Scratched From The Inside Or UTI

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redemptive_angel - May 6

I am 30 weeks today. Every once in a while I get sudden pain in my bladder that sends pain radiating to my urithra. It feels like I got scratched from the inside or something. I do not have a UTI and it doesn't hurt when I sit or go to the bathroom. It only happens when I am standing or walking. The pain only lasts for about a second, but can happen at anytime... even right after I use the rest room. It always seems to happen when she is laying low. Could she be pinching a nerve? Has any one every had something like this? Anyone know what it could be and if it is normal or not?


christineg - May 7

Have you been checked for a UTI? I never would have guessed that I had one until I started having contractions a few nights ago! I had some random shooting pain like you are talking about and just figured it was the baby kicking in the wrong place....but it turned out to be a UTI. It's worth checking out....I spent the night in the hospital two nights ago because of it. Good luck!


pbj - May 7

I had the same problem when I was pregnant with my dd. Noone would believe me and ending up writing it off to a painful fibroid. To this day, I still say my LO was either laying on my bladder or was pinching a nerve. I had to stop working because I stood all day (I was a hairdresser) so by the end of my 12 hour shift I felt like I wanted to die. I say it's normal, I had a co-worker who swore she had the same problem with her first pregnancy. Believe me they checked me several times for a UTI, when it would come back neg. they would look at me like I was crazy. It does feel like one though, just like the baby is dancing on your bladder. (that's how I used to describe it) The only suggestion I can give you is I noticed it would get worse in me when I was overly active or stood too long. I would just sit with my legs up and relax. I hate to tell you this though, my bladder is totally screwed, it has moved down really low and after I have one more baby I'll have to have it placed back up. I don't know if it's from her laying low or from pushing during delivery, but from what I was told by my doctor, I'm quite young to have this happen. I think it is because my LO was laying on top of it the whole time. Most women I've talked to say that they got a little break in their 2nd trimester from urinating every moment of the day, I never did, I felt that way the whole time. How about you, have you gotten a break?



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