Second Baby Really Low

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ironmama - June 17

Heya ladies, so this is my second baby, i am 33 weeks along, and OMG is it ever hanging out low... at my last checkup i was measuring small but my doctor said its proably because of how babys sitting right down in my pelvis. She felt around and said it was really down there, even joked "dont have that baby early! im going on vacation for a month" which was funny hahah except it totally freaked me out... Any mamas here on their second or more babies, and experience a really low baby? im looking for reassurance they can hang out low without coming early :) but if yours came early do tell....


ironmama - June 17

o and i guess i should add, i think it's because of babys position, but im getting the sharp pains "down there" lol and lots of discomfort, i've got the MEGA waddle hahaah and everyone who pats my belly says "o you must be due any day now huh?" and i'm like " hahaah no 7 weeks to go" and people's eyes bug out! :)


mjvdec01 - June 17

I am in the same situation. I will be 35 weeks on thursday and I can't believe how low this kid is. At this point with my first I could hardly sleep with all the pressure under my ribs. Everyone has been commenting on how I must be ready to pop anytime. It is getting a bit irritating. I have been getting a lot of sharp pains way way down low and some pain in my b___t, that I remember from labor- just not near as intense. I really hope this is an indication that I won't go past my due date of July 24th. I am waddling horribly and really haven't had any heartburn, which is completely different from my first.


bean - June 17

YES! same here. I'm only 32 weeks, but all along this one's been sagging really really low. I swear I need suspenders for my belly! I've been asked "how many more days" or "any day now" since I was about 27 weeks. It's really infuriating. On the plus side, breathing is easy, the jabs aren't that bad, but I swear I feel when she moves that one wrong elbow toss and she'll just pop an arm right out.


softbreeze200 - June 17

I am with ya gals!! I am 33w and mine as well is head down and low low low! At my u/s last week the tech said he had a hard time getting the whole head measured because it was so far behind my pelvic bone. I have carried really low the whole pregnancy though. But I was wondering the same thing. Dr said that baby won't drop later on as it is already as low as it can get now. This doesn't mean that baby will come early right?? But I am definatley enjoying being able to breath easier for the most part. But the heartburn is still to kill. :)


Avasmama - June 23

Hello there, I was carrying very very low with my second baby as well. I just about lived in the bathroom. I was 4 cm dilated for a week before she was actually born. She was born on my due ate and labor was so easy. I had her naturally, it took only 4 hours and the pain wasn't bad at all. I hope the remainder of your pregnancy goes well!


kendra.marie - June 24

yessssssssssssssssssssss my son is extremely low has been the who time this time & its crazy i started contracting at 30 weeks which then have since eased on & off but ive been in labor basically they said since 35 weeks --im 38 weeks 3 days and still very pregnant which im surprised by but oh well hell be more healthy



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