September Mommies 2009 Over 35

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Cdnbrd - September 8

CONGRATULATION Flroses! She is gorgeous! I know you must be super busy, but let us know more details as soon as you have a chance. JMP, if they tell you to come in early in the morning they are going to induce you on Thursday, especially if you are having a doctor's appointment the day before. I have my evaluation after my ultrasound, with another doctor since mine is on vacation. They may decide to induce me that day or have me come back the next morning (9/11!). Hopefully they will not have me wait until Monday when my doctor is back! My own doctor told me to bring my bag and be ready though... so I am still thinking Thursday will be the day. Kristin, no news yet?? I had always thought my boys would stay at home and come to the hospital after the baby was born, but yesterday when we were talking about it they were shocked at the idea that they wouldn't be at the hospital with us...they are 12 and 13, and they asked if they could be there when their sister is born. They promised not to look, lol. I am still not sure how I feel about this, I am worried they may be scared if they see me in pain but they have spent some of the last months watching a baby story on T.V. with me so they know what to expect. The older one is really sensitive and jumps every time I have a twinge, but if the younger one saw me go into labour on the floor he'd probably look up from his video game and ask me what's for supper, lol. Can't wait to hear more news about everyone, wishing all quick and easy labours!


Kristin72 - September 8

Congratulations Flroses!! Sophia is so beautiful!! Can't wait to hear yours ad everyone elses birth story. No news for me yet. My due date was yesterday. I have been having alot of tightening but no contractions yet. I have my OB app tomorrow. My blood pressure seems to be staying intact. So I guess it is still a wait and see situation. Can't wait to hear who's next!! XO ladies!!!


tryingx3 - September 8

Still here ladies! Flores - she is beautiful!! Congratulations. Nothing going on here...


tryingx3 - September 9

I may be the "last man standing" on this thread... :-) 1-2 cm dilated today - we are going to just keep waiting it out - no plans for induction, no reason at this point. I feel good, bp is good, fluid retention is actually better (lower temps outside, I guess). Said we would check amniotic fluid next Wednesday to make sure it was okay if still pg.


Bumblebee - September 9

Hi all - I was due oct 5th but with baby still breech - head up, but down, limbs facing my right - my doc is pretty much talking c-sec - as I was expecting... If my lil angel doesn't turn by csec date... I'm so nervous about surgeries in gen, and this being ab surg, even more nervous, anxious, scared. I would love to hear your csec exp - I guess mainly the recovery part - how to take best care to heal well - and pain levels & how to take care of that. Do u still produce milk ok after a csec? Or same chances as vag birth? Anything else I need to think of to prepare? How long to heal fully? I have help at home - parents & inlaws - so, cooking / cleaning will be ok - at least first few weeks. I tried so many things to help her turn - Chiro Webster tech, inversions, acupunc, moxa, floating , etc. Any way , at 36 wks now & some say she could still turn. Will keep fingers xed... :). I'm almost wondering tho - if csec is better than vag?? :). Silly to think this after all the prep I did for a natural vag birth!!


Kristin72 - September 10

I don't know too much about c secs or breech babies..but i do know your baby could still turn. So best of luck you still have a few weeks to go. for me ..2 cm dilated, blood pressure borderline..argh!!! i have to go in the morning for another stress test. the doc actually said she would call me about an induction for tomorrow but decided to do the stress test instead. so the saga continues..i did insert a evening primrose..thought it wouldn't hurt. will let you know what how things of luck gals


sbea - September 10

Oh Trying I don't think you will be the last man standing as I am due at the end of this month. Though I have to say I am always wondering if I am dilated or not. I have been "Nesting", had the runs for two days, period like cramps that start in the back mainly, an increase of BH. So I have an appointment on Friday. I will mention it to the doctor and we will see what he thinks. Can't wait to read more stories!


JMP - September 10

Hey guys..SO I was offered an induction last night..but for some reason I had a weird feeling, and decided to wait one more week when I'll be 38 weeks. I know that the chance that there would be something wrong with his breathing at 37 weeks is small, but there is still a chance and I know how guilty I'd feel if he had trouble breathing or had to be in the NICU..besides I thought maybe it would be better for more week means he could gain another 1/2 lb..he's a peanut already I just don't want to risk it even if that means I'm going to have to suffer for the next week I'm 1-2 cm dilated and I'm really not sure if he's going to come before Wednesday (it would be so nice if he did!!) but either way I'm just trying to hang in there !! So I'm on a 6 day count down!! lol come on baby!!


tryingx3 - September 10

Bumblebee - wish we could compare bellies. They thought mine was breech last Wed, u/s on Thursday said no...but today it feels like she is laying ACROSS my belly. I even had someone tell me she looked that way this morning - one of those "free comments" you get when pregnant. I finally had to wake her up a little bit ago - had not felt her all morning. That part is so stressful! She doesn't look like she has dropped or anything - I guess I need to get walking.


Cdnbrd - September 11

Hi all, The same thing happened to us that happened to JMP! I was offered the induction yesterday, but when the doctor examined me I was only 1-2 centimeters and my cervix was still a bit firm. I would have had to have the gel (which I had for my second) and do not have fond memories of. Also, the non-stress test and ultrasound were good. She is still small; around 6 lbs, and since she seems happy in there, we decided to wait until Monday. Hopefully the exam will help get things moving on their own. So it looks like it will be next Monday or Tuesday for me. Trying, I will be walking too in the hope that it kick starts everything! Bumblebee, as Trying said she still has time to turn on her own, my second only turned at week 37. Hope everyone continues to do well!


JMP - September 11

Cdnbrd- They offered me the cervadil first..then if nothing happened over night I was going to get pitocin in the morning..but my OB was pretty sure the cervadil would do me good because I'm almost totally effaced..what was your experience with the gel? I wish I could be induced Monday..but my doctor wants to do everything and she won't be around until Wednesday. So it's either Wednesday to be induced or he comes naturally on his own before then. GOD I HOPE HE COMES BEFORE THAT!! lol!


Cdnbrd - September 12

JMP - If you are almost totally effaced the gel would probably be enough for you. The last time I was in the same situation as I am now (not very dialated, cervix still a bit firm) and after the gel I ended up having strong contractions for 4 hours but then they just stopped. However, the woman in the bed next to me had the same procedure done and she gave birth that night! I think it really depends on how far along you are naturally to begin with. From what you have described, it sounds like you may very well go into labour on your own before Wednesday! My money is still on you or Kristin being the next to deliver, lol!


Kristin72 - September 12

nothing here ladies..i am still waiting. I see my OB on Weds. My second Edd is today.I am off to go stage my dh's other house for resale..hope it gets my mind off things..and the annoying mil right now ;) sprinkling lots of easy delivery dust ladies!!! best of luck!! btw I have been using EPO at night..hope it helps with the effacement for me. :) xo


Kristin72 - September 13

Still waiting....


JMP - September 14 too...


Kristin72 - September 14

....tick tock



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