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AliG - September 23

So i know a lot of us have had it but I just can't find the old posts. I am 34 weeks and in the last week my heartburn has gotten so bad. It seems to occur almost all day and night. I am going crazy. I eat tums like they are candy. Does anyone else have any treatments? Between the heartburn and the back pain- I am in constant discomfort. I guess this is the fun of the third trimester!


musicbaby - September 23

Yeah I have bad heartburn too. Other than milk and Tums I dont really have much to say other than I feel you pain! :-)


Terio - September 24

AliG, I had heartburn too and Tums weren't cutting it, so I moved onto PrilosecOTC and it made the heartburn non-existent. You take it once a day in the morning and that's it. I wish I had cut straight to those from the start, instead of trying the Tums, Rolaids, milk, etc., for so long. Good luck!


beagle1223 - September 24

Believe me, I've tried just about everything and nothing is working! My doctor said to take Pepcid AC which I did and it just makes me nauseous. So, it's back to the Tums. Although, it's starting to become difficult to choke those things down now because I'm sick of tasting them! Sorry I don't have any useful information but at least you shouldn't feel alone : )


Stressed - September 24

Zantac 150mg daily! I live by them and my doctor gave me a prescription strength called Protonix that is a god send. I get heartburn so bad at times it makes me throw up. I am 35 weeks and have been dealing with terrible heartburn since 14 weeks.


2007baby - September 24

Beagle- Pepcid AC isnt much different then Tums. AliG- Zantac and Prilasec both work!


sarah21 - September 24

try regular pepcid. I have acid reflux disease anyway and the pregnancy has made mine terrible. I tried to go with tums and it wasn't working. It made me nauseous all the time. But since I have been back on my pepcid I have felt great. Zantac and Tagament never did a thing for me. Prilosec is a bit more big time, but if the Pepcid doesn't work, then try it.



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