Severe Insomnia Sleep Deprivation

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Gretta - March 3

Okay girls - I need help if i have ever needed it before - i really need it now. I seriously am sleep deprived for days and its getting worse. Please don't laugh and tell me it will be worse when the baby arrives. I can't sleep for more than 2 hours. Last night i slept from 11-1 and than from 4-5 - so a total of 3 hours. The night before it was about 4 hours but broken into 2 hour segments. I than can nap for about 2 hours during the day. This morning i felt totally crazed and threw up (again) and started crying when my husband got up so he hung blankets over the window in the bedroom to make it really dark and for the first time I took 2 benedryl which put me out for again 2 hours. So now its about 11:30 and although I slept a little more I am just exhausted. Is anyoneone else having problems sleeping like this? I have 4 more days until I am induced but this is really bad Is there any remedy other than the baby being born and why is this happening?


aaaaaaaaaa - March 3

I wish I could help, but all I can do is sympathize with you. I'm only 30w and having the same problems. I usually end up going to bed around 8pm because I'm so exhausted... I sleep until about 10 or 11pm, or whenever I first have to pee and then thats it. Its horrible because its not that I'm not tired, its just that I cant sleep - between the pain and all the stuff going on in my head. So I get up and start my day every day feeling like I never went to bed at all... am totally feeling like death by lunch time, etc. Only time I get more than 2-3 hours of sleep within 24hrs is the weekends when I can have an afternoon nap, which adds about another 2 hours worth of sleep. I honestly dont know how I'm gonig to survive another 9 weeks :( I hope things get better for you...


Tracy88 - March 3

Gretta, I'm with you guys on this one. I sleep for about two hours at a time, and often can't go back to sleep. You first obstacle is falling alseep since I have restless leg syndrome, then once I do fall asleep I wake up shortly thereafter. I woke up many times to pee last night, but once I woke up at 4, I really couldn't even lay back down. I'm sleepy all the time, but can't sleep or rest. I have been pa__sing out for about an hour in the afternoon too.


Cevvin - March 3

Dont drink anything after like 6pm (depending on when you go to sleep) so you eliminate the need to pee. If you wake up with heartburn, take a zantac before bed so you dont have to wake up to eat tums. Make yourself comfy, get all the pillows you need. I am only sleeping 2 hours at a time as well, which i thought was a bad thing, but now i love it, cuz im used to it, so when the baby comes home i wont be as tired. Talk to your doctor as well, they may be able to give you something that will help you get some rest. Try taking some walks during the day to get your body more tired. Im just glad i got used to this really bad sleep schedule.


Gretta - March 3

Thanks you ladies - it helps knowing I am not alone. I managed to get another nap in for 2 hours and I am feeling less desperate. Cevvin - I am going to try your drinking less after 6 suggestion. I have 3.5 more days! I am going to try and just stay positive.


wrightofway - March 3

Hi there, I'm pg with my second. With my first... I NEVER slept well. OB recommended a half tablet of gravol. Worked like a CHARM! Amazing suddenly I went from no sleep to about 6 hours a night. No pee breaks. Stop drinking at 6 or 7pm... that helps too. :) If you're still waking up a lot... well... training for that baby feeding schedule you'll soon be maintaining!


Tracy88 - March 3

What is Gravol? I've never heard of it.


jessica72 - March 4

Yes, Yes...what is this miracle drug Gravol? I don't remember a full nights sleep anymore. Somehow I function during the day on what feels like 4 hours of sleep total, but only on a half tank of gas.


Tracy88 - March 4

Jessica, I know it is totally safe to take Unisom, but I won't take it because it supposedly can make restless leg syndrome worse, as can Benadryl. If you can handle either of those, they are perfectly safe.


vanja10 - March 4

i found that making my house very cold did the trick for me... and yes don't drink late.. i drank all my water requirements before 6 pm and was able to sleep from 10 pm to around 5 or 6 w/out having 2 get up... but colder house made my bed so comfy! :)


aaaaaaaaaa - March 4

Gravol is supposed to settle your stomache... it also does wonders to knock a person out. Gravol is really just the brand name though (Canadian I think), not sure what the actual drug is called, but it is wonderful


aaaaaaaaaa - March 4

Actually, after a little googling, it looks like Gravol and Unisom are both made with diphenhydramine hydrochloride - so... probably basically the same thing.


[email protected] - February 25

I agree with Vanja, cooler bed great sleep!


Missie76 - February 26

I too have the same problem. I am not tired when its time for bed and feel stressed when my husband tells me lets go to bed. Doesn't understand that I'm not tired. So I just lay there tossing and turning. I think I get about 3 hours, not in a row, of sleep a night.


Missie76 - February 26

I also suffer from RLS and Tylenol PM just makes it worse. But like you all have said, this is to prepare me for the countless sleepless nights.



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