Second Breech Baby

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Ang - May 26

Hi everyone! Just looking for some hope. My second child was breech and never turned at all, I ended up having a section....yuk! Now I am 30 weeks pregnant with my third child who is presenting breech as well. My Dr. says that the chances of this baby turning are slim since my second was breech? Anyone ever had this happen to them, and is there anything I can do to turn this little


gretchen - October 28

My second baby was breech also. And I'm 38 weeks along now and this baby is breech also. And has been the whole pregnancy.


Kate - November 5

My first child was breech but was turned by ECV. After an induced labour (10 days late) we ended in caeser anyway. In hindsight - I believe she was breech for a reason and wouldn't attempt an ECV again. I am now 32 weeks pregnant with number two - who is also breech at this stage. Hate to say it, but glad to hear I am not alone! Good luck.


Wendy - December 8

I too had a breech with my second one and yesterday I just found out my 3rd baby is breach too. I believe the reason mine end up breech is because my uterus seems to be curved making it hard for them to even turn down. I was really bummed too but life is life and at least I won't have to go through a painful labor......:-(. It's amazing how much you can want a painful abor when you find out your baby is breech. Good luck, hope your baby turns. I've heard from a couple friends that time in a pool seems to help turn them.


Kate - December 8

Hi everyone - and yes it's a strange thing wishing painful labour upon yourself. I'm now 37 weeks and our little girl is still breech and finally have a caeser date in 2 weeks. Am a little nervous about the possibility of clicky hips (I hear significant clicking sometimes when the baby moves, but am hoping that it has nothing to do with her hips). Our first daughter was also born with a rare condition - babies with problems are apparently more likely to be breech! So am very nervous for obvious reasons. Just want her out and healthy. Good luck to everyone.


Denise McGhee - August 1

hi, i don't have an answer for you, but my first baby was breech from 28wks and i'm pregnant again with my second who is also breech from 28wks, weird! so perhaps it's just the way it's meant to be for us. my 1st i had a c-section, and i'm going to discuss having another in a few wks.


leslie - August 1

I am 30 weeks and my baby is any of you know what are the chances of this baby turning in time??..I don't want a c-sec!!


Kara - August 1

I'm 33 weeks and baby is breech too. Leslie, if your only 30 weeks you've got a few weeks yet, they give you til 34 - 36 weeks for baby to turn before they start discussing alternatives, unless you've got a biological reason for him being breech. Technically, a baby could still turn down the right way anytime up to the labour day.



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