September Mummies 2 Be

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Karen_Fletcher - June 4

Hi, I thought I would drag us over here!!! LOL!! I think I'm a week early (26weeks) but I joined the 2nd tri a week early too!!! looking for all my ladies :o)


AngelSummers - June 4

I am new to this site but I am due Sept. 3rd


clare - June 4

hey karen how r u and bump? ive been over here for a few days due 1st sept. hope all is well xxx


Rebekah B - June 4

Hi Karen, I made one last post on the 2nd trimester page for old time’s sake. I hadn't actually started the 3rd tri forum yet, but I am glad you did...boy can we Prego’s chat it up. It's an awesome group of girls though. Have a good day! Welcome Angel and hello Clare


Mingill - June 5

Good morning ladies, I'm off for my monthly Doc. appt. I like it, because I get to hear baby's heartbeat. My blood pressure may be elevated, we have to visit my father-in-law first (He can be quite the character). Other than that, things are good, and I'm feeling great coming into the 3rd tri (95 days till e.t.a.). I'm working on a webpage and I just put in a countdown. I'm such a nerd LOL.


Erin333 - June 5

I thought 3rd didn't start till 28 weeks, but if its really 27 then I've made it, FINALLY!! I'm also due Sept 1st with a girl. I have my glucose test this week, that's likely to be a lot of fun. I have been having a lot of thick yellow mucos when I wipe. Does anyone else have this. I hope its not the mucos plug. Will ask my doctor at the appt though just to be sure. Am I the only one who isn't ready for baby to come yet??? I feel like I need another 6 months to prepare for everything. From what I've heard the third trimester feels the longest so I'm sure by the end of it I will be ready to get baby out. Take Care all.


honeybea - June 5

I am due Sept 1- 27wks and 3d to be exact. Has anyone been to the dr' and told they were measuring small?



Hello Ladies! Third trimester begins Tomorrow! I'm due Sept 1st with a girl - welcome to all the new girls!! Karen, I had the same thing happen a couple weeks ago, went into the dr thinking it was amniotic fluid. They checked and everything was fine - could just be the baby on the bladder and causing you to leak urine. Definitely call the dr though and have them check - I'm sure everything is fine. Sleeping??? What's THAT??? I can do maybe 2 hours at a time - but that's it. Usually by 4 am I'm awake with aching hips and a baby that is kicking so hard I'm jumping around in bed! It's an awesome feeling, and I know only temporary. I'm sure God is preparing me for the b___stfeeding with this. Glad LilLady is doing SO WELL!! That is incredible news - nothing like faith!! Honeybea, I'm measuring right in the middle, but I know that all babies are different, so if you are measuring small I think you are still okay. As long as the dr isn't worried, I don't think you should be either. 12 weeks to go - unbelievable!!


Ditzydeedee - June 5

Hiya girls... our dates seem to be coming up pretty quick! I'm impatient for my little one to arrive but at the same time scared. Think I said this before. Mingill - I have a blog and it's got a counter on it too! It says I've got 97 days to go and that bubba is 14.4 inches tall and weigh about 2 pds. I've got my monthly check up on wednesday. Erin - I had that thick yellow mucos at the beginning of my 2nd trimester, I thought it was normal, they later did a pap smear thing and I was told that I had a bacterial infection. Perhaps you shld get it checked out on the precautionary side even though it may turn out to be nothing. If it's white discharge it should be ok.


divinelibra - June 5

i'm almost 25 weeks, but i'm ready to join the 3rd trimester group!!! so ima tag along with ya'll!! i get a weekly news e-letter from baby center, i think it is....and was suprised to see they are considering me 7 months and in the 3rd tri. is this the new way of counting the months?


clare - June 5

hey honeybea we have same due date! im not very big either only got little bump lol


tryingx3 - June 5

Hi, everyone just 24 weeks here, due Sept 24. I called OB today because I felt like I was "leaky" this weekend, they told me to come in, they did exam. I was afraid I was leaking amnio fluid it was so much...turns out I have a yeast infection. TMI - sorry! I don't have any of the "typical" symptoms. Glad it wasn't anything harmful to baby! Lil Lady - so GLAD for you! So scary and so wonderful! I was told last week at 23 weeks, I was measuring 26 weeks! Yikes! I know my ovulation date, so know my dates are good. They scheduled me for another u/s next week to make sure all is okay. Hard not to worry, even though it could be a-okay.


Mingill - June 5

Just got back from the Docs. Man, it's hot outside. Everything is good, report from the 20 week u/s is good (all parts present and where they should be). I'm doing well and so is Baby. Yeah! Now we begin hunting for a pediatrician. Oh, for the new ladies, I'm due Sept. 8 with a ? (We don't want to know).


Dionne - June 5

Hi ladies. Well I'm 27 wks, due on Sept 5th with girl. Getting very anxious now and looking forward to meeting our new member of the family. I have 4 children, 3 boys and 1 girl, so my dd is so looking forward to having a little sister.


AppleCake - June 5

Hello everyone! How funny, I go away for a week and when I come back I'm on a whole different board! Congrats on the wedding Karen!! Oh, and for the new girls and everyone else who had probably forgotten- my babe is due Sept 1st. We think it's a girl but aren't too sure..he/she will have 2 big sisters being my 4 year old twins. So far this babe has been nothing but trouble, and it looks like we may be dealing with a kidney problem as well... I can honestly say, carrying twins was easier! XLenX


Ditzydeedee - June 5

Hiya Divinelibra! somtimes they count us at 7 months cuz we really have 10 months of pregnancy rather than the usual way of counting which is 9. The doc has given me 3 EDD's based on the measurement of the babe, so it could be 1st Sept, 6th Sept or 14 Sept. And I'm having a little girl!!


clare - June 5

ditzydeedee it must be a pain not knowing 1 date lol sods law if i was given 3 dates it would be the one furthest away!!!i went by bounty and stuff they all say 2nd tri starts at 27 weeks xxxxx



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