Seroquel Quetiapine During Pregnancy SAFE

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synesthesia1821 - August 30

my psychiatrist just prescribed me this medication for treatment of my bipolar disorder and anxiety disorder. 100mg daily which is a very low dosage. i was on 400 mg before pregnancy. first off, im wondering if 100 mg will even do anything to help me, and secondly, im wondering if its really safe during pregnancy. my actual OBGYN prescribed celexa but i knew better then to take that. id been on that before and it didnt made me worse. it worsened my mania symptoms. i found out that bipolar patients should NEVER take anti depressants because of this very reason. which explains why id been on practically every anti depressant known to man before my diagnosis as bipolar. celexa, lexapro, prozac, zoloft, effexor, paxil, xanax, you name it. this is the only medicine that seemed to help me, but i had discontinued it because of the pregnancy, the doctor said that since im 29 weeks it wouldnt hurt the baby as all its organs are fully formed, etc. i looked it up online and found this.................................................................................................. To the Editor: Tamás Tényi, M.D., Ph.D., et al. (1) were the first, to our knowledge, to report pregnancy in a woman receiving quetiapine. There is little information as yet concerning the safety of atypical antipsychotic drugs used in pregnancy. We report the case of a woman who was treated with risperidone then quetiapine throughout pregnancy without complications. Ms. A, a 33-year-old woman, experienced a first episode of psychosis that was initially treated with risperidone, 4 mg/day. After 2 weeks, her medication was switched to quetiapine because of a combination of higher prolactin levels (1997 mU/liter; <550 is the normal maximum) and poor clinical response. Pregnancy was diagnosed during week 4 of the 39-week gestation, after 2 weeks of quetiapine treatment. Conception took place despite hyperprolactinemia. A collaborative decision was reached to have Ms. A continue taking quetiapine throughout pregnancy because of the level of risk and family history of psychosis. We found no reports of complications during pregnancy or teratogenicity in the medical literature or manufacturer’s database regarding quetiapine. Clinical improvement was monitored by using various clinical rating scales at baseline and at the 6-week, 3-month, and 9-month time points. Ms. A’s scores on the Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale were 21, 0, 4, 0, and 1; her Global Assessment Scale (2) scores were 35, 84, 81, 91, and 89. Her side effects were negligible. Her initial maintenance dose of 300 mg/day was reduced to 200 mg/day at week 21. This dose remained stable until 4 weeks before Ms. A’s estimated due date, when her quetiapine dose was reduced by 50 mg/day each week to enable br___t-feeding after birth. Ms. A remained in remission throughout pregnancy and at week 39 gave birth to a healthy girl. The baby weighed 3.61 kg. Her Apgar score in the first minute was 8, and after 5 minutes, it was 9. No problems developed in the first month postpartum. There was no exacerbation of psychosis, and successful br___t-feeding was initiated. This case adds to the small database on the safety of administering atypical antipsychotic drugs at conception and throughout pregnancy. Given the low risk of extrapyramidal and s_xual side effects with these drugs, it is likely that they will be used in younger, s_xually active patient groups. This report and that of Dr. Tényi et al. on the safety of quetiapine during pregnancy are encouraging. More information is required regarding the long-term effects on children exposed to these drugs in utero. We concur with Dr. Tényi et al. (1) that a cautious clinical approach should be adopted that weighs benefits and risks on a case-by-case basis.................................................................................................... SO IT SEEMS SAFE? ANYONE KNOW OF ANY HARMFUL EFFECTS? IM PARANOID AS ALL GET OUT BUT I NEED SOMETHING. IM HAVING MULTIPLE PANIC ATTACKS DAILY AND CAN'T EVEN REALLY FUNCTION ANYMORE. I DONT WANT TO EVEN GET OUT OF BED. THIS IS HORRIBLE. ANYONE KNOW OF THE EFFECTS OF SEROQUEL ON THE UNBORN CHILD? [[ EXSCUSE THE CAPS BUT I WANTED TO MAKE WHAT I WAS SAYING SEPERATE THAN WHAT I FOUND ONLINE AS RESEARCH]]


synesthesia1821 - August 31

Pregnancy—Quetiapine has not been studied in pregnant women. However, studies in rats and rabbits have shown that quetiapine at doses higher than the highest human dose causes reduced weight and other problems in the fetus. Before taking this medicine, make sure your doctor knows if you are pregnant or if you may become pregnant


synesthesia1821 - August 31

would appreciate a little FEEDBACK!?!


Terio - August 31

synesthesia, I know nothing about the medication you've listed, but I would take comfort in knowing that a medical professional prescribed it, knowing that you are pregnant. I would also place a call to your OB before the weekend and simply let them know your psychiatrist had ok'd it, but that you would like their opinion before you start it. I understand how you would be hesitant ~ I say get the go-ahead from your OB to put your mind at ease. Oh, and talk to your actual doctor if possible... if you get one of the nurses on the phone, they might be reluctant to give an answer since it may not be on their approved list of meds that they go by. The doctor should be able to give a more concrete answer if he knows your situation. Good luck. to you. :-)


WP - August 31

I don't know anything about quetiapine, but usually if the health of the mother is in jeopardy, whether mental or physical, then the drug should be taken. I have asthma and the drugs I take for it are not great, but considering I would die without them, they are prescribed. Pregnancy is a c___p shoot even for moms who don't take anything. Talk to your doc about your concerns as s/he is the best person to answer these questions. It's really common in the third trimester to become paranoid about the health of the baby. I dreamed last night that my baby died shortly after birth. I think it's because 9 months is a long time and we start to get impatient. We are reading a lot and learning more about the risks a__sociated with pregnancy and birth and the fact that we feel mainly responsible for the development of this baby, even though genetics plays a huge role in it too. Then mix hormones into it and all of the excitement we felt in the beginning turns into fear. I'm not trying to play down your concern, as it is genuine, but I'm just trying to say that a lot of women have to take all sorts of meds during pregnancy for many different reasons so you're not alone. However, only your doctor can give you the stats you want/need to hear.


synesthesia1821 - September 1

well i took it during the beginning of my pregnancy too. but then i got paranoid and stopped taking it. i had the ok from my original obgyn, psychiatrist, and therapist. but then i moved after that and had a horrible panic attack which i had to go to the hospital for, and thats when they expressed their concern over me being on seroquel while i was pregnant. thats when i took myself off of it. but then ive been having such bad bipolar episodes and anxiety attacks [2 a day at least since ive been off the meds] that i asked my obgyn about meds safe to take. he prescribed celexa, but i know better then to take an anti depressant for bipolar. it worsens bipolar mania..anyway, went to the psychiatrist and he said it would be fine to be back on seroquel because all the babys organs are formed already.i took the first dosage last night and it didnt seem to hurt the baby... or even really sedate him much. he was still very active all day, kicking just as usual. it really helped me sleep.... but i had a hard time waking up. ive been on and off sleeping all day. very drowsy, but i havent had such SEVERE panic attacks today and ive generally felt better. i feel guilty though, i just want to double check and make sure that its not hurting my little one.


synesthesia1821 - September 1

anyone else know of the safety? im concerned. =/


synesthesia1821 - September 2

=[ guessing that's a NO...



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