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margie - November 19

The past couple of days ive had little bouts of seeing bright spots of little twinkley like lights when i move my eyes at all, it only lasts a couple of seconds then goes away. I have had a couple headaches too. My blood pressure has always been fine and I assume my urine too since I always leave a sample and theyve never said anything about anything being wrong. Can this just be another one of those wierd pregnancy symptoms or is this a sign of pre-e? I have a doc appointment tomorrow so theyll check my bp and all that there...its strange anyways.


sahmof3 - November 19

It could be that your BP has gone up since your last appointment... or it could just be a weird pregnancy thing. I had this with my 3rd at around 36 weeks. My BP was fine and they couldn't find anything else wrong, so I basically just had to live with it. But, you should definitely find out and make sure it's not something more!


margie - November 19

thank you...i just really worry about pre-e. i never know what is something that warrants an emergency and what is just something i can ask about the next appointment ya know? if it happens again today i might call L&D since its already too late to call my Dr...but I'd rather just wait until tomorrow if possible because I dont want to spend hours of them checking me out at the hospital.


evae777 - November 19

I have heard that seeing spots sometimes has to do with blood sugar levels & it is a symptom of diabetes.... but don't let me get you paranoid, always best to check it out!!


margie - November 19

oh no problem, im not going to be paranoid, just want to know the possibilities...just in case. id rather be informed. i am telling my doctor for sure tomorrow and maybe calling labor and delivery even if something happens thats worse tonight or something...


margie - November 19

Thanks DDT! The headaches are pretty bad too, the one I woke up with yesterday morning was terrible. It is frustrating when there is something that is annoying or painful and they can't figure it out. That seems to be pretty common with me unfortunately, even pre-pregnancy. I'm just happy your little boy was born perfect! That makes me feel better, thanks :-)


star_eyes - November 19

Margie, let me know what your doc says...I've been seeing stars the last couple of days myself. I didn't really think much about it until I read your post. I hope everything is fine!!


DaBonkElsMe - November 19

I was getting this too, but haven't in a while. My doctor told me it was nothing to worry about since my bp is always low. She said with all the extra blood my body is pumping it could just be that my circulation is a little slow at times. She told me to get up from sitting or lying down slowly and not to lock my knees when I stand. She also said to drink more water. So you are probably fine, but of course don't leave it out when you talk to the doctor, it could be something else!


Buffi R. - November 19

I'm pretty sure seeing stars has nothing to do with blood sugar. I've been an insulin depending diabetic since age 15 and I've never had that symptom with a high or low blood sugar. When my blood sugar gets low, sometimes my vision is distorted, but there's never any spots or stars.


Mel Page - November 20

Margie, I'm 25 week along and got the same thing for about two weeks mine just lasted longer and I could barelly see anything, figured out that it had something to do with chocolate. I never eat the stuff and had a weird craving for it for a few days, and sure as I'm telling you this, once I stopped eating it, it went away! Dont know if this is what's happening to you, but hope it helps??!!


margie - November 20

Mel--that is wierd because I have had that craving for chocolate and been eating more than usual the past week, I've read that chocolate can trigger migraines and maybe thats whats happening? Oh and I just wanted everyone to know last night when I went to walmart I checked my blood pressure and it was totally fine so it may end up being one of those mystery things...we'll see what the doc says. i have so many questions for him today, i hope he's ready for it! :-)


redmondsky - November 20

I got this strange symptom off and on for awhile as well. My BP is fine - urine normal ect. Maybe it's just one of those strange preggers symptoms that comes and goes....


Noodle - November 23

its definately a sign of pre eclampsia. you know you could also just be tired or soemthing, but dont take the risk, get checked out as soon as you can because if it is pre eclampsia you need some careful monitoring


BriannasMummy - November 23

The funny thing about bp is that it can go up and down at the drop of a hat. I had the stars with my first pregnancy and this pregnancy. With my first it was an indication that my bp was rising.. and with this one.. it meant the same thing. You really need to take care of yourself and rest as much as you possibly can. I hope it isnt anything serious.. but please make sure you talk to your doctor about it. ~Kristin~



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