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tryingx3 - July 20

no name here - husband still not ready to talk about it... DEFINITELY still a girl. :-)


Kristin72 - July 20

Trying~ I think dh's should allow us women to chose. I liked the choice you had b4... Kristin ;)It's a nice name..but I am little biased. :) What is your other lo's name?


JMP - July 20

Definitely going with Kevin!! Not sure of the middle name the BF is already a junior so he's not sure if he wants a third. But it's still a possibility so it could be Kevin Michael. What do you guys think of Kevin Anthony? (My brothers name is Anthony)..I took my diabetes test on Tuesday, they said no news is good news so I'm a__suming I pa__sed? lol..I just have to say the beach is totally amazing when your pregnant I think little Kev really loves it as much as I do! Is anyone planning a natural birth? I'm taking the bradley method August 8th..planning on a non medicated birth yay lol!


tryingx3 - July 21

My dd's name is Katie. We yo-yo'ed between Katie and Kelly in the birthing room. My delivering doctor was named Kelly too...she was rooting for Kelly. My Braxton Hicks sometimes last longer than I would like - like I felt uncomfortable for over 30 minutes - rock hard belly. Am drinking water, didn't get near enough sleep last night, etc... I remember having BH that lasted longer than a few seconds with my last pg too - may just be how my body does things...


flroses1120 - July 21

Hi all! Just had my growth ultrasound. I'm at 31w4d, and my little one is measuring 4lbs. 2 oz. Still a little ahead (55%) and the dr. thinks she'll be 7 1/2 pounds at delivery. We've settled on Sophia Dolly. Hubby LOVES the name Sophia and he pretty much would not entertain other names. It took me awhile, but I love it now too. I think it was just me having to "share" naming her. LOL. We'll call her Sophie. Dolly is my mom's name and her grandmother's name, and I've always wanted a "baby Dolly." I'm not having sciatica, but I do have a lot of trouble with my hips at the end of the day. Sometimes at night, i can barely walk, but i'm usually OK after I get up in the morning and after a shower. I consider myself to have a pretty high pain tolerance, but with the hip pain and bladder "crushing" that I think is so horrible, I can't even imagine dealing with sciatica!


flroses1120 - July 21

Also... JMP -- I totally admire your for going for the Bradley method. Even though I mentioned I think I have a pretty high pain tolerance, I think i've pretty much decided that I'm not opposed to getting an epidural if I want one. We start our childbirth cla__ses next week, so I'm sure i'll learn more about the pros/cons then. Braxton Hicks....I think I've had some? I used to think it was just her little self pressing up on me, but I guess it is like a "tightening" and less like a kick. Totally random though. Firt time mommy, so tt's so hard to tell what's what sometimes. I'm pretty much still paranoid I won't even know when I'm in labor. LOL. Everyone tells me, you'll SOOO know.


tryingx3 - July 22

flroses - yes, you will know! Or at least I did with my 1st one - of course my water broke at home, so that was a pretty good indication... I continued to have a tight tummy all evening - dh is 3000 miles away - I put my daughter and I both in bed at 7:48 p.m. - seem okay this morning. Telling myself to drink LOTS of water today. I signed up for an epidural the 1st time and used it...although they did have to back off the medication in order for me to feel to push - by then, it didn't matter if there was medication or not - I just wanted to deliver! :-) I believe a lot of my pain came from my water breaking and not dilating. They said there was scar tissue from my previous 2 d&cs causing me not to dilate...the nurse "tore" the scare tissue away - and after 12 hours with my water broken and still at 1-2 cm, I finally started to dilate...


Cdnbrd - July 25

Hi all! Great to see everyone is choosing their names! We are going with Rihanna (no chris' in the family so we should be okay, lol). I too am having bh, but not very strong yet. They go away pretty quickly and most are not painful. I think I mentioned before that I have had two epidurals and am a big fan :) I had no trouble pushing when the time came - three pushes and the first was out (They had me bend over and help pull him all the way out, which was way cool) and the second I pushed for maybe 5 minutes. Not at all like the intense labour scenes I had seen on T.V. or in the movies! I hope this one is as easy...! They broke my water at the hospital both times (with this thing that looks remarkably like a crochet needle!) so I am worried that my water will break while I am at work or something - Trying, does it hurt when it breaks? And how much water are we talking about - will everyone know? Am still waiting for my u/s this Thursday to see how big she is; but I went for my ob appointment and she said the baby is not too big, so I may loose this bet! So far, I am managing the diabetes just fine with diet so no need for insulin, which is a relief. Although I have added a Big Mac to the things I will eat at the hospital immediately after giving birth... Take care everyone!


tryingx3 - July 27

Cdnbrd - wow - lucky you on your push stories...I lost count. :-) As for my water experience - I rolled over in bed, felt a slight twinge and the urge to go up, went the bathroom, laid back down, started feeling very slight contractions...waited about 45 minutes, urge to go again, went to the bathroom - this time, turned on the light and the liquid was pink tinged... Told my husband if he was going to pack a bag, now would be a good time to do it. The first urges were controllable, although I do recall doing something (bending over in the bathroom) and causing some to come out. I guess it varies by situation - we had a 30 minute drive, plus my walk to LDR and I didn't go in that time. I would hate to have my water break and sneeze at work - that could be pretty obvious!! I keep a water proof pad in my glove compartment box - just in case... I worry about it breaking and messing up my office chair - I work with all men - how embarra__sing...


Bumblebee - July 31

Hi all - This is my first, so don't know how the water break thing will go. Our lil one is small. At 28 wks, they said she is 2 lbs, 4 oz, and said that is 10th percentile. Dh was worried, but doc said this is ok since all organs are fine and could be just cuz I'm small. But doing another u/s next week at 31 weeks to check growth progress... hope it is all good. Feel lots of movement daily, and lots of kicks, etc - feels great -so special .. Wondering if anyone else with hemorrhoids and what u do to make it go away?? :) I know it probably won't go during preg or even after, but anything u do that works to control it / lessen it?


JMP - July 31

Hi guys..hemorrhoids..well I did/do have them..but nothing on the outside or annoys me..I did develop a polyp in my nose due to all the swelling of my membranes in my not fun! LOL


Kristin72 - August 2

FOr the hemmroid thing. Try to get more fibre in your diet. Straining can make things worse. So leafy greens, bran, fruit juices. I am 35 weeks now..feeling pretty good except when I have top get up from sitting on the floor with my 2 1/2 year old. That is a sight. Hope you are all doing great. I have not been offered another ultrasound..should I ask for it? I would like to know the babies position and size..I am also curious that that my amniotic fluid is in check. I sometimes feel like I have a watery discharge..and I don't remember it that much last time around. Have my OB app Weds. My doc is so rushed when I go never asks if I have any questions and she rushes through ever check.


Cdnbrd - August 3

Hi everyone, Well, I had my u/s last Thursday, and in spite of the diabetes, she is quite small, as were my two boys. I was at 31wks 5 days and she weighed 3lbs 9oz, which is in the 12th percentile. They weren't too worried when they knew my boys had been small too (They have shot up like weeds now), however they still want me to go back in three weeks to check again. I think they may end up inducing me again around 37 weeks. The good news is that my placenta has "moved" up, so I should not have to have a cesarean, which scares me to death! Other than that, she looked fine, her head was down, all parts are present and working well, with enough fluid, etc. Thank you Trying for the info about water breaking. Your experience sounded manageable and at least it happened at home! Of course, now every time I go pee I keep checking and thinking it looks a little, I worry about everything! I think I will buy a pad too and keep it at work just in case. I have my diabetes test this a.m., they may have me do the non-stress test. Bumblebee, they may have you do this as well if the baby is small. They strap you up to the fetal monitors and you have to push a b___ton everytime the baby moves. They just check to make sure the baby's heart rate doesn't drop when she moves. I find it very rea__suring and relaxing, as you get to spend around half an hour listening to your little one's heart and you leave knowing she is strong and doing good. Kristin, I have plenty of discharge too, but as I said the fluid was normal at the u/s, so I think it is normal. My doctor is super busy at my appointments too as she only has two office days, but I started writing down my questions so I don't forget and I start asking as soon as she walks in the room. That's all my updates, glad to hear everyone is doing well!


Bumblebee - August 4

Can't wait for my my u/s tomorrow... :) Started a yoga cla__s and felt great. Really worked my thighs! I guess I'll need the strength. Still trying to convince dh of us going with homebirth.. He's slowly coming to it after getting to understand it more. ANyone else doing homebirth??


JMP - August 5

would love love love a home birth, but the BF says absolutely not instead we are planning an all natural birth! I'm so jealous of your home birth!


tryingx3 - August 11

Any updates? Everyone just waiting it out...getting bigger and bigger?



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