September Mommies 2009 Over 35

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Kristin72 - September 14

....tick tock


sbea - September 14

I was getting pretty excited as I was having tons of Bh and Contractions yesterday. All day too. They were so bad they woke me up quite a few times in night. Woke me from a dead sleep. But I woke up this morning and nothing for most of the day... Makes me anxious trying to figure out if this is it... I am in labour. Well hopefully some one does soon.


Cdnbrd - September 15

Guess what? Still waiting too! After spending all day at the hospital, they decided to have me come back on Wednesday for the gel. I am still only dialated 1-2 centimeters and 30% effaced. They had 16 new admissions at the hospital and since I was not an emergency (thank goodness for that) they are having me come back. I will spend the night on Wednesday and if the gel doesn't work (the nurse told me it only sets off true labour in 1 out of 10 women) then I will start the drip on Thursday morning. I tried to order the epirderal for Thursday in advance, but they just laughed, lol. Sbea, the woman in the bed in front of me came in the night before for contractions that slowed down by the next day. They told her they were sending her home, but wanted to do one final exam first. She was 4 centimeters dialated and they transferred her to the delivery room! I would say if they are waking you up you should probably call the doctor or hospital just to be safe. Good luck to all!


Kristin72 - September 15

hi ladies, still waitiing. my blood pressure was up last night 148/98. but then it went down. I was going to go to the hospital as they told me to come in but I took it again before i left and it was ok. I have to run right now but will be back to see how you gals are doing.


JMP - September 15

Hey guys..I was having some false labor last night that lasted all night, sometimes it was uncomfortable but I didn't think I needed to go to the hospital..ANYWAY I woke up this morning not feeling disappointed!! Really thought I'd go into labor before Wednesday!! I know I will be admitted to the hospital tomorrow night for induction =/ I really don't want to be induced, I've tried everything!! Come on Baby he has one more day to come out!!! LOL


Cdnbrd - September 16

Hi all, JMP, today's the day! We are both going to the hospital. Try not to be scared about the induction, this will be my third time and you truly forget everything when you see your baby. I'll be thinking about you and sending quick delivery wishes your way! All the best to everyone!


Kristin72 - September 16

for me too!! my water broke at 10:30 last night. went in to hospital and was give the option to stay and get the pitocin or go home and wait until i go into labour on my own. my contractions started about an hour ago but are sporatically timed. will go into hospital within a few hours. talk to you all later with the news!!! xo best of luck ladies!!!!!


JMP - September 16

oh goodness I'm terrified, but so excited at the same time!! Good luck ladies..omg could all three of us being having a baby on the same day!!?? My doctor appt. is at 11am..Best wishes, talk to you girls soon!! xoxo!!


sbea - September 16

I am so tired. After all those BH Contractions on Sunday the last few days have produced pretty much nothing. What a let down. I am getting so anxious to have this baby. I am hoping on Friday that I am dilated so that the doctor can strip my membranes. I know my mom wants me to hold out until Monday but I am so tired of this. Anyone else want their body back? I have enjoyed being pregnant, but I am done now. I am constantly wondering if any of you are in labour... I will check in again soon!!


sbea - September 18

Well I have my weekly Doctor's Appointment today. Fingers crossed I am dilated. Also wondering if I should see a few posts here about babies! Hope all is well with you all.


Kristin72 - September 18

Hello Ladies!! Well...It's a Girl! My water broke at 10:30 Sept 15. WEnt into the hospital and was told to come back the following morning at 10:30. I had my precious little baby girl Weds Sept 16th at 5:08pm. Smooth labour..a couple of hitches getting there but overall great experience. So pleased about that. I will add a photo to my profile. Hoping everyone has a happy and smooth delivery as well. All the best girls will update soon!! Thanks for all your support getting there!!XOXO


sbea - September 19

Kristin! That is so exciting! Did you always know it was a girl? Well I am glad it was a smooth delivery. Well I went to my doctor's. Bad and good news. Bad news, I am Strep B positive so he didn't want to do an internal exam. He thinks I am dilated though. The baby is lower than just dropped. Says I probably won't make my due date so that leave 10ish days left. So we will see. Lots of walking and try to get my hubby to have lots of s_x. Again Kristin so happy for you! Enjoy your baby girl. What is her name?


flroses1120 - September 19

Congratulations Kristin! She is beautiful!!!! I still need to tell you guys about my birth story...and I can't wait to hear everybody else's, too. Sophie is 2 weeks today and I can't believe how utterly tired I am. She has had some issues learning how to b___stfeed and I've been working with a lactation consultant. She's had weight checks every 2-3 days and I've had to b___stfeed, then pump and then suppliement with b___stmilk since we've been home. The whole process takes about 2 hours. But, I'm really trying to make sure my milk supply is there and have her learn how to latch better. She is making great progress! Anyway, I didn't mean to make this post about me.... Congrats again, Kristin!


JMP - September 19

HI guys..would love to share my birth story but need to sleep first!! Just wanted to share that Kevin Michael was born 9/17 at 11:36am he was 6lbs 3oz and totally perfect!! I put his picture on my profile, he's beautiful! hope everyone is well!!! xoxoxo


Kristin72 - September 19

JMP..he is a doll!! Congratulations on baby I gotta get some sleep too!!!! xo gals.


flroses1120 - September 20

JMP -- what a sweet baby boy! Just beautiful. We make gorgeous babies on this message board, if I do say so myself! Ok, now I'm off to sleep, too. XOXOXOXOX



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