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BabyMakes7 - February 6

Is anyone suffering from sciatica? I have been unable to move suddenly today and need exercises. Can you help?


mel k07 - February 16

i know how u feel its a nightmare at times.Im 34 weeks now & have sciatica since around 12 weeks it did get a bit better in the middle trimester because i was doing the excercises from physio but its got worse again the past few days because i havnt been doing the excercises. pelvic tilts i think is the name 4 them were u get on all fours & hold in ur tummy (this lifts the pelvis) for 10 seconds u do this ten times, then u do it while holding ur right leg up then switch 2 ur left leg,then the same with ur right arm & switch to ur left arm & look up at ur hand while lifting ur arm do these 5 times each,once in the morning & before bed. i hope i explained them properly also i use a gel heat pack,parecetemol & support belt. which help.


Missie76 - February 16

I have this problem, had it be before I was pregnant and now that I am, it's worse. My suggestion is to do some GENTLE stretching to that area. Use a heat pack on that area only. Everything that Mel said is great! it's what i do!


babygirlduenow - February 23

I developed this horribly in my 8th month of pregnancy. I was offered Tylenol 3 but didn't get the prescription filled because I didn't want to take drugs & was scared of hurting my baby, etc. The pain was excruciating. I saw a physical therapist & did aquy therapy in their pool 2 times a week. They recommended 3 times a week but just getting into my suit & dressed to get to the pool & then having to be hoisted in & out of the water was too much for me to handle. I couldn't even walk to go the bathroom in my house without using a walker. It was just unbearable. I tried the stretching exercises the therapist gave me but they didn't help. All of the sudden one day in my 9th month, the pain went away. The baby must have moved position & got off of the nerve. I know the pain is unbearable & I know the recommendation is stretching & exercise, but for me, the only thing that seemed to work or make me not be in agony was to just lie on the couch & not move. Hopefully you will get lucky too & your baby will change position before too long.



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