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Trish# - June 2

Has this been presented as an option to any of you? My doctor said they consider full term to be around 39 weeks, and that he will schedule an induction for me (if I want) in the week leading up to my EDD (which is a Saturday). I kind of like the idea of having SOME sense of control over this pregnancy and when my baby will come, but was wondering if you know of any pros/cons to doing this. Thanks!


miraclebaby - June 2

I heard its more painful if induced. I do not however know if its true. But I do agree that I am sure that baby is fine to get things started. I am sure the doc. knows what they are doing . Good luck to you. !!!


mama3 - June 2

Hi Trish#, I had my first two by induction and the pain felt normal to me far as I knew. I had my 3rd baby girl almost 4wks ago. I went in to be induced and I was having mild contractions the day before. By the time I got reg. and in my rooms my contractions were almost unbarable. They still had to induce me cause my baby moved away when they tryed to break my water. Anyway to make a long story short, lol. I didnt see much difference in the contraction. The ones before the pitocin hurt alittle more. But this labor hurt way more then my other two. The fact that she was only a 3 and a half hr labor had alot to do with that. The shorter the labor the more pain wether induced or not. My other 2 were 17+ hrs. There labor was nothing compared to there sisters. So if you want to get induced go for it. It won't harm you or your baby. Just know your contractions do get alot harder and more painful after your water breaks. Best of luck to you. Congrats on the baby.


Olivene - June 2

I have heard it is much worse (from people who have started labor naturally with one and induced with the other). Is your baby big? Why not give it another week? I read that statistically most babies are born between 40 and 41 weeks. Whatever you decide, good luck!


starr - June 2

I am now 37w6d and at my 36w appt my dr asked if I was ready to be induced at 37w and I said "no way" even though I'm ready for my baby to come already.I was terrifed just of the thought but apparently at this office they will induce you on your due date if baby hasn't come by then.I'm due June 17 but told them I wanted to try and go on my own so induction is scheduled for June 19.I pray that baby will come before then so that I don't have to go through with it.Some women choose to be induced so it's a personal decision unless it's medically necessary and just has to be done.I've also heard that the pain was more intense using pitocin not sure if that's true but I really don't want to find out.Good Luck to u with your baby.


Been There - June 3

Starr, why is your doctor in such a hurry? 37 weeks is right on the cusp of being full-term. That's so strange they are so willing to just be done with it instead of allowing your labor to start naturally. Trish, my only con is not allowing the body to do what it's supposed to naturally. There's a chance you'll have a smoother labor if you let it do what it's supposed to on it's own. Having said that, I think that being induced is good if you're late. But why rush the body if there is no medical need for it? That's just my opinion and I think you are doing the right thing by asking questions first. I think science has come a long way with helping the birth process, but I also think some doctors are getting carried away with it and taking things to extremes. Honestly, I'm scheduled for a c-section because of a few medical reasons. But if I weren't, I'd be waiting it out, at least until I'm a week overdue. But it's your own personal decision. Do what you feel comfortable with.


Jenn2 - June 3

I am almost 40 weeks with my first pregnancy, so I am not speaking from personal experience.....just fron allot of research and talking to other moms who have been through it. It seems to be the case of "choose your poison" type of thing. I dont think there is a better or worse. It seems that pitocin makes the contractions allot stronger, but on the other hand can really speed a labor up and shorten the amt of time you are in labor. On the other hand if you go naturally ( I have heard from women who have gone through both) that they contractions were more bearable, but who knows if the labor could have been faster if they were to get pitocin. If you are wanting a natural delivery ( no drugs) I would shoot for no induction. If you are definately planning on pain meds......why not go for it if you are ready b/c you will probably not feel the full contractions anyway.


bean - June 3

Trish - and everyone - I would really really strongly caution against being induced. I had my little one 3 weeks ago. I had to be induced because she was 2 weeks "late" and the dct's strongly recommended it. It SUCKS. It's not just the drugs - don't forget there's a part of labor that's much stronger than physical pain, and that's the emotional stress. My baby was doing very poorly under Pitocen. When you're induced, you have to be hooked up to an IV with a fluid as well as the drug, and 2 monitors - one for the baby and one for your contractions. Every time I had a drug induced contraction my little one's heart beat would fall dangerously low. You could see everything on the monitor, the nurse was nervous, my husband was stressed out, and I was a wreck. On top of that the labor pain, of course. We labored like this for 25 hours. NO! Pitocen DOES NOT make your labor shorter!!! Don't believe that for a second! Every time the nurse shut off the Pitocen I had natural contractions which I could easily handle (compared to the drugged ones) and my baby responded well. But please keep in mind that you don't know how you or your baby will do in response to the drugs, and it may be a lot tougher on you (emotionally) than you ever imagined. No one seems to tell you about the stress - everyone talks about the physical pain, but not the psychological. Good luck! (oh, and by the way, my angel was born absolutely perfect at only 6lbs 12 oz - looks like she wanted to grow a bit more!)


starr - June 3

This is what I am terrified of.I will be a walking fool for the next week or so.I don't want to try anything unnatural to try and make baby come, but the induction is something that the dr's at my office do on your due date.I'm not sure why but I will definitely be asking questions on Wed when I go back.They make me feel guilty for wanting to go natural.At my last appt she asked me why I did not want to be induced and I explained to her that I wanted to stay away from the drugs if possible.And that I've given birth twice before naturally and didn't even know what an induction really was until this pregnancy.Then after she found out how big my first two babies were at birth she tried to make it seem like this baby's big size(8-8.5) may make a need for induction, which I am so against.If I pushed out a 10lb 22in baby boy at 17 yrs old with absolutely no problems(which she was amazed at)I am definitely not worried about the baby's size or any pain at all at 29 yrs old,just the effects to myself and baby from the drugs.Why do they want to force my baby out?That is not natural at all and now I am even more afraid then ever before.It's been 10 yrs since my last baby and I was already nervous about the labor ,now this only makes it worse.What am I going to do? I don't judge any woman who chooses to do this and wish nothing but the best for anyone who does.


marranie - June 3

Starr... i feel for you... 10lb baby... i had a 9 1/2 lb one last, as my mother would say 'you sure know you're alive'.....I didn't like the idea of being induced, worry how it can start a chain of unfortunate events.... so had my first at 41 1/2 weeks and second at 42 1/2 weeks (did have to keep away from the doctors for last 2 weeks just in case they wanted to whip me off to hospital).


Atarahsmommy - June 3

If you are induced it raises your probablity of having to have a c-section, especially if your are not dialated and effaced some already, and I know people who have had babies both ways and that the pitocin does make it much more painful


Trish# - June 3

Thanks for your insight, girls. Like some of your own doctors, my doctor's office seems to be all about inductions. I read on line somewhere that 1 in 5 pgs in the U.S. are induced now (for medical reasons or non). FYI, I had heard that induction is more painful too and asked my dr about this. He said that is not true, that pitocin just takes you to active labor quicker and thus the stronger/harder contractions faster. I really don't know what I'll do. I live an hour from the hospital which weighs a lot on my mind. Yet I don't want to rush her if she's not ready. Do you think if I've begun to dilate that induction will not be as likely to result in a c/s? Of course, since my dr. will be out of the country the 7-14 days before my EDD, my baby will decide to come then. :)


bean - June 3

Trish - HA! to your dct's comment of Pitocen takes you to active labor quicker. How I wish that were true! I was induced with Cervadil at 9pm and labored until 9am without Pitocen. At 9am I was 1cm dilated so my dct ordered Pitocen, which I labored with until pm, and at that point was only 5cm dliated. I never reached active labor! Finally at 5pm (20 hours of contractions later) I couldn't take it any more and asked for an epidural. I fell asleep instantly and woke up 2 hours later at 9cm. This is not at all a plug for epi's - just that Pitocen sucks and being induced is awful. Remember, you're in the driver's seat and you can demand whatever you want (no induction, etc). Of course, you also have to be aware of the consequences of that (i.e. if your baby is in danger and you really do need to be induced). Best of luck to everyone! Praying that your babies come on their own quickly and easily!


bean - June 3

ooops - that should say I labored until 5pm and was only 5 cm dilated.


Been There - June 3

Starr, just remember. Your doctor cannot force you to do anything you don't want to do. His license is riding on it. So if you don't feel comfortable with it, who is he to force it? They can give medical advice, but they do not have the right to force an induction that is not necessary. Don't let them bully you. If they have valid reasons, then you should listen. But I don't see anything valid in "this is what we usually do" or "this is what we like to do" excuses. Best wishes.


Laurabb4 - June 3

Hello, I had my first 2 naturally. I wsa induced with my 3rd at 38 weeks. No complications. Doctor said my body was ready. Labor was the same either way. I plan on being induced this time also if my body is ready. Good luck. It is your choice!



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