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Carla. - October 4

Is anyone else having pain from the sciatic nerve across their lower back and down their leg? I am finding this excrutiating. Physiotherapy helps but as soon as I drive or sit down at my desk for too long it starts again. Any hints for pain relief? Thanks!


Christy - October 4

Mine really only bugs me at night when I'm laying down. I just try and have a warm bath becasue it seems to take the pressure off my hips. That is all I can suggest. If it gets really bad you can go to the chiropractor and he could help. Your hips might be out and that could be the problem.


Carla - October 4

Hi Christy, thanks. So is chiro safe for the baby? My GP seemed to think that physio was safer. I am 24 weeks.


Bree - October 4

I'm suffering too. Hopefully somebody can give some helpful tips. What sort of physiotherapy are you trying? I need help like you.


Carla - October 4

Hi Bree In physio they have been trying to release the muscles and ligaments around my lower back with ma__sage and heat packs. I am also doing some exercises at home to strengthen my "core muscles" which are deep inside your belly. They say that when these muscles loosen it is what causes lower back pain. The physio worked great whilst I wasn't at work for 3 days but as soon as I got back in a car and drove over 1 hour to get to work then sat at a desk all day the pain was back. Good luck


Bree - October 5

Thanks Carla. I also sit at a desk all day which maybe somehow contributes to this. I am so inactive since I became pregnant. I used to jog and power walk and now I am just lazy and tired. Do you think that adds to this problem? Just curious.


MARIANNE - October 6

Hi all, I too am a sciatica sufferer. I work at a worker's comp carrier and have seen many injuries caused by sciatica and sitting too long and not stretching out is a cause for it. As lazy as we may feel, we have to relieve the pressure on the sciatic nerve and get up every once in a while. When laying down, make sure to shift positions oca__sionally. It's a PAIN and it makes it difficult to stand and walk so don't stay in one position too long and it should help. There are also some yoga movements that help. Sitting with the bottoms of your feet facing/touching each other, bounce your legs up and down like a b___terfly every night when you're resting. It helps me!! Good Luck all! Hang in there!!!



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