Scheduled For Induction Noooooo

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starr - June 14

Hi.I know some of you have probably read across some of my previous posts about my fears of being induced and u know how afraid I am, but now that the day is coming closer,I am terrified.I was at my wkly appt today and still no dilation at all(I'm 39w4d)and she said my cervix is still very high so baby hasn't even dropped any.I once again told her that I don't want to have to go through with the induction and asked her why they automatically schedule it on your due date even though mom and baby are both healthy.Of course she told me of all the terrible things that could happen ex:large baby,low fluid,blah blah blah.I am so totally against this and I'm kind of thinking about not even going to the induction b/c it's not medically necessary,but then again I'm worried that if I don't something may be wrong with my baby.She said that she didn't even want me to go to 41wks,which I still don't understand.I've had 2 babies,one at 42wks both naturally and no drugs at all.This experience makes me not want to even think about having another baby even if I wanted to.My dr. makes me feel like the drugs are "normal" to have but I don't believe that.She said "did u know that most women need pitocin anyway even if they go natural just to get the labor started?"That's when I told her about my 2 previous births 10&12 yrs ago and she sounded shocked that I had no drugs.I have to go back to dr.Fri to check for any dilation,also have to go to do paperwork for induction which is supposed to be on Monday.I cried on my way home from my appt today just thinking about all of those drugs that I will have to get.It's not just the pitocin,there's at least 3 or 4.Sorry this is so long but I'm not sure what I'm going to do.What would u do if it were u?BTW she makes me feel so guilty for not wanting to do this.~~~Thanks~~~


mm - June 14

Hi Starr, The exact opposite happened to me. I wanted to be induced the day after my due date. My mom was here from out of town and I was sick of being pregnant and had all these other reasons, I even cried in the Dr.s office! My Dr. wouldnt schedule me for an induction at that point. I was SOO frusterated. I had to go back to the Dr. the next week and finally two days after that app.(8 days after my due date) they scheduled an induction. I'm still very bitter and although our situations are opposite, they are similar in that the Dr. did not listen to what WE wanted. These our our babies and our bodies. I think in both of our cases the choice should have been up to us. For future pregnancies we both need to find a new Dr. that will let us have a say in what happens! I feel for you! By the way the induction went fine. I had a v____al birth that lasted about 7 hrs and my beautiful, healthy baby girl was born on May 23rd. Good Luck and don't be scared!


mm - June 14

One more thing...If you feel that strongly about it, make sure the Dr. knows. You could refuse to be induced, especially if your fluid is still good and everything else is normal. I think you should call your Dr. and don't go through with it if you feel that strongly about it. Again, I think this should be your choice NOT the Dr. s. Good Luck!


starr - June 14

Thanks,mm.I am so glad to hear that your induction went well.That makes me a little less afraid.It's true that the drs.should listen to us more.Just because they're drs they can't possibly know everything and I personally don't trust a lot of what they say.I know for sure that if I ever have another baby I definitely will not be going back to that office.Good Luck with your little one.


Jenn2 - June 15

starr- I dont think your doctor should schedule an induction at 40 weeks.....if thats not what you want. I dont think that is fair to you. I have known many women who went to 42 and even one woman who went to the 43 week mark, and then went into labor naturally with no complications. My theory is......complications arise when there is fear and force involved in labor and birth. Labor is supposed to be a natural thing womens bodies are built to do. There is nothing wrong with being induced, but it needs to be something you are comforitable with....otherwise fear will probably play into everything. I would talk to your doctor a little more about it if its something you really do not want. good luck!!


mia - June 15

i'm sorry but i can't get my head round this.Obviously things are done very differently here in England.Starr i am now 39 wk 4 days(today)when i went to my midwife appointment last week at 38wk 4 d,my baby had not dropped,she was not fased by this, did not suggest an internal (unless there are any problems internals are not standard here until you get to the hospital and are in labour)I haven't a clue how dilated or effaced i am, if any.This is my second child,my first was 7 years ago,as i said i saw my midwife at 38 wks 4 days and i'm not due to see her again until after my due date, 18th june.My next appointment is 22 june.My first labour i was drug free after trying gas and air and throwing up that was enough for me,although this time i am leaving my options open.I find it strange that they feel the need to rush through an induction 2 days after your due date?I have been told i will probably be induced if the baby does not come 10 days after my due date.Do you have any medical problems?I have a rhesus negative blood type and have GBS,i know they are not medical problems but i have been told that due to having GBS i have to ring the hospital when my waters break as they like to get the antibiotics going 6 hours after.It's crazy how things are done so differently based on where you are.I hpe you get to have this child your way you are due a day before me so i will be thinking of you.GOOD LUCK please keep me informed of your progress.


Been There - June 15

Starr, you don't have to do anything you don't want to do. Don't show up and sign the paperwork. Don't show up for the induction. Her arguments about a big baby are stupid and not true. I was overdue with my last and, although I wanted to induction because I was tired of waiting, I had a 6.6 pound baby. She should try to scare you into doing something that bothers you. She has no right to make you feel guilty either. She can only advise you, not make decisions for you. I'm also very disturbed about her lie that most women need pitocin. That's such [email protected]$! Obviously labor has started if they're in labor. Best wishes, Starr. Let us know how it goes.


Nita_ - June 15

That sounds really odd to me as well Starr. I was at my weekly appt yday and my midwife(I'm in the US by the way) said exactly the similar things as mia's (in england). They'll check my cervix next week, I'll be 39w 2 days, if I wanted to! And then week after, which will be 2 days after my due date, they'lll do NST to see if all is well with the baby and then about 10 days after my due date, they'll set me up for an induction. But before then, they'll just let it go naturally, whenever the baby decides to come. I can't believe your Dr is inducing you on your due date! Talk to you dr and make your wants known!


Emily - June 15

I went 41 weeks and 1 day with my first. This one is different. I was dilated 2 cm at 38 weeks and 3 days. My baby was low and my cerivx was soft. The week previous I was at 1 1/2 cma nd the week beofre that I was at 1cm. I have been having cramps since 36 weeks and now to add to it, I have back pain and can't sleep. Since I have had one baby and already started, my doc gave me teh choice of an induction. I am scheduled for Monday, I will be 39 weeks and 2 days by then. He didn't force me, just gave me the option. I took it. My first baby was big, 9lbs and 12 oz, and she had to stay in the hospital an 3extra two days casue her first bowl movement before she was born which caused an infection. Also with my first, I had to have pitosin after 24 hours of labor anyway so I had drugs even when I went into labor on my own. That was my experience. Yours has been different. I think your doc should at least listen to you and if there is no strong medical reason for you to be induced and you dont' want to be, I don't think you should be forced inot it. (when my doc let me go late with my first, he did an u/s and non stress test to check the baby. He wanted to make sure she was helathy and not in destress. However you go, I wish you the best. Good luck


Ginny - June 15

That sounds odd to me too. Is it possible to just bypa__s the dr. altogther? I was able to do sneaky things like that by calling the office. At my dr's office, it was the secretary who made the appointments, so I could call and say, "I have an apptmt for this on such-and-such, but it turns out that I won't be able to make it because of blah-blah. What days do you have open for around 2 weeks later?" If you could get the date for a later induction, then you could hope to go naturally before then.


Ginny - June 15

Oh, and I just had a thought. Everything I have EVER read says that due dates can be off by 2 weeks, so dr's usually don't even discuss inductions until later. Do you suppose that your dr. had a case where she waited as normal, then there were complications? It could be that she is unwilling to take chances again.


starr - June 15

Thanks,ladies for your input.Ginny,I think that may be the case with this particular office.Maybe they did have a bad situation come up after letting a mom go past her due date but still, every woman can't be compared to that one situation.I will say this:The male dr that I was seeing before this dingbat came along,seemed to understand and respect my wishes.I told him that I wouldn't mind going over by 1 wk as long as me and baby are still both healthy.He said that would be ok with him and that they would just monitor me everyday to check my fluid level and make sure everything is still good.Then,I never saw him again.Please keep in mind that should any health risk arise I would without a doubt take the induction, but as of yet we're both very healthy.I think I am going to call today and see if I can see him tomorrow when I go in.I took my boys and we went walking around the track yesterday as the dingbat suggested.I walked a mile and also walked around my neighborhood for a few minutes this morning and I have been having pretty strong BH every 7-10 min. today,I've had about 9 in the past hour YAY:) hopefully this is the start of something good.Then the dingbat dr. says "don't worry, this is supposed to be a happy time".How can I be happy when you've scared the c___p out of me! OH, btw,I was put on medication for a slight irregular heartbeat so b/c of that my ob dr. says I also have to have some type of antibiotic during labor for a condition that I'm sure my cardiologist said that I don't have anymore.I am calling him to confirm that.Plus, I have GBS(which the male dr is aware of and still sees no problem) so that's already 2 antibiotics,pitocin,pain meds and whatever else.I think that's too much.Whew!These BH are starting to take my breath away.Maybe baby will get here on her on afterall.Sorry for the ranting.


marranie - June 15

good luck starr, sounds like you may be on the way. I had major fear about being induced so avoided doctor visits for the last couple weeks with last pregnancy and had my baby at 42 1/2 weeks, in retrospect i think i should have got induced as it was a long labor, big baby who was rather 'overcooked'. My girlfriend was induced at 40 weeks and had a 5 hour labour from start to finish no problems.... Take in mind you are not even 40 weeks and are not officially 'overdue' until 42 weeks. Where i live the doctors consider inducing when you are 10 days past the 40 week mark. The antibiotic for the GBS is no problem, just a needle then they can leave the shunt in your arm so you can walk around and top it up every few hours as required. Very exciting waiting for labour to start! Probably something i would miss if i had been induced, i like the suspense and waiting for the big day.


ashley - June 15

starr-okay Im going to call BS on that slightly irregular heartbeat...... I have already met with a cardiologist regarding my heart palpatations that were happening every third beat. They did an echocardiogram, EKG and they determined my heart was healthy and it is NORMAL to have slight irregularities during pregnancy because your blood volume is increased by 50% during pregnancy. They told me they COULD give me medication for my situation HOWEVER it could give the baby bradycardia and SLOW down labor. I said no thanks. If its not life threatening and its more of an annoyance than a problem then I didn't want medication and he agreed with me. If you don't mind me asking what did they give you to take? That could be why you are not progressing...from that med they gave you. That is absolutely absurd to say you need an antibiotic because the heart. If you tested positive for GBS then yes I could see that. Your doctor sounds like a nutcase to me. You are considered TERM not preterm or postterm between 37 and 42 weeks. If you don't have high blood presure, low amniotic fluid or any health problems for you or the baby, then its obsurd to force an induction or to keep insisting on it.


ashley - June 15

PS tell the doctor absolutely NO and you want a second opinion and schedule an appointment with a different doc in the office if you can.......... OR call that different doc and talk to the nurse and explain the situation. They can talk to the other doc, etc and get it taken care of for you. GOOD LUCK. let us know how things turn out.


mia - June 16

Starr are you about today?did you go into labour yesterday?Let us know how you are doing.


starr - June 18

Hi, Ladies.Yes, I'm back.I say this with a big cheesy smile on my face b/c my little girl is finally here.She was born on Friday June [email protected]:26pm and no induction. Turns out that the contractions that I talked about in my last post were the start of the real thing.So I had contractions for about 27 hours before I got my epidural.They also gave me pitocin which by then I guess it really didn't matter cause I was already in labor.I pushed for about 15 mins and she was out.Her name is Heaven Yaliyah and she is absolutely beautiful.She looks just like a little angel.She was 7lbs 10 oz/ 20 inches.I will post more later.Just a little update.The downside is that I have severe swelling in my feet and legs and I can barely walk.Other than that everything is fine.Yay me!



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