Semen And Labor

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embarraced to ask - December 11

This is embarracing to me, but is it true that taking in semen orally is more effective than just va___ally? I don't "do that", but am wondering if there is any truth to it. I need to go into labor soon. I'm so miserable. Thanks for your views.


Amber - December 12

LOL no, i think whatever you read that in, was written by a man! Nothing (no matter what you have heard) can MAGICALLY make you go into labor. Coincidences can happen, and im sure high impact activities, like walking can help, but your baby and body just have to be ready. But take advantage of the "having s_x tale", as its going to be a LONG six weeks postpardum!


j - December 12

i have heard that it works better ingested rather than just up inside by your cervix. i don't think i'm that desperate yet though. i only have 1 1/2 weeks left. we'll see how desperate i get towards the end. i would google that and see what it says.


embarraced again - December 12

lol... me too, J. I've never done that and it grosses me out, but hmm...


shelly - December 12

s____n does make you go into labor if its inside of you, not orally. That's a fact. They even told us that at the hospital. The same substance that is in s____n is the same thing the hospital uses to induce labor. They said the same thing that got you into this, will get you out, s_x!!!


Melissa - December 12

I second what Shelly said. A friend of mine had an early labor scare and the doctor told her & her husband absolutely no s_x! Also, the nurse at the practive where I go told me (I'm 37 weeks) that if I wanted to hurry things up to walk a lot and have lots of s_x! I told her I had to work on the walking part! LOL! (I've also heard that spicy foods and doing squats can help too.) Congratulations & best wishes! =)


A concerned male. - December 12

Yes, most definitely. The more the better, you'll be in labor before you know it.


Amber - December 29




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