said it wasn't a big deal, just that I wouldn't be having a 10 lb baby, which sounds good to me!! If they sent you home, they must not be too worried. And lots of babies born at 34 weeks are perfectly fine, some can even go home with mom. so, I would take it easy, try to rest (yeah right, huh?) and start thinking about your new little one that you might get to see sooner rather than later. Heather L is right - they can be sooo far off with those weight estimates, I wouldn't put too much faith in them. I hope you're able to relax and just know your doctor is only a phone call away if something starts happening. Keep us posted!


maya - March 1

when my doctor told me that the baby's abdomen was measuring larger than it should be he told me it wasnt something to worry about. That babys grow at different rates and mine just happened to grow fast now and would have slower growing periods in the future. I was an overweight baby myself till 1 year of age.. then I levelled out with the rest. a friend of mind had a baby who weighed very very little (1 kg) but now she's caught up with the rest.


Kel - March 1

Samantha - I just had an ultrasound on Monday as well. I am 35 weeks and my baby weighs 4 lbs 16 oz. So I would say you are right on. The ultrasound tech did mention it was on the small side, but not so small as to be alarmed or anything at all. My cousin's baby was born at 35 weeks and she was perfect. Small, but perfect. She didn't even have to stay in the hospital for any extra time. I actually went for the ultrasound because my stomach was measuring bigger than it should, so that doesn't necessarily mean you will have a big baby.


Kim - March 1

Hi Samantha, I agree with Heather, ultrasounds aren't always 100%. When I was pregnant with my second child, he was about 10 days overdue, and the dr did an u/s and said the reason he wasn't coming was because he was WAY too big to be born v____ally. She started talking about something called CPD, and she said my pelvis was way too small to accomadate such a large child. She said a c-section was absolutely necessary, and that the baby already weighed over 12 pounds! Well, I wish I would have had a second opinion, but I was really scared, and I said do it ASAP. He was pretty big, over 10 lbs, but the situation wasn't anywhere near as serious as she had made it sound. I probaly would have been OK, after all, my first child was 9.5 lbs, but because of that c-section I'm scheduled for another one this time too. Try not to worry, and just take it easy as much as possible to try to go longer if you can. Good Luck!


Samantha - March 1

Thank you all, I feel much better after hearing this. I will keep you posted. I will be going to the dr. every week now so I'll let you know. Thanks! :)


L - March 1

I had an u/s last week at 34 weeks and my baby was 4.5 lbs and they thought he was on the larger size. They grow approximately 1 lb / week during the final month. As my dr put it, "You could have a 7.5 pounder in 4 weeks or a 10.5 pounder at term."


Chan - March 1

Don't worry. My sister-in-law was indued becasue they forsure thought her baby was going to be atleast 10 pounds, and he ended up being 8lbs 2oz. And my doctor said my baby was about 7 pounds and he ended up being 8lbs 10 oz. They are never 100%


Heather L - March 1

Samantha: You're welcome! Good luck with your baby! I am sure everything will be just fine! :)


oh please! - March 2

Most of the books I've read, most of the stories I've heard from others (whether they've gone through pregnancy or not), most of the doc's advice... I swear... it only exists to scare the c___p out of women who are already worried enough! Sonograms are NOT accurate to tell a baby's size... & numbering everything just drives us crazy anyway. Really. Weights, heights, dates, times, etc... insane numbers.


Emmakirst - March 2

My OB told me that as long as the baby is over the 5th percentile then that is fine. Baby is probably not going to be huge that's all. About the belly, i'm not sure. Good luck



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