Seriously Freaking Out Here

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kas - December 25

Ok...I'm due in 4 weeks and although the pregnancy was planned and we are totally thrilled to be having a second baby girl I have not only been sorta depressed, but just not excited aobut the baby at all. I mean, I want to be, but I just have this overwhelming feeling that something is WRONG with the baby. I keep having dreams that she is (sorry for the term, but) retarded or something. I've had a very abnormal pregnancy and the Dr.s told me I was going to loose the baby at first because of very low hcg levels. So far everything LOOKS NORMAL other than the fact that she is just way huge already. (my first was 9 1/2 and the dr. says this one will be too.) One of the things that concerns me most is the amount, or lack of, movement. I thought my first was up in there just playing socker all day long. I may feel slight movement one or two times per day this time, but when the Dr. checks me she says that everything seems fine. ANYONE HAVE OR HAD PREGNANCYS WHERE THE BABY IS RARELY ACTIVE??? I really want to be happy, but I'm so scared that somethiing is worng that I cant get excited.


Hi Kas - December 25

I've had two that moved here and there, long periods without any. My recent son moved lots more, but still had quiet times. I worried with each, but all were fine. I also wasn't very excited, until he came. I worried I couldn't handle it all, but things fall into place. I'm getting little to no sleep, but I'm less tired now than when pregnant believe it or not. Share your concerns with the doctor if it's causing a lot of stress.


jb - December 26

I have alot of worries too. Im sure everything will be fine. Did you mention to the doctor about the baby not moving as much? Im asking because when I told my doctor that they hooked me to a monitor to do a non stress test. It measures the babies movements and heartrate. Maybe that will set you at ease.


terri - December 26

kas, i know where you are coming from, even though all through my pregnancy everything has been great. i also went into the local hospital one night cause of swelling and they told me everything was fine with the baby, i also notice less movement with this baby than my son. i have mentioned this the night that i was at the hospital and they did hook me up to monitor and the baby made me look like a liar but i am glad for it. i think that the time is getting very short and i am starting to worry that something is wrong.i am currently 39 weeks pregnant yesterday and i keep feeling like the baby is going to be stillborn or something, but i mean i feel the baby move and sometimes make the baby move when i am feeling nervous. keep think that the time for the baby to be born is so close and iam just freakign myself out.


Chris - December 26

Hi, I was told to do kick counts. After each meal if you are able to sit down and relax your baby should move around. Your supossed to count up to 10 movements. If you are not getting enough kicks call the dr. it could mean there is a problem.



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