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AshleyandAverysmom - March 9

Hi everyone..I'm 27 weeks and having the most horrible sciatic nerve pain on my lower left (back)side..does anyone know how to relieve this pain?


babyonboard16 - March 9

Personally baths helped and my boyfriend would rub it and that'd help a little, I've heard swimming takes the pressure off, other than that ice helped mine too, I had it really bad around 27 weeks too but it's now strangely better now that I'm at 32 weeks.


jendean00 - March 10

Oh I need to know too. My left side hurts so bad especially when I get in the bed. It hurts from my back and all down my left side. I can only get relief laying on my right side. When I get up to go to the bathroom it is all I can do to walk.


AshleyandAverysmom - March 13

jendean00 , I wish I had the magic answer...because instead of getting better its worse..Not only that but I'm walking like an Ump Lumpa...I waddle everywhere b/c it hurts to walk!!!!


jendean00 - March 13

I said the exact same thing today. I said I now know why pregnant women waddle, its not because they are getting bigger it is because it hurts to walk. HaHa. Mine has beeb better the last 2 days. I hope it stays that way.


ejmeskan - March 13

Hi ladies- sorry to say but there isn't much besides a chiropractor and PT that will truly help this. There are relief things such as a bath and tylenol. I had a pinched Sciatic nerve for the first time a year and a half ago- it is by far the worst pain I have experienced in my life, any broken bones, torn ligaments don't come close. Now that I am pregnant I get a little jolt of it and it stops me in my tracks from being able to walk- There isn't anything I have found to relieve it complete, but stretching, baths, and tylenol can help. Good luck- I feel your pain!!


s_xicherypoptart - March 14

im 26 weeks and i have that but on my right side it suckksss soooooooo baddd!!! some days its way worse than others and last week it didnt hurt at alll but has come back. do you excersise? cuz i started to get up and do more around the house and i think it helped but tylenol helps too but i havent found much else i wish i could


AshleyandAverysmom - March 14

I would exercise..except it hurts to move..Some days rae better than others...I used a heating pad the other day and that worked some..Ah the joys of motherhood!


Jmom - March 14

My Dr told me to use a heating pad, but she did give me a few painkillers to use when it is extremally bad. Some nights I can't sit or stand...They say exercise will help, but I find the more I walk the more it hurts..



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