Self Conscious

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SamiB - May 31

I know weight is a pretty popular topic on here, but I have had so much anxiety about mine. I am 23, and me and my husband are very happily expecting our first baby at the end of August. I have had an eating disorder for about seven years. When I met my husband I started doing better and put on a little weight and was eating more normally althought the fear was always there. Now that I am 28 weeks and have put on 22 lbs I am getting really anxious and worried again. I know that the baby is worth it in the end, and it makes me feel horrible to even have these vain feelings... I just hate looking at myself and feeling like I am just fat and won't ever lose the weight. I am always worried that the doctor is going to think I am putting on to much weight, or that my husband will think it. I know I could ask the doctor if my weight gain is right; but I don't even like bringing attention to my weight.. Sorry this is long, it's just something that is always on my mind.


Tanaja - May 31

At 28 weeks and you've only gained 22lbs? Not bad by anyone's standards if you ask me. I gained about twice that at 28 weeks myself. Besides, you have to remember, which I'm sure you do that it's not about you right now. And you are sooooo right about the reward being in the end. This is going to be a test for you considering what you've been though with your past history but don't worry too much. All women go through this and we all agonize about our weight gain during pregnancy just remember that the worst thing you can do is deny your baby nutrition. You can be healthy and eat the right things and still gain weight so don't fret there are more important things to worry about. Oh........and if you're Doctor says you're gaining too much weight.........Get a new doctor (LOL)!! Enjoy your won't last forever at least I hope not because I'm overdue and I'm flippin' out!


MelG - May 31

I kind of feel like you do at times. I was always known as the "thin person" in my family. With this pregnancy, I have also been worried because I gained 40 pounds so far. I look at the size 4 jeans I used to wear and I wonder if I will ever fit in them again. But, I have to let that take a back seat now because I want a healthy baby more than a great figure. I can work on my waistline as much as I want after she's born. But if I do something like not eating properly now, it could affect her forever and then where would I be? My sister knows someone who didn't eat properly during her pregnancy and now has a child with problems. To me, 40 pounds is worth it if it brings me a healthy child. I've worked with mentally disabled and handicapped children and it's not easy.



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