Severe Heartburn Close To Throwing Up HELP

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mahagen - February 29

Hi all I was wondering if anyone had a quick solution to that heartburn that is so bad it is in your throat about to make you vomitt. Last night I had it so bad I couldn't go to sleep for a couple hours and finally drank some milk to relieve it just a little and temporarly. I also took a pepcid ac which usually helps but it didn't help that part of the heartburn. It was the worst I have ever had in my who life. I was debating if I should just throw up or try to relieve it, UGH. After the milk helped I went up to bed but took a couple tums to possibly relieve the feeling in my throat long enough for me to sleep. It helped but I was worried I would be miserable all night. I think I was too tired to even comprehend what was going on with my heartburn after I crashed. If anyone has any suggestions to do, it would help because I am sure I have not had the last of that kind of heartburn beings that I am so close to delivery. I'm sure it is just part of my body reacting to the contractions that I get all the time and preparing to deliver. Thanks in advance!


treshala - February 29

Angie, This happens to me all the time...its indigestion. LIke i will belch and regurgetate (its really really gross) Thats why i have to sleep sitting up most times. i take extra strength tums like 4 at a time.


treshala - February 29

Has your lo dropped yet? they say when the baby drops it will eleviate it some. Hope this helps. Keep the tums by your side.


val_jo - February 29

I had that like every day until the baby dropped. I used the Rolaids softchews. They work instantly and they don't taste too bad either!! My dr told me I could take Zantac if it didn't ease up, but the Rolaids worked fine for me. Once that baby drops, you won't believe the relief you'll!!!


izechsmama - February 29

i had this for the last 3 months of my pregnancy... and nothing helped.. prevacid is by prescription and it really helped a friend of mine.. but didnt work for me... but i hate to tell you, i never found anything that worked.. i just had to deal with it... and my dr called it pregnancy acid reflux... even when my baby dropped..i still had it.. but he was also kinda a long baby so maybe thats why.. but i was completely miserable from it, until the moment i wasnt pregnant anymore!


cher_don - February 29

hi all, ive been getting heartburn constantly all the way through this pregnancy and just been drinking milk to get rid of it, its said that the worse the heartburn the more hair the baby has:-) xxx


mama keya - February 29

Cher_don not true, my sister had no heartburn and her baby was born with tons of hair I on the other hand have had heart burn so bad each time and babies was born with some hair but not so much to make that statement true.


treshala - February 29

yeah ive heard the heartburn and hair story but its just a myth. Angie...try the tums/rolaids and you should get relief. as far as with izech that mustve been a rare case...most of my preggo friends had relief w/ these product too. So look on the bright side :-) GL Angie


DDT - February 29

I have gotten rotten heartburn with both my pregnancies. The 3rd tri is even worse when baby is so high up on your chest! I find taking Tums helps almost instantly. Some days I can go through about 4-5 Tums though.


jenice - February 29

Oh, I totally know exactly what you're talking about! For me, TUMS doesn't even start to help! Sometimes a gla__s of milk will work for a few minutes. The best advice I've been given is to slowly sip on a gla__s of cold water. For some reason, it really eases the burning. Although, usually once my heartburn gets to that point I end up throwing up. But after sipping on some water, at least the throwing up goes easier! Hope you don't have to deal with this much longer! Good luck!


mahagen - February 29

Hey Shala, I get both indigestion and heartburn but this was just the part that in my throat and ugh it sucked soooooo bad. Yup my lil guy did drop back at 27 weeks but it never relieve it. I did take tums last night before bed and I think that was relief so I could fall asleep. I wish it got better with baby dropped but I think because there is so little space for the little guy that I can't get relief from it still. I do have to admit the milk helps alot and fast. Thanks everyone for your advise and I will stick with my pepcid ac, tums if that doesn't relieve the throat issue and milk to help coat it. Thanks again for the advise ladies!!


bubbles_99 - February 29

keep mints and mint gum(preferably winterfresh) the mint helps... i always carry something of the two... the yalso say to try pepcid ac.. i dont kno i have just used the mints thing tho


bubbles_99 - February 29

and i kn o alot of ppl say this is just a myth, but the baby is going to have alot of hair... that is a proven fact... good luck xoxox savina


Stephanie_31 - February 29

I get that all the time. Mine is so bad that it feels I have something stuck in my through all the time. It is really gross. I have been living on Zantax 75mg ( I take 2 after lunch and 2 more a couple hours before bed.) I also have a pile of Maalox tablets by my bed. They are the chewable kind and they work a lot better for me than tums. I take 2 before I go to bed and if it wakes me up I usually take 2 more. BTW - The hair thing is a myth. I never had heartburn until I got pg and my frist daughter was bald as can be. As far as they can tell by my 3d u/s my boy is going to bald too.


Stephanie_31 - February 29

That was suppose to say "stuck in my throat".


mahagen - February 29

Wow Steph you really got it bad. I take pepcid ac and usually avoid the tums but this was bad last night. Sorry to hear you got it that bad. The joy of pregnancy, LOL! When people talk about myths I always look at it as a way to women to guess things and make pregnancy more exciting. My husband hated that people would always say I was carrying really low when I was pregnant with my daughter and they would say I was having a boy. He didn't mind that it would be a boy it was just how people would talk about myths like is it absolutely true. I just told him its just a fun way for women to talk about peoples pregnancy and make it fun for everyone. :-)


SuperMom - March 17

PEPCID COMPLETE---- The last person I told about this, I got a thank you card from in my mailbox. Take before dinner, and before you go to bed. Works like a charm. Avoid pastas, burgers, steak and spicy food.



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