School Teacher And Maternity Question

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Ronni - January 9

i was wondering what some of the school teachers get as far as maternity leave. I work in NYC, we get 6weeks but have to use our saved up sick days. Unfortunately i wont have enough so i will lose some pay. Also, how far up until your due date are you planning on working. I am 27 weeks now, and it is getting hard with those kids all day!


Emy - January 9

I know sweetie! I am a school teacher too and I have the exact same thing at my school - 6 weeks paid but taking all my saved sick days to compensate what is left over after disability. I don't get it and it is quite irritating since a sick day should could for a WHOLE day of school and I am sure I have more than 6 weeks of sick days saved up. Oh well, it is a futile argument at my school. But, I have to go back to work before the summer because I pay every month from my paycheck for medical insurance (my dh and I are on my insurance and hence our future daughter) and we don't want to pay out of pocket. Plus, I want to get paid this summer so I have to go back. Anyways, this is what I am doing - although I have back aches and feel miserable ( I am starting my 35th week), I am working until baby arrives, then taking the 6 weeks they cover, then taking an additional 4 weeks (without the pay but dh and I can cover those 4 weeks with a little budget squeezing), and then back to work at the end of April until summer vacation. Thankfully I have family that can watch the baby. But I think it sucks! If I could have planned it better I would have had her for April but...oh well.


Emy - January 9

I answered this and it seems to have deleted my thread! Oh well, I will try to post again later...:(


bump - January 22



Angie - January 22

I teach in Michigan. I get 6 weeks maternity and another 6 weeks family medical leave act if I want it. I have 9.5 weeks of sick pay saved and I can borrow 20 days from the sick bank. So I can take 12 paid weeks off. I'm due March 18. So as long as my little girl doesn't decide to come early, and I can work up to my due date, I will be able to take off the rest of the year paid. If she comes early I'll have to go back for a week or two which will be more disruptive for the kids!


febbaby - January 22

Under FMLA you are ent_tled to twelve weeks. You may use 6 weeks of sick time during that time. Your benefits will kick off after 12 weeks.


Tess - January 23

Im not a school teacher but I work at the office. 97+ hrs of sitting 5 days a wk) im 23-24 wks pg and Ive decided Im gonna start my leave on Feb 24th (Im 28 wks pg by then) I am due May 19th. We're expecting a baby girl. Right now Im havign a lot of discomfort on my lower back plus the nauseau is back. I just can't take it any more. I need to go hibernate ASAP.


Tess - January 23

I meant 7+ hrs of sitting my b___t off w/ 30 mins break (15 am and 15 pm) About your Q' how long have you work for the school? if its longer than 1 yr or atleast 1 yr.....under FMLA you're ent_tled 12 wks plus do you have short term disability insurance w/ them? if can use that so you'll have income while youre not working. It varies from what percentage of your salary do you want taken out. Max pay out for that is 6 mos. Goodluck!


Louisa - January 23

I am also a NYC teacher and my due date is March 16th. I had planned on working up until the February break but found out that in order to get paid for that week I will need to go in for at least 1 day after the break which will bring me up to almost 37 weeks. I'm teaching phys.ed (100 kids per cla__s and always on my feet) and commuting over an hour each way so I hope I can make it this long!! Anyway - I got the following information from a neighbor who is a retired teacher and was his union chapter leader: He recommeded that I use up my CAR days first of all and then apply for a 30 day unpaid leave. That will allow another month's percentage to be added to my summer pay. When the baby arrives I will start my 6 week maternity leave and then at the end of that apply for a Family Leave to take me through the end of the school year. I know it's unpaid but I can't imagine going back for the last few weeks of the school year! I'm still trying to find out if this information is correct - but getting straight answers is difficult. Any help here would be appreciated!!



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