September Mommies 2009 Over 35

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tryingx3 - August 11

Any updates? Everyone just waiting it out...getting bigger and bigger?


Kristin72 - August 11

Hi Girls! I am 36 weeks give or take. Noticing lotsa discharge,,so gross! Anyone else! I don't know if it's too much?? I think it sometimes has a fishy odour..yuk?? I am keeping extra clean..but think I should mention it to the OB just in case there is a problem or an infection..or maybe it's normal I have no idea. For those of you on your second or additional child are you delivering at your previous hospital? I am at a new hosptial this time and was wondering if I should go for a tour again..just so I know where the heck I am going when it is time. My water broke in the middle of the night last time so I had to go to the hospital right away. I had such a difficult delivery last time and in a nutshell these are some of the problems I ran I have to say I do NOT want pitocin again if I can help it. I also will not have any morphine as it gave me a itchy hives reaction. All I want is the epidural which wore off last time so I delivered without pain meds..had a level 3 tear and a resident who st_tched me up wrong and had to do it twice...and I felt every poke with the needle. My pitocin drip fell out and there was pitocin all over the I was pushing for 3 hours straight without meds. I was in labour for 23 hours total as well..To top things off they left a 6 cm piece of placenta inside me and I was hemmoraging for up to 9 weeks post delivery..I had to have a D&C when my daughter was 9 weeks. Anyway..sorry to relive some of my horrors for you gals but I just want to be more educated in my delivery next time. Did any of you have your waters break first? ANyone have any complications? I am praying things will go more smoothly this time as that pain was UNBEARABLE!!!!. I have not decided on any names really..having a hard time with that. Other than that I think I should get my bag packed and my car seat installed in the event of a surprise :) Hoping everyone else is doing well!!!!Update when you can!!!!! Wishing all the Septmeber Mommies all the best!!


Cdnbrd - August 12

Hi all! Wow Kristin - you had quite the delivery!! I really hope this one goes much better for you. This is my third at the same hospital, but they renovated since I was last there. I would take the tour because... Yesterday at work I wiped out. Fell over my own two feet and landed on my side. Sc___ped my elbow and cut my leg and my knee, but worse than that, a huge gush of fluid came out and soaked my underwear and pants. I was worried so I called our local health line, who told me to call the hospital. They wanted me in right away. I wasn't in any pain, but my friend drove me and I spent a bit of time trying to find the case room (which is why I recommend the tour!). They saw me right away, took blood (in case the baby's blood mixed with mine), urine (not sure why) and examined me and took a culture to see if it was amniotic fluid that I leaked. That test came back negative, but they still kept me on the monitors for 4 hours to be sure baby was fine. They told me the amniotic fluid test was 99.5% accurate, but if it was my water I would probably go into labour within the next 7 days and to come back if I started having contractions or leaked more fluid. Phew! It was quite a scare, but I am pretty sure now that I just peed my pants. Embara__sing, as I am not sure how I will explain that at work! They told me it is quite common to fall as our centers of gravity are out of whack when we are pregnant, and that you should always go in if ever you fall. The woman in the bed next to mine (I was in the high risk unit) was 31 weeks and her water had broken the night before. She now has to stay in the hospital until she delivers, which her doctor told her could be in a day or in a month. So while I wish everyone healthy, full-term pregnancies, the lesson I learned is have your bags packed and ready early on just in case!


Kristin72 - August 12

Cdnbrd,So sorry to hear of your fall..That must have been scary. I am glad that it was not your bag of waters,,or so they think. How far along are you now? That other lady whose water broke at 31 is highly unlikely they would allow her to stay a month with a baby w/o amiotic fluid..the baby could not survive more than 24-48hours w/o amniotic fluid.I am sure they will induce her if she has not given birth birth within the next day. Or they would c section her and give her baby drugs to prepare the lungs. The whole thing is scary. I did set up my tour for next Tues at St. Jo's in Toronto. I have been there before but I am doing it more for the dh as last time I delivered at Trillium. (so bad) Other than that feeling some back pain today..and running out of energy for my 2 1/2 year old. Hoping you feel better Cndbrd! How is everyone else??


JMP - August 12

HI guys- omg Cdnbrd that is so scary! I'm so glad it was nothing but a fall..I'm totally off balance and tend to drop and forget everything lol. I'm 33 weeks and feeling much bigger..he's head down now and very active. I go for a tour on September 3rd for the tour of the hospital (this is our first) I'm very excited! The baby room is almost done! Just one more coat of paint!! My baby shower is next weekend lol I overhead a conversation! So that should be very exciting, since I have no idea what they're all about! I've been having lots of discharge too..and I'm pretty sure I may be wetting myself at night! LOL..hope all is well!!


flroses1120 - August 12

Hi everybody! Cdnbrd -- I'm so glad everything is OK! Speaking of the discharge/urine thing. I just KNOW my little girl is dancing on my bladder. Pantyliners sometimes don't seem to cut it, so I started cutting some Always thin pads in half and those have been working great to keep me feeling "drier." (Without feeling like I'm in a diaper). Oh, I didn't know pregnancy would be so "lovely." Anybody else having swelling problems? Seems my feet decided to start swelling in the last couple weeks. It always goes away at night, and my blood pressure is OK, but I'm down to one pair of shoes that kind of fit during the day. Well, there's the hot pink Crocs, but I haven't crossed that line yet to wear those to work -- although, the are comfortable, so that may change soon. I did my tour, childbirth cla__ses and and epidural cla__s and I have a b___stfeeding cla__s in a couple weeks. I feel so educated, but am still freaked out about labor and predict I'll forget everything once labor starts. Kristin -- your delivery is bound to go better this time! I mean.. it's just statistics -- all those things can't possible happen again!


sbea - August 12

Hey everyone, I know I haven't really been apart of this thread. For the longest time we had the due date October 7th,t hen Sept 30th/October 1st and now September 29th. SO I stayed with the October moms. But I thought I would check in as I have a feeling I am going to go early. Middle of september.I don't think I am going to make it to 40 weeks. I predict 38. I am 33 weeks this past tuesday and I have a doc appointment tomorrow. I am loving the rolling of the baby and seeing feet push on my tummy. So I have something weird. I have suffered from hemorroids for years now and nothing has helped. I may be constipated but I don't have hemorroids. I must say that is a relief! Since I am in alot of upper back pain and lots of rib pain. Peanut likes to stay really high up. Well take the time to find out what is happening soon. I am jut really tired. What a shocker... Have a great day.


Cdnbrd - August 13

Hi Everyone (and welcome sbea!) Thank you all for your concern - I feel fine this morning, just a little sore, and no more "leaky" than usual, so I am chalking it up to a bad scare. I have my follow up u/s next Wednesday, so I will feel even better then. Hopefully she has grown - I have eaten so much protein in the last two weeks I feel like an animal! sbea, I am 34 weeks tomorrow, so we are off in our dates by 4 days and my due date is September 25. Why have they changed your dates - is it based on scans? Glad to hear everyone is doing good (besides the swelling feet, constipation, discharge, etc. lol). Take care :)


Kristin72 - August 13

Wow lots of action here! I guess we are all gearing down for the end. Glad to hear everyone is doing well. Anyone know any nice Greek inspired girl names? I thought of Alexis, Khloe or Sapphire. But dh is not keen on any of them says Sapphire is a stripper name and Khloe rhymes with my other daughter Zoe so it is out of the question, Alexis is his cousins kids name. But what the heck how many George's are in his Greek family?? (I am not Greek)if it is a boy he wants to name it after his father..George :P Other names out of the question cause they have been used by friends Mya, Alexa, Eleni, Cecilia,.so any suggestions are welcome. Enjoy your day ladies!!


Kristin72 - August 13

Oh and for the swelling..realy try to watch your salt intake..this can make a huge difference. Where flats, Keep hydrated and elevate your feet as much as possible. If I wear anything close to a heel I will get swolle but I have been pretty good this time. Last pregnancy I had alot of swelling at the end too!! Even my face looked swollen.


Kristin72 - August 13

I meant to write WEAR flats not Where flats.. ;)


Kristin72 - August 13

omg..typo's!!! just read my posts..I think I am a little hyper this morning!!! lol ttyl!!


tryingx3 - August 13

Well...appt yesterday, weight up 1/2 lb., bp UP too 146/84 (yuck), urine fine. I had a few slight menstrual like cramps on Tuesday - asked about those - was told that was totally normal and would be felt more with 2nd pg. So...last night I HURT for almost 5 hours with menstrual like cramps...called today and they chalked it up to body getting ready, drink more water, call the hospital if it happens again in the middle of the night and I am concerned... I will get checked in 2 weeks for dilation - unless something happens before then. I am 35 weeks...not ready!


tryingx3 - August 13

Kristin - can you come up with something that kind of combines or shortens any of those? Like Laney, Lexy or Celia? I am thinking now we are heading toward Kelli. Kelly/Kellie was on our list last time and was actually name number 2 that we didn't use in the birthing room.


sbea - August 13

So I had my Doctors appointment. The baby is head down already! Something interesting as well, while listening to the heart beat the doctor took longer than normal. All of a sudden he says "Interesting, alot faster." The babies HB has been 123 forever adn now 163...He said it is normal for it to change. So for a long time we have been thinking it is going to be a boy. The last week and a half I keep having dreams that we are surprised the it is a girl! So maybe it is... he also decided he wanted to double check the babies position. Well he started feeling for the head and then got the measuring tap. Then he said "The baby has started to drop, didn't you notice?" Nope. this is my first so I don't know what to feel for "Dropping" He thinks the baby might come early now too. SO we will see how the next few weeks go. I can't wait for my next doc appointment. Question, has anyone else had their strep E swap? I think that is what he called it. Should be interesting having another man looking "Down there".


Kristin72 - August 18

I have my strep B tomorrow. All pregnant women are tested at around 35 weeks for this bacteria which can be deadly to a baby pa__sing through a birth ca___l. 30% of women carry this bacteria and live without any symptoms or problems a__sociated with it. However, a baby can develop serious side effects if they come into contact with Strep B. The doctor takes a swab of your v____a and rectal area with a large Q-tip like swab and the procedure takes about 5 seconds. So the doc is not really examining you other than to guide the awab to the right area. If you test positive you will have to take antibitics before you deliver. I guess sbea you have a female doc. I do too this time but my former OB for my last pregnancy was a biggy. However when I delivered my other child I had my male OB, my husband, a male resident and a male nurse. I was completely out numbered..however the night nurse turned out to be female. I have my app tomorrow. Also had my tour earlier tonight. The tour was only about 15 minutes. But atleast I know where to go now. Other than that..just getting biggggger. My belly is stretch marks thank gawd. How is everyone else doing?



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