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brandy0903 - June 10

I am going to start with a few questions because I am missing some info. *I need to know the due dates on the following people: Ahemann99, Ddvinson3, Elliebaby, and Chamomilia. *I need to know boy, girl, or surprise on the following people: misch__ly30, amanda103, 1sttimemommy, katibeth, cat, clare, me2, danielleO, kitty, mcatherine, shan-mommy, yourtrish, angelsummers, honeybea, lilmama, and kristyt.


brandy0903 - June 10

here is some info that I have: *we have 43 mommies that are posting with us! that's more than one baby everyday in Sept.**we have reported so far 11 boys and 15 girls and 1 surprise!! ***we have 9 due on the 1st, 2nd=2, 3rd=3, 4th=1, 5th=1, 6=5, 7=1, 8=1, 9=1, 12=4, 14=2, 16=2, 18=1, 19=1, 24=2, 25=1, 26=1, and 30th=1. (if you don't have an exact due date like me <i am due between 3 and 11> then I used the first date, so I put myself with the 3rd) **** if there is more info that any of you would like to know then just tell me and I will try to post it.


Rebekah B - June 10

You are so organized. Thanks for doing this. It is going to be fun to see who has their baby on time


yourtrish - June 10

I'm due the 6th according to my EDD, and the 9th according to my last 20-week u/s. I'm sticking with the 6th and will confirm my actual due date at my next u/s on July 19


mcatherine - June 10

I'm having a little boy :o)


Mingill - June 10

Thanks for putting this together brandy. What is it about the 6th that makes it so popular? LOL


Mingill - June 10

Oh my, I hadn't noticed, the 1st is very popular too, 9 wow!


mcatherine - June 10

Mingill, I'm telling you, with Thanksgiving (here in the US), Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza, the upcoming New Year and all the other holidays, we were all feeling the love....


Aimes - June 11

Hey guys, mind if I join in? I read a lot and post some, but still haven't joined a September mommies group. I am due 9/22 with a girl...our first. Very excited!


brandy0903 - June 11

I am due between the 3 and the 11 and I know when and where I got preg and it was after a christmas party. so just remember to not party too much during the holidays!! aimes, there is a board in here that is for sept mommies that we all post on. I am using this onw to get everyones info together. and you are more than welcome!!!


clare - June 11

hiya im a surprise lol xx


amanda103 - June 12

Hi Brandy! I'm having a boy! Thanks for doing this, how interesting!


amanda103 - June 12

I just noticed that you don't have my due date listed 09/10. I must be the only one for that day:)


Chrissythefairy - June 12

hello brandy im not sure if im on the list but im due 9/14 and im having a boy


shan_mommy - June 13

Oh so cool that you did this. Mine's a boy!


sfrias - June 13

Hi Brandy, My baby is due in September 15. We did not want to know the s_x... but it was impossible not to see that it is a boy. He's going to be my first baby. Thanks for doing this!


1Sttimemomy - June 13

i am due sept.6 the doc say they think i am having a boy my baby was breech at 19wks they said it is harder to tell s_x on a 19wk breech baby.we will see.



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