Sept Mom S Here We Go

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Cookie - September 6

Not sure which ladies have already had their little, i'm still last post was getting a bit long, so thought we could all wait on a new thread...good luck girls!!!!


Tasha - September 6

Im still here, as I should be as my due date is still 3 weeks away...but I do wish I would go early. Ive not been feeling really good, kinda of sick feeling, but goes away. Sleep is not good, my nose always gets stuffy when I lye down so I breath out of my mouth and always wake, that plus having to get 5 times a night to pee...oh well its all preparing me for my newest addition. Im keep going back and fourth on having a c-section or to stick it out and try a V-bac...I really want it naturally..umm with dont want to be cut again. But I guess there is not guarentee that I wont end up having a c-section so thats where Im torn, I could go in next week and have this baby, or it could be 4 more weeks and still have a c-section...ugh...I dont know!! Any advice??


caseyann - September 6

Hi girls! I am still here too. Still waiting!! Going crazy, huge and miserable contractions still every two to three minutes, and when I walk it feels like a bowling ball is going to drop out of me at any second, lol. But I only have till Thursday then I will be induced if I dont go by then, so just a few more days, woo hoo!! Tasha if I were you I would attempt to have the vv-bac, and if it doesnt work they will know and you can always do the csection, cant hurt to try. This is my first, and I am praying that I dont have to have a csection because I just cannot miss that much time off of work after having the baby and recovery is so miserably long. Hope everyone is having a good w/end, hang in there!!!


k8mc2112 - September 7

Last day of WORK!! YAY. I never thought this day would come. Its crazy to think how quick this has gone. I cant believe we are all due during this month and we could all go at anytime. I am kinda relieved I know when my "end date" is. No stressing about when its going to happen. Friday 12th is a good enough day as any. I just cant believe it. I have to have a c-section this friday tasha, bubs is breech so I am a bit dissapointed cause I am not going to be able to go naturally... I was quite upset at the thought I might never be able to have a natural birth but I kinda look at it this way, atleast its planned this way you know when its happening... So I am kinda rea__suring myself with that one. :-) You'll know what feels right when you have to make that decision.!!


Tasha - September 7

So I felt a little cramps yesterday, but I thought maybe my pants were tight. Today hubby and I had s_x, then I went grocery shopping, came home and started having cramps in my lower abdomin area, like right around where my previous c-section scar is. They lasted about and hour, on and off every 5-10 mins. Had dinner, took a shower and they are no more...hopefully they come back and start things moving. Its frusterating though cause I have no Idea when to go to the hospital. They told me first signs to make my way there, if I would have done that tonight it would of been a waste of a trip...I have a Dr's appointment tomorrow, hopefully I got somethings going on down there!! Hows everyone else doing?


k8mc2112 - September 8

I have been having the worst tightening pains and cramps in my tummy seriously, they come and go but its that tight and takes my breath away!!! Mum seems to think that maybe I will not make it to Friday for my c-section... I dont know, I hope I do.. Or maybe this maybe has decided to turn and come out lol. Geez I hope not. Its all a bit much at the moment.. I am just taking it easy but I just getting this feeling something is going to happen in the next few days ... !!! Shall try and keep you all posted. Tasha, mine are like that, they come and go and then get worse and yeah I dont know what to think or what they would be, I dont want to jump to conclsions and go to the hospital or nothing but yeah I dont know.. Just have to wait and see I guess. !!! Take it easy all!!


Cookie - September 8

hi girls, i'm still here too...seriously having contractions on and off for weeks night, I was really hoping something was going to happen...I had the worst contractions for about an hour and a half...and then...poof, in laws arrived from the U.S. for two weeks, so I hope she comes sooner rather than due date is the 13th..and my appt on the 11th, they are hopefully going to strip my membranes so I hope that moves things along...k8 enjoy your last week, without work or baby...sleep as much as you can, those contractions are something aren't they? Caseyann, any updates from the doc? Tasha, will your dr let you try the vbac?


Tasha - September 8

Yes Cookie they are letting me try the Vbac. The only reason I had the c-section is because I was induced and baby's heartbeat was dropping with contractions, nothing really to do with my body. SO they said Im a good candidate to do a vbac . I thought they were going to strip my membranes but not until next week when Im 38 weeks. I so excited though, Im actually having cramping and BH's, I never got that with my first, so maybe my body will do what its suppose to this time..but maybe it won't, we'll find out soon enough!! Hopefully we'll all just start popping our little babies out!!


Cookie - September 10

hi girls, how is everyone...i had my midwife appt today...i'm fully effaced, but only a finger tipped dilated...I had asked for a membrane strip but there wasn't quite enough room but she did move her finger around the baby's head a bit...and she thought it looked good to go for the next few fingers crossed, she's right!! :-))


Tasha - September 11

so exciting for you cookie! I hope your having your new baby now!! Ive still got 2 1/2 weeks till my due date, but not been feeling great lately. I have had cramping, sick feeling, so hopefully my body is getting into position to have this baby. My body didnt do any of this last time so I hope its a good sign. Ya know I never thought I would welcome feeling badly or cramping, but I know all this leads to my new baby!! Where is everyone else..having babies I hope!


caseyann - September 12

Hi girls, we had our baby on 9/11 at 5:59pm. He is perfect and precious and amazing. He is in perfect health and weighs in at 9 pounds and is 22 inches. I had plans of doing a totally natural delivery but that went out the door when the contractions got back to back with Pitosin and went off the charts. I had a epidural, pure heaven I might add, but then the babies heart rate started to decelerate with each contraction so we ended up having a csection. Baby is perfect though so it was worth every thing. I am still in hospital for a few days but recovering well. I hope the rest of you have your little ones any day now. :)


Cookie - September 14

Casey Ann....Congrats!!!! That is fantastic news...and omg how big is that boy!?!?! 9 pounds...can't wait to hear your whole birth story...glad to hear your both doing well...i'm still now going on 2 days overdue...Tasha...your coming up soon, I bet your little one will be here before


Tasha - September 14

I thought you went for sure Cookie! Im getting my membranes stripped tomorrow and have been having light contractions for a week now, on and off. Hopefully tomorrow they tell me Im dialated a bit. I am so ready to meet this little baby! Congrats Caseyann! Enjoy these quick first weeks, they go by so fast!!


Tasha - September 15

So I had my appointment stripping of themembranes though. My cervix was to closed for her to do it ): Oh well, I guess my body just isnt ready. Just a bummer though, I thought it might help things along...bright side is I will definatley have my baby in less than a month. Just seems like so far off. Hope everyone else is well and progressing!!


alirenee86 - September 18

Congrats CaseyAnn! What a big boy too. We're all so close now!!!! I am due September 30th. Everything going along well, I'm just so ready at this point, anxious and nervous as I just had my first last November. I went into that labor totally ignorant to the whole thing, and now that I know how it feels, I can't think about feeling that pain again even though my labor was super fast and easy. (no epi). I'm 1 cm and about 50% effaced. The doctor yesterday also said 'the head is still way up there in heaven', but another doctor in the group the week before said that with subsequent labors, they don't expect the baby to drop until you actually go into labor. I was 1 cm when I went into labor with my first, and had him 4 hours later. Are you all waking up now feeling like today could be the day?? Oh, my first came one day before his due date, I'm guessing this one should be around the same??


Cookie - September 18

well, I'm still bummed am I...i am now 5 days over due...grr....Tasha I hear your frustrations..twice they were supposed to strip my membranes..and both times I was still just a fingertip dilated so no stripping for me either...and I feel bad, my inlaws who flew from Florida to Scotland to be here for the birth..and have been here now for 2 weeks are leaving on saturday..and no baby...had a pedicure today...just hoping that may help start things..also we have a big wedding at our resort tomorrow, so I am sure with murphy's law...right when I need to be around that's when I'll end up in posting :-)


Tasha - September 19

So Cookie, what will they do for how long do they let you go before inducing? My friend lives in England and they dont really have a due date, instead a due week she said, anyway her due week was around the 2nd of October last year and she was to be induced on the 17th..that is so far from the due date! She ended up doing acupuncture the day before the induction and had him the next day naturally!! I started my acupunture today, not really hoping to bring on labor right now, but to hopefully get my body ready for when it does decide to come, next Saturday she's doing the strong session on me and is pretty confident it will come within 24 hours of having it done!! I hope so, and I hope its a natural birth..again by natural I mean with drugs, but v____ally.



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