Seeing Stars

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mommyke - August 8

I am worrying (I hope unnecessarily) about pre-eclampsia. I only have a small amount of swelling, but I see what I would describe as stars. Not all the time, but for the past week or so. Is this the beginning? I have read black spots, but this is more like twinkly stars. I checked my blood pressure last week and it was okay. Just wondering if anyone knew. Thanks


Nerdy Girl - August 8

I had this at the end of my last pregnancy, but it only happened once when my 3 year old was being really naughty (a horrible day... like some naughty kid out of a movie). I lost my cool towards the end of the day and totally hollered at her, and then suddenly I saw those twinkly things. So maybe it was a temporary rise in my blood pressure.


tryingx3 - August 8

I do the same, but bp and urine are all okay...some swelling as well. I am 33 wks.


mommyke - August 8

Well, I am 31 weeks, not sure when pre-e starts. I am going to ask at my doc. appointment tomorrow and I will let you guys know. The only thing is that this doesn't just happen when I get up too fast. It happens when I am just sitting there.


Patti - August 8

I just had the same thing at 35 weeks. I checked my b/p and it was low as normal and I have no swelling. I found I got a headache withing an hour of seeing "stars." My sister said she gets them too (not pregnant.) Of course you should let your Dr. know. I'm letting mine know tomorrow just to be cautious.


tryingx3 - August 8

Let me know what you guys find out...yes, mine come sometimes when I am just sitting too...was wondering if I would hit pre-e symptoms later in pg.


karyn - August 8

mommyke- you should really talk to your doctor immediately. I had a bad headache which wasn't going away (another sign of pre-eclampsia) and they had me come in immediately. They will do a couple tests, blood pressure, swelling, weight gain, reflexes and a blood screen to see if you have it. Since this can be so serious, I urge you to call your doctor right away.


mommyke - August 8

I will probably wait until tomorrow. I have checked my BP (but will do so again today) and have no terrible swelling or headaches. I am extremely thirsty, but I don't know if this is a problem. Do you really think I should call now?


venus_in_scorpio - August 9

my guess is if your blood pressure is OK then it is fine because that happened to me too the other day and I freaked out but my bp is still 120/64. I think seeing spots and floaty's can be a symptom of high blood pressure, but it can also be caused by a lot of other things too and its just important to get your bp checked when that happens. hope that helps.


tryingx3 - August 9

Any reports from doctor's visit?


venus_in_scorpio - August 9

have you been tested for gestational diabetes? my doctor is testing me in 2 weeks.


AmyB - August 9

this is common sometimes due to the extra blood in the body..


mommyke - August 9

No GD, I was tested two weeks ago. Dr. appointment isn't for 2 more hours, but I will let you know then. It makes sense that it could be from the blood volume. I will still ask as I am paranoid about Pre-e (I feel like everything else has gone so well, it is just my luck that something will come up at the end!)


tryingx3 - August 9

No, GD for me either. I was shocked at recent appointment when they measured heartrate and it was 90. This wasn't my OB's office, but I asked if that wasn't too high and they said due to increased blood volume pumping through system that it was fine.


tryingx3 - August 9

90 was MY heartrate...btw.


mommyke - August 10

Well, it is something to worry about. My blood pressure was higher than normal, but no protein in urine or weigt gain. They took some blood to test and said it doesn't mean I have it, but it is an indication they should look for it. So tell your doctor if you have this. I am still hoping the high BP was a fluke!


tryingx3 - August 10

mommyke - what was your BP this time? Only time mine has been up, I had a yeast infection (and the other time been working TOO many hours).



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