September Mummys 2 Be 2

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stormy - July 3

sorry ladies had to do it again... was getting a little big and couldnt follow it plus others wanted to join etc etc.. same as last time!!!!


boolie79 - July 3

wow i am 31 weeks today... cant believe its goin by so fast. and only 3 weeks left of work woo hoo! ( i am leaving on mat leave early, dont really like my job lol) hope everyone is doing well!


Mingill - July 3

Hello, a new thread already, we do type a lot LOL. Hope everyone is doing well these days. I hit 30 weeks this past weekend. Happy 4th of July to all our American girls. Alright, I've got a silly question, so I've been keeping my kick counts, and baby averages 10 kicks in 2-3 minutes. Does anyone know if this is normal? I know my wee one is definately active and I view any movement as good, but when does this baby rest? My Dh is starting to wonder if being extremely active in the tummy means we'll have an extremely active baby, or a child with ADHD?


sophandbob - July 3

I have been told that so long as the baby does 10 kicks in a whole day than it is ok and nothing to worry about. I'd love mine to be more active tho - the sensations are great! Not too sure about the active child / adhd thing tho, i wouldn't think this likely as an indicator for adhd.


tryingx3 - July 3

mine still seems to vary from day to day...some days more active than others (like today!)...but of course, I am sitting more today that I have all weekend! What was funny is her heartbeat was just a smidge lower today even though she was wiggly!


Tanya2 - July 3

Mingill mine varys from day to day as well. Some nights it takes so long for me to fall asleep because he is kicking and moving and doing summersaults, (I love the wosssh feeling), other nights/days I'm so busy I don't have time to feel him. I don't think its a sign of ADHD or anything. It also depends on what you eat. Don't worry ladies, I'm sure all will go well. I know how worrying the first pregnancy is, by the time you are pregnant the second time, you won't worry as much. I find that I have no time to worry. I also turned 31 weeks on Sat, I can't believe how fast time is flying.


kristyt - July 3

Hi Gilrs, I was just wondering when everyone is finishing work because at my work we have to leave 6 weeks before unless the Dr says it's fine to keep working. I really don't know when to leave.


Twinkie - July 3

Hi Ladies, May I join in, too? I am just over 28 weeks today, so finally made it to the 3rd tri! Hubs and I are having a little boy. We didn't think we would be able to have children, this little guy comes as a surprise to us both (married 9 years), and we are so excited! Due date is Sept 24 according to 20 wk ultrasound. I'm working up until due date, and will start again as soon as I am able, luckily, my office is also in my home, so there isn't much problem there. We're both self-employed, so gotta pay those bills! So far, it has been pretty good being pregnant, not too many problems. My hands will go to sleep and wake me up they hurt so much at night, and I had some heartburn that seems to have been nailed down to being caused by too many Jr. Mints, so no more of those for me for awhile! Good luck to you all!


kristyt - July 3

Hi Twinkie, I'm due the same date as you and on one of the other forum another girl was the same too. I have been pretty lucky with my pregnancy to i do have heart burm and indigestion and reflux but apart from that all is going well, i'm just so gratefull to be having a baby. We are having a girl and i think we now have narrowed down from about 20 names to 1 what do you think about Evie Elizabeth Taylor? It's old fashioned i know but we both love the name Evie and Elizabeth is after my grandmother. I cant wait to meet my baby girl.


Twinkie - July 3

Hi kristyt! I love Evie Elizabeth! It sounds so pretty together, Evie is a very pretty first name! Before we knew, hubs and I said he could pick the first boy name, I could do a first girl's, and it took about one evening for us to decide on the boy ... and luckily he will be a little boy because I still wouldn't have a girl's name! I sympathize with you, they are tough to come up with! But those sound VERY pretty togther! Hope we both have our babies by the 24th!


kristyt - July 3

Thanks Twinkie. I hope i don't go over due apparently it is not very nice to be induced and when your excited who wants to wait.


stormy - July 4

lol at the we type to much!!! welcome new people!! had my obs appointment today and had another scan to make sure bubs is growing.. am pleased to announce all is well... she was almost 4 weeks behind in the last scan in size but she has caught up to proper dates in 2 weeks and in some measurements is over a few days.. am very very relieved to say the least..for me on the other hand it is not so good... i have extremely low blood pressure and even pa__sed out when i got there this morning so i have been banned from driving a car and other things until after the birth.. not happy...ona good note though.. because of the low blood pressure and migraine head aches etc the obs says my body cant handle the pregnancy hormones so definitly getting induced in august..will be back later for more details if anyone wants them... p.s.. didnt do glucose test coz fainted....


kristyt - July 4

Hi Stormy, So when are you due? I suppose atleast one good thing about being induced is nowing when you will get to meet your baby and not have to be over due and wait. Good luck


stormy - July 4

due on the 9th of sep but am liking the 24th of august as an induction date


Karen_Fletcher - July 4

Hi, i love the September mummies :o) we have been over here just a month and are already needing a new thread, i do agree with you stormy it was WAY long!! lol, how are you all today? im ok, we got a new car yesterday, so i can get to the hospital ok when i need too!! lol bit of advice, i dont know if you know already, but here it is, from about 34wks if we go in a car we should use a plastic sheet on our seats as incase the waters break first (not that common, i know) because the fluids rot car upholstrey!! :o( oh the joy!! Im feeling quite out of puff, flump's movement varies although i know i get more movement in the morning and at night.... but during the day and other days he is quiet, i think that it when he puts his weight on, or something!! lol. its not fair, my docs/midwifes (not that i have a regular one) wont even discuss induction or anything until you are late!!! My feet and ankles are way swollen, i could only put my toes in my shoes yesterday so i am having to wear my flip flops!!! lol


Mingill - July 4

Karen, sorry to hear your feet are so swollen, put those feet up! Stormy, are you excited about meeting your little girl sooner than expected? That sucks that you can't drive. We only have one car, so I'm housebound or stuck on public transit, bleh! It must have been scary fainting, have they figured out what's causing the low blood pressure? Anyway, it's late here, 3:27 am, so I should attempt to sleep, it's just so uncomfortable.


emilyandjoe - July 4

Hello everyone, remember me? I've been out of the country for the last 10 weeks having one last adventure before our baby arrives in september. We had a fantastic time but have landed back in the real world and I feel so ready to immerse myself in baby stuff again. I have been feeling pretty great, started to get very tired and much bigger over the last 3 weeks or so and getting an aching back and belly in the evennings. Also not sleeping so well with uncomfortable back and leg cramps. But other than those few niggles I am loving being pregnant. I have been doing lots of yoga and generally feeling very calm. Glad you are all doing well too, not long to go now!



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